Nikhil Sheth

Nikhil Sheth

HR Manager at Integrative Systems: Custom Software & Web App Development Company

Human Resource professional with 10+ years of industry experience.

I possess a strong record in relationship building, staffing, business management, persuasive communication and high sense of results orientation.

I am an experienced HR and talent researcher, industry analyst and a quintessential people’ person. My personal interests perfectly coincide with my profession.

I have an eye towards bringing the best HR practices and insights to organization that contribute in solving business challenges and explore innovative solutions. I am passionate about people and how true human potential can be realized though empathy, humanistic perspective, and intentional leadership.

I have worked towards turning organizations into passion hubs for people in order to maximize individual and thereby the collective potential of an organization to deliver its distinctive and significant impact.

In this rapidly evolving business driven by several aspects such as technology change, rise of digital technology and socially driven employer-employee relationships, what keeps driven as a HR leader is to build disruptive yet viable solutions to the talent challenges.