Microsoft for Manufacturing

Address your strategic priorities, enhance plant operations, avail data-led insights, and elevate safety standards with our Microsoft solutions and services for manufacturing industries.
Microsoft for Manufacturing
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Struggle to customize Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing processes to cope with your varying production needs?

Difficulties in integrating and managing IoT devices for data collection from different manufacturing processes with Azure IoT services?

Inability to gain desired visibility into the supply chain and inventory data?

The worries of staying compliant with industry regulations while using Microsoft solutions for manufacturing?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    Our Esteemed Clients

    We Help you with Microsoft solutions for Manufacturing

    Customize Workflows with Microsoft Dynamics
    for Manufacturing

    We’ll help customize Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing to fit your industry-specific regulations, compliance standards, and quality assurance protocol.

    Our Microsoft for manufacturing experts helps you in proactively assessing & minimizing disruptions in your production and supply chain workflows with continued visibility.

    Eliminate repetitive manual errors and undue manual intervention by automating monotonous workflows like work orders, inventory management, machine operations, and workforce scheduling.

    Benchmark quality control processes like real-time production monitoring, inspections, and compliance tracking for your manufacturing facility with our Microsoft for manufacturing services.

    We specialize in seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 with your current systems, whether it’s ERPs, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), or other industry-specific tools.

    With our adept expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the manufacturing industry, we navigate compatibility challenges effortlessly. Ensuring a cohesive & streamlined integration process, we enable data integration from diverse data sources.

    Our focus is on achieving real-time synchronization for Microsoft Dynamics in manufacturing and other software, maintaining impeccable data accuracy. We address potential conflicts in business logic and process flows to ensure a smooth and error-free operational environment.

    Our Microsoft for manufacturing experts guarantee seamless alignment with upcoming updates and additions, providing a robust and adaptable solution for your manufacturing operations.

    Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your Manufacturing Ecosystem

    Scale Up or Down Easily with Microsoft Cloud
    for Manufacturing

    We help you save time; resources & costs burns on physical prototypes via active collaboration on product design simulations, with scalable Microsoft cloud for manufacturing.

    We help you achieve operational excellence with real-time insights leveraging intelligent Microsoft cloud for manufacturing with industrial IoT, AI, and data intelligence.

    Drive viable innovations with real-time production insights, and real-world feedback employing machine learning models with our specialized expertise in Microsoft solutions for manufacturing.

    Experience a well-connected cloud environment fostering effective collaboration and seamless operations, from design to delivery.

    Our experts in Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing enable a complete view of manufacturing operations, with real-time production processes. Empowering you to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and make quick data-backed decisions.

    Connecting multifaceted data sources like supply chain, inventory, and demand forecasting, we help you gain a holistic approach to production planning, optimization of resources, and minimizing disruptions.

    Experience efficient procurement process by automating mundane workflows like managing supplier relations, tracking orders, and ensuring timely availability of materials.

    We set you up to embrace an agile production environment that adapts to changing business needs with improved visibility into production processes, precise resource utilization, and intelligent automation.

    Intelligent Production Planning with Microsoft Dynamics
    for Manufacturing

    Build Resilient Supply Chain with Microsoft Solutions
    for Manufacturing

    Proactively anticipate & minimize supply chain disruptions, with our Microsoft for manufacturing expertise.

    Optimize demand planning with enhanced forecasting accuracy as our Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing experts helps you gain AI-powered predictions using historical data.

    Make smart purchase decisions by pre-assessing supplier risks with data about supplier performance, lead times, and quality.

    With our Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing services, experience a resilient supply chain workflow with a dynamic stock buffer & demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP).

    Our Microsoft for manufacturing experts help deploy Microsoft Defender for IoT. An agentless solution to monitor Enterprise IoT (EIoT) like conference systems, printers; and Operational Technology (OT) devices like PLCs DCUs, and engineering workstations.

    We help you neutralize potential threats in real time with advanced threat protection mechanisms like threat intelligence, anomaly detection, and behavioural analytics by Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing.

    Employing predefined response plans, automated incident workflows, and collaboration tools to streamline communication and resolutions of incidents, we help establish robust incident response capabilities.

