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What brings you here?

The anxiety about making wrong decisions with scattered and unstructured data?

The frustration of failing to identify critical business problems due to data silos?

The stress of administrative overheads that can be put to automation?

Fear of losing the competitive edge to competitors who are harnessing data analytics to scale up?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    Power BI Consulting – Why Integrative Systems?

    Integrative has been prioritizing its customers’ success, for over two decades.
    Empowering businesses with impactful Power BI solutions, to help them scale up seamlessly.
    Supporting your Power BI initiatives with Power BI consulting experts guiding you on each stage of your Power BI execution, to build result-driven Power BI solutions.
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    Certified & Experienced IT Talent
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    IT Leaders with 20+ Years Experience
    360 degree delivery approach
    360 Degree Delivery & Support
    Power bi team
    We Become an Extension of Your Team
    Power BI Scalability Model
    Scalable Resourcing Model
    Agile Project Management
    Agile Project Management
    Unparalleled Expertise
    Power BI Experts
    We encourage our Power BI consultants to stay current & upgrade their expertise. This ensures they are always in their prime to offer efficient and reliable data solutions to our customers.
    Years in Service
    20+ years of experience in Power BI
    Consolidating our 20 years of experience in the service, we recruit top talent to work for you. Our Power BI consultants when deployed, first learn your business and then strive to help you evolve.
    Flexible working models
    Power BI working models
    As a Power BI consulting company, we offer an exclusive staff augmentation model which is flexible and scalable. You leverage the liberty to hire the best-suited team of Power BI experts for your project.

    Looking for a Power BI Consultant? – We have got you covered!

    Hands down, there is nothing as easier and simpler than Microsoft Power BI to set up.

    But, when you have a Power BI Consultant to support your business intelligence initiative, you make the most out of it.


    Power BI Consultants sleep over the updates and features released by Microsoft, now and then. And, they strive to make the most out of it for you.
    They bring you customized data insights for making effective business decisions!

    What does a Power BI
    Consultant help you with?

    Define your BI strategy, architect, and implement them to turn your data into comprehensive and flexible dashboards to empower decision-making.

    What Power BI Roles/Services are available?

    We provide BI strategy consultants, implementers, trainers, developers, analysts that can help you with end-to-end Power BI lifecycle.

    When do you need a
    Power BI Consultant?

    When you know the business challenges that need to be solved but cannot get the answers or avoid the challenges and pitfalls with your internal team

    Looking for a
    Power BI
    – we have got
    you covered!

    What Power BI Products
    can be handled?

    We can consult you on all Power BI products and subscriptions including Desktop, Pro, Premium, Mobile, Embedded and Report Server.

    How’d I reach my
    Power BI Goals Faster?

    Simple! Schedule a discovery call, communicate your objectives. We kick-off your project, deliver quick wins, and you celebrate your success.

    What is in it for me and my company?

    Use real-time data for intelligence gathering and decision making, higher ROI, be recognized as the key driver of growth at your company.
    What Power BI Consultants Can Help You With?
    Power BI consultants
    Leveraging tool-specific knowledge and updates, Power BI consultants help you build intuitive dashboards and data visualizations. With enhanced and actionable data insights, you are empowered to make effective business decisions.
    How Can You Hire Power BI Consultants?
    hire Power BI consultants
    You can hire any number of Power BI consultants for your project with our flexible & scalable staff augmentation model. As per the most popular pay-as-you-go model, you can hire Power BI consultants on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis.
    Why Hiring a Power BI Consultant is Advantageous?
    Advantages of Power BI Consultant
    Exploring the list of advantages that a Power BI Consultant brings to your team can keep on growing. Besides clearer data insights you get access to Advanced Data Analytics, Domain-Specific Expertise, and top-notch Data Security.

    Why Should You hire a Power BI Developer From Integrative Systems?

    Multi-functional Expertise
    Hire Power BI Developers
    From our diverse portfolio of Power BI experts, you can Power BI Developers and BI administrators. They possess the right skill set to fix it all for your business solution.
    Global Exposure
    Microsoft Power BI Global Exposure
    With over 20+ years of industry experience, our team of expert Power BI developers has worked on a variety of projects across the globe and delivered outstanding results.
    Active Support
    Power BI support and services
    We are committed to offering seamless service support. We customize our Power BI support services for every user category to serve different levels of technical competencies.

