Microsoft for Banking and Finance

Spur your financial services to value modern-day banking demands with intelligent automation, increased security, and real-time visibility into customer insights.

Microsoft for Banking and Finance
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What brings you here?

Struggle to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations as per your changing business needs?

Inability to integrate existing banking systems with Microsoft CRM for banking?

The need to offer consistent personalized experiences for customers across in-branch and digital channels?

The worries to secure sensitive financial data amidst ever-changing security and compliance guidelines?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    Our Esteemed Clients

    We Help Your Business to Boost High with
    Microsoft for Banking & Finance

    Delightful Customer Experience
    with Microsoft CRM for Banking

    Enabling consistent customer experience across channels, our Microsoft CRM experts for banking spur more opportunities to offer similar banking experiences across in-store & digital channels.

    Automating mundane workflows like handling service requests at scale, our Dynamics 365 experts for banking enable you to focus on prospects most likely to convert.

    Our Microsoft for financial services experts helps you deploy responsive web interfaces with in-depth visibility into real-time customer insights for your team on the backend.

    As a result, you are empowered to offer a vetted customer service environment for your financial offerings.

    Deploying a flexible cloud infrastructure with Azure’s virtual machines & storage solutions, our Microsoft cloud experts empower you to scale your banking operations, limitlessly.

    Enabling data unification for diverse banking processes and customer records, our Microsoft cloud for banking experts exhort strategic decision making.

    You experience a secure and compliant cloud environment adhering to the best practices enforced by the Azure security center, Azure active directory, and compliance certifications.

    As a result, you leverage a sustainable Microsoft cloud ecosystem for your banking services, that’s scalable, unified, and secure.

    Sustainable Banking Ecosystem
    with Microsoft Cloud for Banking

    Guard Banking Data with
    Microsoft Azure for Financial Services

    70% of consumers would consider leaving a bank that suffered a data breach – as per a study by Zipdo.

    As a technology leader, how are you prioritizing the safety of your customer data?

    Enabling role-based access control, encryption, and access rights customized to your unique needs, our Microsoft Azure financial services experts help you classify, label, and protect sensitive banking data using Azure’s information protection service.

    You gain access to a well-rounded solution for threat detection and response with a continuous monitoring facility, with Azure’s security center.

    As a result, you experience a shielded banking ecosystem with an enhanced overall security stature to pose against the ever-arising cybersecurity landscape.

    Qualify potential prospects with intelligent sales process automation, spur cross-sell and up-selling opportunities with our experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for banking.

    Automating mundane banking processes like customer onboarding, loan processing, and document verification, our Microsoft Dynamics for banking experts rule out manual intervention and accelerate banking operations.

    Your banking stakeholders are empowered with automated notifications and alerts to track the real-time progress of workflows via a unified collaboration interface using Microsoft 365.

    As a result, you get to experience an automated banking ecosystem that is custom-tailored to your unique banking processes.

    Automated Workflows with
    Microsoft Dynamics for Banking

    Debunk Disasters with
    Microsoft for Financial Services

    In a survey of more than 300 IT & cybersecurity professionals in the financial services industry, 64% said they were hit by ransomware in 2023 – According to Sophos.

    As a technology leader, are you ready with a disaster recovery and business continuity plan if such a situation arises?

    Deploying automated fallback and failover processes for crucial banking workflows using Azure site recovery, our Microsoft for financial services experts mark you safe from disasters.

    They help you in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations with built-in backup and restoration provisions.

    As a result, you experience a balanced banking ecosystem with Dynamics 365 that leverages Azure’s load-balancing capacities to divert user requests across multiple instances, encouraging high availability during times of disaster.

    Automating your loan origination workflows like document verification, credit checks, and approval, our Microsoft experts for Dynamics 365 for banking make your loan processes effective, compliant, and consistent.

    Our experts configure your Dynamics 365 environment with pivotal parameters like credit risk and creditworthiness indicators. These data points empower you to make informed decisions on loan approvals & credit limits.

    Via tracking communication logs, and financial profiles of your customers, our Microsoft CRM for banking experts enables your teams to foster personalized customer engagements & understand customer needs better.

    As a result, you get to offer a balanced banking environment to your customers, that is self-serving through automated banking processes, and custom-tailored to their needs.

    Manage Loans & Credits with
    Microsoft for Financial Services

    How Integrative Systems Helps You with Microsoft for Financial Services?



    With more than 15+ years of experience in implementing, deploying, managing, and maintaining Microsoft products/services for our global clientele, we offer deep expertise. Our seasoned Microsoft experts are available to support and augment your team, delivering the dedicated Microsoft expertise you need.



    Our seasoned Microsoft specialists recognize the importance of customization in the constantly changing business environment. We prioritize understanding your specific business needs and converting them into customized Microsoft solutions, that fit just perfectly! This approach empowers your success in the dynamic modern business landscape.



    Seeking dedicated technological expertise for Microsoft products/services in implementation, deployment, management, and support? Look no further. Access our readily available pool of Microsoft product/services experts to complement your in-house IT team, ensuring you have the meticulous talent you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft for Financial Services

    What are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

    Banking or finance operations are complex in nature and do invite integration of software and applications of diverse capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance not only aligns with diverse business needs but also enables seamless integration with diverse third-party applications. Collectively, flexibility and adaptability help you leverage enhanced operational efficiency, and reduce the scope for errors with data synchronization between diverse systems.

    How to implement Dynamics 365 for finance and operations?

    Implementing Dynamics 365 for finance and banking operations could be one of the wisest moves if done right. You must realize the true potential of Dynamics 365 before you implement it. There are a bunch of use cases where Dynamics 365 can be of great help for your financial operations like automating mundane banking processes, capturing customer insights for making well-informed decisions, scaling your operational capabilities, etc. It is ideal to rope in a reliable Microsoft partner for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, as they will help you make the most of your investments.

    How does Microsoft Power Platform enhance loan and credit management in financial services?

    Microsoft Power Platform, integrated with Dynamics 365, provides advanced analytics (Power BI), workflow automation (Power Automate), and custom app development (Power Apps). This empowers your financial organization to assess credit risk, automate loan origination workflows, and engage clients effectively, optimizing the loan and credit management processes

    How does Microsoft for Financial Services address compliance requirements?

    Microsoft for Financial Services includes features such as Azure Policy, Compliance Manager, and Dynamics 365 Compliance Center to help financial organizations adhere to regulatory requirements. These tools assist in managing and monitoring compliance, ensuring data security and integrity as per the industry standards.

    How does Dynamics 365 contribute to banking operations?

    Dynamics 365 extends industry-specific modules for banking, automating processes like customer relationship management, loan management, and compliance. Its integrated features enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and improve customer engagement, making it a complete solution for ever-evolving banking operations.

    Is Microsoft's ecosystem adaptable for finance and banking’s changing demands during peaks?

    Yes, of course! Microsoft’s ecosystem is adaptable to the changing demands of the finance and banking industry. Microsoft Azure offers a scalable infrastructure that accommodates the dynamic demands of computing resources. On the other hand, Dynamic 365’s flexibility and automation enable your banking operations to meet excellence. This promise of adaptability makes Microsoft the prime choice for financial organizations.

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