    You experience seamless security provisions across environments including on-premises, hybrid, and Azure cloud for manufacturing. Posing a stringent security stature, with reduced vulnerabilities and a well-rounded risk mitigation strategy.

    Guard Your Manufacturing Ecosystem
    from Cyber Threats

    Services for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

    Be it Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Dynamics NAV (Navision), Power BI integration or Azure integration, we do it all.

    Our services include consulting, deployment, customization, integration, data-migration, training, maintenance, upgrades, compliance, security and ongoing support for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions for Manufacturing.

    If you are looking for help with strategic planning for future growth and scalability, we can advise on enhancements and modifications to the Dynamics ERP system as your business evolves.

    How Integrative Systems Help You with Microsoft for Manufacturing?



    With more than 15+ years of experience in implementing, deploying, managing, and maintaining Microsoft for manufacturing services for our global clientele, we offer deep expertise. Our seasoned Microsoft experts are available to support and extend your team, with tailored Microsoft expertise you need.



    Our certified Microsoft specialists understand the importance of customization in the constantly changing manufacturing business environment. We prioritize identifying your specific business needs and customizing Microsoft solutions, that fit your needs perfectly!



    Looking for dedicated technological expertise on Microsoft ecosystem for implementation, deployment, management, and support? Look no further. Access our ready-to-deploy pool of Microsoft services experts to extend your in-house IT team, ensuring you have the adept talent you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft for Manufacturing

    1. How can Microsoft Azure benefit our manufacturing operations?

    Ans: Microsoft Azure serves as a dynamic cloud solution, offering scalable infrastructure that effortlessly handles data storage, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with IoT technologies. Our Microsoft for manufacturing experts empower you to streamline operational processes, boost productivity, and adapt with cost-effective scalability as business requirements transform. As a result, you experience a comprehensive platform that not only optimizes your manufacturing operations but also propels businesses towards heightened efficiency and adaptability in a rapidly evolving landscape.

    2. How do Dynamics 365 experts help improve manufacturing processes?

    Ans: Our experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing help you integrate ERP and CRM capabilities seamlessly, delivering a holistic manufacturing solution. They help you streamline operations from production to supply chain management and customer engagement, with enhanced efficiency. By enabling automation and analytics you are empowered to make informed decisions, ensuring Dynamics 365 is not just a system but a catalyst for operational excellence in your manufacturing facility.

    3. How do Microsoft 365 experts help enhance collaboration in manufacturing teams?

    Ans: Our Microsoft 365 for manufacturing experts elevates collaboration in your manufacturing teams by leveraging its powerful suite. They optimize Microsoft Teams for seamless communication, utilize SharePoint for shared document management, and integrate Planner for efficient task coordination. With expert guidance, your manufacturing teams are set to harness the full potential of Microsoft 365, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances productivity and accelerates project timelines.

    4. What security measures does Microsoft offer for manufacturing data in the cloud?

    Ans: Azure offers formidable security with features like data encryption and identity management. Microsoft 365 enhances this with robust security measures safeguarding communication, documents, and user identities. These combined defenses not only fortify manufacturing operations against threats but also ensure adherence to industry-specific compliance standards, providing a secure foundation for sensitive data and critical processes.

    5. How does Microsoft Dynamics help in managing supply chain and inventory effectively?

    Ans: Microsoft Dynamics excels in effective supply chain and inventory management. It offers real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, optimizing processes from procurement to distribution. Our experts in Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing set you up to leverage predictive analytics to aid in demand forecasting, ensuring optimal stock levels. They also help in automating and streamlining your workflows, so that you experience enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved overall supply chain performance, with a comprehensive solution for businesses.

    6. How can you help optimize our manufacturing operations as a Microsoft service provider?

    Ans: Our Microsoft consultants bring tailored expertise to meet your manufacturing needs. They optimize workflows, offer comprehensive training for efficient platform usage, ensure security compliance, and provide strategic guidance. With our assistance, manufacturing companies unlock the full potential of their Microsoft ecosystem, gaining a competitive edge and enhancing overall performance in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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    We look forward to prioritizing your success and transforming the way you do business.

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