    How Power BI Services can help you up your Data Game?

    Hire Power BI services

    Informed Decision Making

    Power BI services enable well-informed and data-driven decision-making for business leaders like you. Analyzing large datasets and building intuitive dashboards and reports make decision-making effective.

    Power BI Business Processes

    Optimized Business Processes

    Power BI improves business process efficiency by automating tedious tasks with automated dashboards, reports, and alerts. Optimized business processes will ultimately add up to the core business growth.

    Enhanced Operational DATA

    Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    Power BI enables the aggregation of data from different data sources and reflects key performance indicators on the dashboard. This makes monitoring productivity and operational efficiency easier and better.

    Power BI Developers Create Personalized Dashboards

    Create Personalized Dashboards

    Power BI services enable the creation and sharing of custom visualization and dashboards for the users of the system. This transforms the way you look at the data and helps you gain better data insights.

    Problems in Power BI Business

    Locate Critical Business Gaps

    Power BI enables a bird-eye-view of the data. This brings more clarity in identifying repetitive patterns and root causes of critical business problems that are holding you back. You unlock potential growth with the right insights.

    What do we offer with Power BI Support?

    We understand every business is different and has a unique set of support requirements. To serve these unique needs, we offer custom-tailored Power BI support services. Our Power BI support services are customized for every user category and serve customers with a range of technical abilities ranging from those with no Power BI skills to those who require support for non-trivial issues.
    Regulatory Support
    Power Support
    To ensure the smooth functioning of your Power BI solution, we suggest Regulatory Power BI support services. We own the responsibility for the daily administration, performance monitoring, and help desk service to empower your Power BI solution.
    Development Support
    Power Development Support
    To cater to your Power BI customization requirements, we recommend Power BI development support. Our Power BI experts handle different-level issues & change requests to help you upgrade & customize your Power BI solution as per your needs.
    Comprehensive Support
    Power BI Team support
    Comprehensive Power BI support services are recommended when you are looking for complete end-to-end support right from your daily help desk needs to post-development support. We promise to resolve every issue you encounter.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Will I be able to hire a Power BI developer on a full-time basis?

    Absolutely Yes! We provide ready-to-hire experienced Power BI developers who are highly skilled to work on Power BI project development. You are set to hire them on a full-time basis or as per your requirement; as an extension to your in-house team.

    Do you have a dedicated team of Power BI developers available?

    Yes, we provide you with a dedicated team of Power BI developers. Depending on your project scope and requirements, you can share your resource requirements and we deploy the right talent for you. We are appreciative of a flexible pricing model, an NDA, and a simple exit policy, to make the process smoother.

    I already have an in-house team of Power BI developers, can I hire Power BI experts to augment my team?

    Yes! We offer a flexible and scalable staff augmentation model. You can augment your in-house team with our expert Power BI developers or Power BI consultants to make the most out of your Power BI initiative.

    What types of issues can Power BI post-implementation support help resolve?

    Our Power BI experts have your back in addressing various issues inclusive of data connectivity problems, reporting performance issues, troubleshooting, and security concerns. They also ensure that new data sources or changes in the business requirements are coped, effortlessly.

    How hiring Power BI developers can help you?

    When you hire Power BI Developers at the onset of your Power BI initiative you get to leverage the Power BI capabilities like Power Query and Power Pivot. This completely changes the outlook of data management.

    Power BI developers help you set up BI systems and define KPIs. They also train your in-house Power BI users on building visualizations and capturing effective data insights.

    In addition, the right Power BI developer assist you in developing the best solution for your business. They assist in the creation of customized dashboards.

    Why should I hire dedicated Power BI Developers?

    It’s a win-win deal to hire dedicated Power BI developers for many reasons.

    One of which is you get skilled and committed BI developers solely working for your project.

    Another good reason is, guaranteed risk assessments, project management, and topmost quality control.

    And, the most vital part of hiring dedicated Power BI developers for your project is, that you have a dedicated project manager who looks after the progress of the project and keeps you posted.

    Can I choose a Power BI Consultant or Power BI Developer of my choice?

    After understanding your requirements thoroughly, we assign a highly skilled Power BI expert to work on your project requirements. May it be a Power BI Consultant or a Power BI Developer, you can interview any number of professionals from our pool of Power BI experts until you find the right fit.

