Microsoft for Consumer Goods

Adapt to ever-evolving consumer demands, gain deeper visibility into inventory planning, build sustainable supply chains, and embrace a data culture with our Microsoft solutions and services for consumer goods industries.
Microsoft for Consumer Goods
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Struggle to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods workflows to cope with your varying production needs?

Difficulties in integrating and managing dispersed data sets for informed decision-making due to limited Azure Cloud expertise?

Inability to identify root causes for inventory and supply chain disruptions due to limited visibility?

The worries of staying compliant with industry regulations while using Microsoft solutions for consumer goods?

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    Our Esteemed Clients

    We Help you with Microsoft for Consumer Goods

    Elevate Shopping Experience

    We’ll help you attain personalized customer engagement with Dynamics 365 for consumer goods. This enables you to tailor your product promotions, discounts, and product recommendations based on customer preferences.

    Our Microsoft experts can deploy a unified commerce platform, empowering your customers with a cohesive & consistent shopping experience across channels.

    Optimize order fulfillment with timely & accurate deliveries by setting up advanced order tracking. Our experts enable you with increased visibility into inventory, and efficient logistics management using Dynamics 365 for consumer goods.

    Achieve customer service excellence with comprehensive solutions for prompt issue resolution, adept query handling, and in-time feedback management.

    We’ll help you gain real-time visibility of your supply chain with active channel tracking and insights into logistic chain. Our Microsoft experts empower you to make informed decisions with current data.

    With our adept expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods, we enable integrated data management across the supply chain, right from procurement to distribution, to minimize delays and optimize co-ordination.

    We are focused on assisting you to build robust supply chain management via Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods. Employing predictive analytics, we help you anticipate demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and production delays for agile adaptations.

    Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts help establish a unified collaboration among your supply chain stakeholders. Thus, enabling suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to communicate transparently.

    Build Real-Time Supply Chain

    Automate Complex Workflows

    We help you automate order processing, reduce manual intervention and redundant human errors using Microsoft Dynamics for consumer goods. Our Microsoft experts automate everything order processing – from order placement to fulfillment.

    Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts helps achieve operational supremacy via automated inventory management. Automatic stock-level optimization and triggers for re-ordering processes eliminate events of stockouts or overstocks.

    Our Microsoft CRM experts can automate sales & marketing processes, from lead generation to customer engagement. Thus, enabling you with automated campaign management & personalized marketing for enhanced customer engagement.

    Experience immaculate customer satisfaction via automated customer service functions as we help improve responsiveness and issue resolution metrics. Leverage automated responses & case routing features for seamless customer support.

    We empower you to handle dynamic operational needs during peak seasons with a scalable Azure cloud infrastructure. Our Microsoft Cloud for consumer goods experts deploy cloud solutions that can be scaled up & down as per your needs.

    Taking the data-driven approach to Azure cloud resource optimization, you are empowered to meet varying consumer demands. Our experts help you leverage predictive analytics to anticipate and analyze seasonal demand patterns.

    Our Azure cloud experts deploy smart inventory algorithms to curb events like overstocking or stockouts.

    Our Azure for consumer goods experts can also set up robust supply chain management workflows adaptable to your changing requirements during different seasons.

    Elasticity to Scale Capabilities Up & Down

    Empower Team Collaboration

    Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods experts will establish a connected collaboration channel across departments, improving overall team coordination and efficiency.

    Employing Dynamics 365 for consumer goods, our experts help automate mundane tasks and workflows, reducing the burden on manual labor. Automation in play helps streamline processes, enabling teams to focus on high-value tasks.

    We help you create access to shared data & insights to multiple levels of users through SharePoint, so that your teams can collaborate better with a shared knowledge base.

    Leverage the freedom to collaborate anytime, anywhere; encouraging a flexible and responsive work environment for your users.

    We’ll help you employ advanced analytical capabilities using Microsoft Power BI for consumer goods. This enables you to derive valuable business insights and drive crucial business decisions.

    Run personalized marketing campaigns for full-circle customer satisfaction, with acute customer-related data. Our Microsoft CRM experts empower you with a holistic view of customer profiles inclusive of interactions, preferences, and varying customer behaviors.

    Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts are focused on eradicating data siloes from your business processes. They strive to impart a data-driven culture across departments right from sales & marketing to supply chain, with integrated data.

    Reign data supremacy with custom-tailored dashboards and reports specific to your data needs.

    Maximize the Value of Data

    How Integrative Systems Help You with Microsoft for Consumer Goods?


    Bringing over 15+ years of expertise to the table, we excel in consulting, implementing, managing, and supporting the entire suite of Microsoft for consumer goods solutions. Our seasoned Microsoft experts are readily available to support & extend your team, with the specific expertise that you need.


    Understanding the dynamic landscape of consumer goods, our certified Microsoft specialists prioritize customization. We keenly identify your unique business needs and tailor Microsoft solutions to seamlessly align with your consumer goods requirements.


    In search of dedicated technological expertise for the consumer goods sector? Leverage our pool of Microsoft services experts, ready for deployment. We extend your in-house IT team, ensuring you have the adept talent required for seamless implementation, deployment, management, and support in the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft for Consumer Goods

    How can Microsoft Azure Cloud benefit our consumer goods operations?

    Microsoft Azure Cloud for consumer goods offers a scalable and secure infrastructure, enabling efficient data management, real-time analytics, and seamless integration. This ensures that your consumer goods operations are empowered to handle fluctuating demands, enhance data-driven decision-making, and maintain robust security protocols.

    How will Microsoft 365 improve collaboration within our diverse teams?

    Microsoft 365 enhances collaboration by offering a suite of tools like Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook. Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts help you set up these tools to enable real-time communication, document sharing, and project collaboration, ensuring that your teams can work seamlessly irrespective of geographical locations.

    How does Dynamics 365 enhance customer relationship management in the consumer goods industry?

    Dynamics 365 possesses capabilities like automation & optimization of business workflows, offering personalized customer experiences. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods experts helps you set up a Dynamics 365 environment where customer interactions are handled diligently, right from order processing to after-sales. This ensures that your company fosters strong and healthy customer relationships, resulting in higher lifetime value.

    How does Microsoft services partner assist in addressing data security concerns specific to the consumer goods sector?

    That is a given for Microsoft partners! Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts help you address data security concerns on top priority. They leverage their years of expertise in implementing and optimizing security features across Azure Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for consumer goods. They also ensure compliance with the industry standards, to safeguard sensitive consumer goods data from potent security threats.

    How can Microsoft's solutions adapt to the dynamic nature of consumer goods demand?

    Azure Cloud for consumer goods is highly scalable and ensures that it handles varying demands effectively. No matter if it’s peak season or an on-the-spot fluctuation, Azure infrastructure scales dynamically, to cater to the necessary resource demands. Adaptability is crucial when it comes to achieving operational excellence, and our experts for Azure Cloud never disappoint you.

    What support does Microsoft service provider offer for customizing Dynamics 365 to suit the specific needs of our consumer goods operations?

    Our Microsoft for consumer goods experts joins in with expertise in customizing Dynamics 365 to cope with your unique business needs. Right from deploying tailored workflows to integrations with other tools and the Microsoft ecosystem, our experts guide you through the customization process, ensuring that Dynamics 365 optimally serves the specific needs of your consumer goods operations.

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