Outcome Driven Meetings (ODM)

Outcome Driven Meetings (ODM)

In the 21th century time is money. But what if we are spending most of our time in countless, overlong and aimless meetings? How can one stay on track? Is it possible to set a goal and then devise a roadmap to lead a highly focused and goal-driven meeting?

With Integrative Systems ODM (Integrative Outcome Driven Meeting) the answer is “yes”. Designed and directed to help organizations conduct more effective, outcome-driven meetings, this product would help avoid time-wasting, frustration-inducing, under-the-table-texting affairs in the name of a meeting.

The primary objective of this tool is “Desired Discussion Outcomes.” It allows the leaders to envision and lead the team to the desired outcome for each agenda. It helps in devising an explicit list of action items, information items with assignee details and follow update. It uses modern visualization effects to show minutes of the meeting, dummy calendar, my commitments and much more.

Using ODM by Integrative Systems, users can schedule a new meeting, see meetings which they are a part of, and see his/her commitments.

Benefits of ODM:
  • Calculate the payback, i.e. ROI on time and money invested
  • Establish context, convey the big picture
  • Number the priorities
  • Leave time for discussion
  • Move experts in and out by inviting key people to speak
  • Address top priorities and move towards the goal