Ubika Dashboard

Ubika Dashboard is designed and developed by Integrative Systems to keep track of utilization and performance ranking of Ubika team members. This product is developed considering the requirement of one of our clients to see performance of artists across the Graphics team. Featuring a user-friendly interface, Ubika Dashboard provides an easy way to get an overview of entire team’s performance.

Ubika Dashboard has following sections,

Performance Tracking

In this section, Manager can see the performance of all/specific project such as “Total # of orders, Total # of Pieces, Orders with errors, Pieces with errors, Total chargeback” using date range. We can also see the resource efficiency for 6 months. For user’s login, he/she can see his/her individual performance only.


This section is editable only for Managers and above role. By default, day wise last month graphical data presentation is displaying for “Average Time Taken Per Piece” and “Total Pieces Per Day”. We can also see the day wise performance of all/specific project using date range.

Feedback for Ubika Teams

Main purpose of this section is to give feedback for each associate based on last month performance.  Client Manager can rate each associate using feedback parameters such as “Production consistency, Production efficiency in terms of error, Flexibility to perform each type of work, Communication with the client teams, Participation in team production-QC/Prep”. Ratings can be given as Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Excellent to each parameter.

Manager can see the list of users for whom feedback is pending and accordingly provide the feedback for such associate.

Individual user can see his/her feedback and rating.

Daily Production

Daily Production is one of the most commonly used tools where user/Team lead can enter figures of work done/work error by each artist User can import a daily data or monthly data. Manager/Team lead can enter daily figures of work done by each artist such as Artist Name, Type of Work (Project), Order Production Lines, Pieces Sent.

Ubika Projects

This section is editable only for Managers and above role. Manager can Add/edit the project Name, Start Date and Project Units, Order Type and Weightage.