Sushant Dalvi

Sushant Dalvi

In my roles as a lead production artist, I make sure my team members come out of their comfort zone and try experimenting new ideas and strategies.

From a very early age, I had a passion for translating great concepts in the form of visual media and that is the reason I choose “Designing” as my profession. Over the past years, I have worked on several graphics tools such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

I have designed delivered complex solutions that involve vector designs, logo creation, Image conceptualization, Image editing, and enhancement. Apart from this, I also have hands-on experience in 3D Modelling, Lightning, and Animation using Autodesk MAYA.

On account of my desire to improve with every work taken, I can say that I am a meticulous and goal-oriented person with an eye for the smallest details. When I am not at work, I love traveling, exploring new destinations and meeting people. That’s how I get my inspiration for the imagination.

At Integrative Systems, I lead a big team of 34 resources, I highly appreciate my colleagues and collaboration partners. I love our values and the smooth and flexible way in which we work. It gives me great job satisfaction to do the right thing on crucial projects of our company, in line with the business strategy – and a high level of empowerment makes it possible for me to do things on my own way."