Delta Dashboard

The success of “top of the funnel” strategies is dependent on accountability and visibility. Equally, success depends on the AP reps’ performance.

Delta Dashboard is designed and developed by Integrative Systems to keep track of AP Reps’ performance with regards to assigned vendors and health of business optimization process.

The dashboard has been strategically designed and developed to report and track Credit Holds, Escalations, Statement Receipts of all AP Reps across the Business Process Optimization Team.

Accountability requires visibility. Without any insights from the top down into the business optimization process, there is no possible way to hold accounts reps accountable for their actions.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, Delta Dashboard provides an easy way to get an overview of entire team’s performance.

With useful Reports and Dashboard capabilities, Delta Dashboard (DD) is conceptualized and developed for one of Integrative Systems clients to enable them to keep track of the work done by AP rep, Vendor reps, Vendor status under one roof.

Delta Dashboard allows six types of users to use this application along with essential functionalities assigned to them:
  • Admin
  • Supervisor
  • Team Lead (This role is not used so far)
  • POD Lead
  • AP Representative (AP Rep)
  • Data Processing
Delta Dashboard (DD) Features:
Provision of AP rep information: 
  • Assignment of AP Rep under POD’s (Maroon, Green, Silver, Orange, Blue),
  • Their shift (Regular or Night)
  • Name of the Supervisor
  • Number of unresolved Credit holds per AP Rep
  • Number of Escalations against AP Rep in last 30 days
  • Number of Vendors / Letter Assignments concerning AP Reps
  • Number of Statement Missing against AP Reps in the current month
  • List of vendors assigned to AP Rep
Use of Delta Dashboard for the Stakeholders at Client’s end: 
  • Review Number of Credit Holds in last six months concerning selected AP Reps vendors
  • Number of Escalation raised by vendors against selected AP Rep in previous six months
  • Most Recent Statement Received Date against each vendor of selected AP Rep
  • Most Recent Settlement Date against each vendor of selected AP Rep
Additional Delta Dashboard Features: 
  • A dedicated page for stakeholders to find information about status & history of all Credit Hold & escalation records added in the system
  • A dedicated page for providing Feedback to AP Reps & Data Processing Team for continuous improvement.
  • Help in getting 360-degree feedback.