Best Business Communication Tools

Best Business Communication Tools in 2024

The modern business world is changing rapidly as per the needs of the contemporary workplace. With the increasing technology and automation in every industry, employees need the freedom to stay connected 24/7, despite their location.

And to get involve in the modern business environment, employees need to stay connected, and team communication will play an important role. Effective communication plays a vital role in the business management life cycle. On average, one out of five projects fails due to a lack of communication between team members and stack holders.

Below we have listed 8 top business communication tools that have helped thousands of businesses achieve their feet. Have a look below to know more:

1. Microsoft Teams

Features: Private chat and team discussions, Customizable Alerts, Tabs for frequently used documents, voice/video conferencing, Email-style threaded conversations, and multi-factor authentication.

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Integrations: MS Powerpoint, MS Office 365, MS Planner, Trello, MS Excel, Cisco WebEx, Hootsuite, GitHub, Asana, Skype for Business, MS OneNote, SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, MS Word, and many more.

Pricing Policy: $5/month 

2. Zoom

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Live video conferencing, Video call recording, meeting management, Screen sharing, email invitation, company branding, chat/messaging, drag and drop, user management reporting and statistics, and synced content library.

Integrations: Zendesk, MS Outlook, Hubspot Marketing, Dropbox, Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketo, and Leadmaster

Pricing Policy:

Free trial available 

Basic Is Free 

Pro Price – $13.99/month/host

Business – $18.99/month/host

3. Skype

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Instant messaging, chat, live video conferencing, SMS integration, third-party integration, reporting and statistics, and voice mail.

Integrations: MS Outlook, MS Dynamics CRM, Slack and Bitium

Pricing Policy:

Skype is free

Premium account cost – €3.49/month (with additional features)

4. GSuite

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Email & chat archiving, customizable templates, auditing & reporting, live / video conferencing, email tracking, instant messaging, two-way audio & video, custom email address, cloud file storage, resource allocation, @mentions, file transfer, shared workspace, to-do list, and email notifications.

Integrations: Bitium, Zapier, Gmail, and Google Calendar.


Basic: $5/user/ month

$50/user/per year

Unlimited storage and Vault: $10/user/month

$120/user/per year

Enterprise plan: $25/user/month

Free trial is available (Without Credit Card)

5. Office 365

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Cloud collaboration, social networking, file sharing, instant messaging, share files internally and externally, PC-to-PC calling, online meetings, shared calendars, and voice and video calling.

Integrations: Bitium, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint, VisitorTrack, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and LeadMaster.

Pricing Policy:

Basic: $8.25/user/month (if billed annually)

$10/user/month (if billed monthly).

Premium: $12.50/user/month (if billed annually)

$15/user/month (if billed monthly).

Business Essentials: $5/user/month (if billed annually)

$6/user/month (if billed monthly).

A free trial is available (Without Credit Card).

6. Bloom Fire

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Multimedia content sharing, unlimited groups & sub-communities, content organization, email/in-app notifications, analytics & reports, gamification, role-based management, and content moderation.

Integrations: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Box, Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk, G Suite, and Google Drive

Pricing: $575.00/month

Free trial: Available

7. OneDrive

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: File storage, document review, anywhere access, automatically save previous versions, online viewing for Office documents, upload multimedia from mobile devices, track changes, desktop synchronization, file sharing, real-time co-authoring, file type support, mobile scanning, data loss prevention management, create & share folders, Notebooks, collaboration tools, and document tracking.

Integrations: SharePoint, Slack, Trello, MS Office 365, VisitorTrack, Bitium, Gmail, LeadMaster, and Zapier.

Pricing Policy:

Primary – $5/ month (if billed annually)

Premium – $10/month (if billed annually)

A free trial is available (Without Credit Card)

8. ProofHub

Platform It Works On: Android, iOS, And Windows.

Features: Chat, calendar management, file sharing, Gantt chart, API, document storage, activity logging, automatic notifications, workflow management, Kanban board, discussion board, instant messaging, task scheduling, access control, Collaboration, reporting & statistics, project templates, search functionality, time tracking by project, prioritizing, and more.

Integrations: Box, Dropbox, MS Outlook, Google Drive, FreshBooks, and Google Calendar.

Pricing Policy:

Basic – $50/month or $45/month (if billed annually)

Premium– $99/month or $89/month (if billed annually)

A free trial is available (Without Credit Card)

When choosing the right business communication tool, there is no tool available that can fit all your needs.

It is better to evaluate your team’s needs and then compare the available options against the features you need for boosting business productivity.

In case you have any queries, feel free to connect.

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