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 / Is Outsourced .Net Software Developer Still Giving You a Hard Time? Read here

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Outsourced Dot Net Software Developer

Is Outsourced .Net Software Developer Still Giving You a Hard Time? Read here

Tech is at the core of any business, especially in the history of the past couple of years all the top decision-makers have realized the worth of tech empowerment. Being tech-enabled doesn’t only give you an edge in this dark world of competition, but also promises survival during the toughest of times.

Building a tech isn’t an easy job at all!

You need to figure out the operational challenges that can be automated and can add up to your business objectives.

With a distinguished list of business objectives, you start scouting for the right technology and technical talent to create a tangible system that works!

Microsoft dot net is one of the most reliable platforms that you can trust for building a robust, laser-fast, and innovative tech aligned to your business goals.

And, then arises the next question, to build a team in-house or hire outsourced .net software developers?

Building a team is a great idea but digs out lots of money from the company’s account and demands consistent involvement.

If you choose to outsource dot net development, it’s a win-win situation where the team acts as an extension to your in-house team and demands your attention at specific intervals.

Dilemma? Don’t worry we have got you covered! Read forward, you are going to get your answers right here!

Challenges of Outsourced .Net Development

1. The legitimacy of the Service Provider

Hiring outsourced .net software developers to get the job done, indeed seems to be a great deal until you land on a non-legitimate outsourcing partner.

Yes, there is a contract and ten more things that you might be having in your head, but trust me it’s a tough nut to crack.

Credibility is something that you have to earn and should be able to testify! Getting there?

Yes! Before choosing to hire dot net developers from a service provider always check for the number of years in service, customer testimonies, recognitions, and certifications that justify the credibility of the service.

This might seem like a task but a little background check can save your day!

2. Overpromise & Underdeliver

In the beginning, they would promise you the galaxy and the moon but when you get going you realize they don’t know how to beat the gravity!

To get the rock rolling, a lot of service providers overpromise and eventually fail you by underdelivering.

To avoid this deadlock, you need to be very clear on what you want in real! If you don’t know what you want from the tech that you are building, you are shooting in the dark.

Have a clear sense of feasibility, sit with your in-house team jot down the business goals. Get to realize what are you planning to automate and try to visualize what your ideal business solution would look like.

While you are dealing with a team of outsourced .net software developers, you have a clear basis to think around and they get well-derived support while building the roadmap to success.

3. Strategic Resource Planning

Resource planning is vital in any case; whether you choose to build an in-house team or you go for software developers.

Remember that you are spending each dime for the work being done for you and you should not waste any!

When you choose to outsource dot net development, make sure you get in talks with the service provider on the bandwidth of the resources.

At any given time, if you want to speed up the development and cut down on the time to market, the service provider should be able to scale the team size up without any hiccups!

On the contrary, if you have a runway and you feel that you could save on costs with a steady development routine, the service provider should be able to scale down on the number of resources.

The function should switch in your favor as you are completely invested in it.

4. Inefficient Project Management

Well, this goes without saying! Able management paves the path to success, always.

Right after testing the credibility of the service provider, right next is how strong and able is the project leader, who is going to help you carve your imagination into reality.

While working with outsourced .net software developers, it is the project manager who acts as the leading light and drives the whole activity.

Imagine if the leader itself is not credible enough, where do you think your project would go?

Someone who claims to act as a project manager should at least carry enough work experience and should have worked on some projects in the domain that you are in. This will ensure that your project is in safe hands.

5. Able Risk Management

Why building tech isn’t an easy job? Things can shift from left to right in no time and the ability to deal with ambiguities is an opportunity to test when you are working with outsourced .net software developers.

Risk management or conflict management is an expertise that grows with time and could be a great measure to justify the expertise that the service provider claims to have.

While deciding on outsourcing dot net development partner, have a bunch of risk and conflict management-related questions ready and choose to hear what they did when such trivial situations occurred.

6. Keeping post-delivery promises

Software development and post-delivery maintenance are two different sides of the same coin. When you choose to outsource dot net development, do not forget to have a clause on post-delivery maintenance.

Once the business solution is ready and the team starts using it day-in-day-out, some contingencies show up at the run-time.

Imagine, how helpless would you feel if you got the solution designed to automate the operations and it crashed on the very first day?

This is why post-delivery promises have a role to play and outsourced .net software developers should do justice to them.


Yes, it’s of great value to work with outsourced .net software developers when you are planning to scale your business and automate business operations to eradicate manual errors.

What’s even more important is to understand the challenges that may come your way and be prepared already to take these challenges down.

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