    At a given time, if a Power BI expert from our team fails to meet your expectations in terms of the results you were looking at, we bring you an additional advantage to select the right fit for your project.

    We, at Integrative Systems, have always prioritized our customers’ success and we are committed to helping you in every way possible.

    What is the role of a Power BI Consultant?

    Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) tool that allows users to create and manage interactive reports and dashboards for any kind of data. It provides the ability to create visualizations, drill down into data, and share insights with the decision makers and team members.

    Power BI Consultants are experts who possess extensive knowledge of Power BI and its capabilities. They help businesses make data-backed decisions, solve problems, and improve productivity.

    Consultants are often required to develop custom reports or dashboards, which requires extensive experience in data analysis, programming skills, and design skills.

    How can I hire Power BI Consultants from Integrative Systems?

    The process of hiring Power BI Consultants from Integrative Systems is streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective.

    Here’s how you can hire Power BI consultants from Integrative Systems in four simple steps –

    • Share your project requirements and let our subject matter experts absorb them quickly.
    • Screen the candidates suggested by subject matter experts aligned to your requirements.
    • Interview the shortlisted candidates.
    • Decide upon the engagement model and you are set to go!

    How much do Power BI consulting services cost?

    There are different factors associated with the Power BI consulting services such as; the scope of the project, man hours involved to accomplish the project, the business engagement model, custom-tailored power bi support services, and much more. The service cost largely depends on the type and scope of the project. We as a Power BI solution provider aim to offer a quality balanced with optimum costs to meet the set requirements. If you are looking for Power BI consulting services, let us know about your unique requirements. This shall help us understand your expectations and calculate the investment that is needed for the perfect BI solution.

    Can I seek Power BI Consulting Services for my ongoing project?

    That’s not a problem at all!

    If there is a team already working on your Power BI solution, and you are looking for Power BI consulting services to empower the effort, we have got you covered.

    In this case, our subject matter expert shall get in touch with you to understand your requirements. Considering the requirements, timeline, and man-hours required we shall propose to you suitable working models for your ongoing project. And we are good to go!

    What is Power BI support, and why do I need it?

    Power BI support is a service designed to offer seamless implementation and ongoing success of your Power BI initiative. With this service, you are rest assured about runtime Power BI issues, performance optimization, and keeping your reports & dashboards up-to-date. Our Power BI experts ensure that you maximize the value of your Power BI investments and cope with the changing business needs.

    What is your Pricing Model for Power BI Consulting Services?

    As a Power BI Consulting company, we offer an exclusive staff augmentation model which is flexible and scalable. You leverage the liberty to hire the best-suited Power BI Consultant or a team of experts depending on your project requirements.

    What is your approach as a Power BI Consultant?

    As a Power BI Consulting company, our prime objective is to help organizations in making sense of their data, to make effective business decisions. We strive to understand their business challenges and using Power BI we help them find out real-time solutions based on data.

    What is Microsoft Power BI?

    Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows non-technical users to analyze, aggregate, visualize, and share datasets. With the intuitive UI/UX, you’ll find it easier to explore different functionalities and drive the best output from the tool.

    Power BI offers multiple versions that you can use to explore the capabilities based on your requirements and goals. You can use the free tool version for your small or medium-scale business or purchase the premium version by paying standard monthly fees.

    How to make the most out of Microsoft Power BI?

    Power BI can generate custom dashboards based on data relevant to your business. Business intelligence professionals use this tool to create models and reports that they then share throughout their organization.

    It would be a great deal to hire a Power BI Consultant who can help you make the most of it with tool-specific expertise.

    Power BI Consultants walk in with domain-specific knowledge and are always up to date with the latest features and updates that Microsoft releases. They help you make the most out of your Power BI initiative with all the right means.

    How can Power BI support improve data governance and security?

    Our Power BI support experts help you establish and maintain stringent data governance policies. They help you keep your sensitive data safe and protect it against unauthorized access. To avoid vulnerabilities and risks, our experts pay special attention to regular upgrades and conduct security audits.

    Can I expect post-project completion Power BI support?

    Absolutely yes, that goes without saying when you work with Integrative Systems.

    We have always been prioritizing our customers’ success and we take full ownership of post-project completion Power BI support. In other engagement models, we offer support on a case-by-case basis.

    Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] & we will be happy to help you.
    We look forward to prioritizing your success and transforming the way you do business.

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