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AS400 for Banking & Finance
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    Is an Investment in AS400 Banking System Worth its Value?

    Will AS400
    Support Complex System
    Configurations for Banking?

    The AS400 banking system streamlines system configurations with a unified and secured provision for banking operations. It leverages advanced virtualization and logical partitioning mechanisms to offer a highly integrated environment with efficient resource allocation. With AS400 core banking system’s integrated database management capabilities, data handling is simplified. Ultimately, with the automated provisioning and management of tools, application deployment is accelerated. You are set to experience seamless adaptability and scalability for the ever-evolving banking needs. You achieve efficient configurations, with a robust and responsive banking system, boosted agility, and declining time-to-market for new offers & services.

    Will AS400
    Banking System Comply
    with Security Regulations?

    AS400 for banks ensures stringent data protection with its innate security capabilities like object-level security, advanced encryption, role-based access, and audit trails.

    You need not worry about regulatory security compliances as integrated compliance monitoring guarantees seamless alignment.

    AS400 for banks adheres to standard industry regulations like PCI DSS and SOX, set forth for banking and finance organizations, reducing the burden off you for being compliant.

    As a technology leader prioritizing AS400 for finance or banking operations, you need not worry about the safety and integrity of sensitive financial data, with compliance meeting the standards.

    Will AS400
    Empower Data Management
    for Banking & Finance?

    The AS400 banking system employs efficient data management practices to support banking, finance, and insurance processes.

    It leverages a high-performance relational database with integrated database design tools that help you optimize data storage & retrieval, streamline data structuring, and reduce data redundancy.

    With topmost priority to data security, AS400 for finance and banking entrusts role-based access, and advanced encryption mechanisms to extend a safety net for data.

    For quicker turnarounds and faster transaction processing requirements in the insurance processes, AS400 for insurance utilizes advanced indexing and query optimization, ensuring lightning data accessibility.

    You experience scalable and efficient data management encouraging higher data integrity and empowered decision making.

    Disaster recovery is a potential challenge for banking, finance, and insurance companies. But, not a severe one with AS400 banking system’s adept recovery readiness.

    It leverages built-in redundancy mechanisms to offer high availability while reducing downtime incidents.

    With AS400 for banks, you experience a virtualized environment with smart system partitioning. This enables adept data replication on secondary systems, avoiding the risk of potential loss.

    Even if you hit system downtime or failure, the automated backup and restore functionality promises guaranteed recovery with complete data protection.

    You achieve unparalleled disaster recovery, reduced business continuity risks, and improved data integrity with a safety net to protect your reputation and customer trust.

    Will AS400 for
    Banks Deal Efficiently
    with Disaster Recovery?

    With AS400 for banking and finance, you don’t have to worry about navigating the complexities of batch processing.

    With advanced workload management and scheduling capabilities, it optimizes overnight updates, and generates reports, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

    You can entrust AS400 for finance and insurance processes. Its automated job scheduling and parallel processing help you accelerate batch operations such as claim settlements, and loan processing, at scale.

    To manage the workloads dynamically, you get real-time visibility into the operations through its integrated monitoring tools.

    You experience seamless batch processing, reduced operational friction, and improved system performance for competitive banking and financing operations.

    What Happens with
    Batch Processing Needs
    for Finance & Insurance?

    AS400 banking system is engineered for performance optimization. Especially for critical times when transactions are at their peak.

    Leveraging its robust Power Systems architecture and dynamic resource allocation, AS400 ensures optimal resource utilization.

    Its integrated performance monitoring and tuning tools, in tandem with advanced workload management, provide real-time insights and automatic optimization, guaranteeing responsiveness during high transaction loads.

    You benefit from its capacity to dynamically adapt, delivering exceptional performance, reducing latency, and enhancing the bank’s competitive edge in the fast-paced financial industry.

    Will AS400 for
    Finance & Banking
    Support Performance Optimization?

    How can Integrative Systems Help You with
    AS400 Banking System?



    Our team of AS400 experts has gained a wealth of knowledge while developing, managing, and maintaining AS400 for banking for over 20+ years. Our balanced understanding of AS400 and banking enables us to offer the consulting help you are seeking.



    Customizations are the need of the hour with the rapidly evolving business landscape. Our AS400 experts help you retrospect your AS400 banking software to adapt to the change. And, prioritize a successful customization to bring your vision to life.



    Looking for a specific expertise to help you with your AS400 banking software? We have got you covered! Our ready-to-augment AS400 experts can become an extension of your in-house team to fulfill development, administration, or maintenance needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can AS400 for banking streamline our banking operations and processes?

    AS400 for banking streamlines operations by providing a secure, scalable, and highly available platform. It optimizes data management, integrates legacy systems, ensures compliance, and accelerates batch processing. With efficient disaster recovery and performance optimization, AS400 enhances customer service, minimizes downtime, and supports seamless, efficient banking processes. erational complexities.

    Can AS400 for banking maintain compliance with industry regulations?

    AS400 for banking is empowered to maintain compliance with the industry regulations and standards. It has built-in security features, audit trails, and an encryption mechanism to safeguard sensitive data. With the scalability and flexibility that AS400 offers, your banking organizations are enabled to cope with the ever-changing regulatory compliances, keeping you up-to-date.

    Should we consider modernizing our AS400 banking software?

    After AS400 modernization, you will get to experience improved agility, consistent support to evolving customer expectations, and enablement to integrate with modern solutions. Modernization will not only optimize your system’s user experience but also enable data analytics and integration with diverse digital channels. In short, modernizing your AS400 banking software will empower you for limitless competitiveness with the same old infrastructure. It’s worth considering an investment.

    Which banking operations and processes does AS400 support?

    AS400 for banking supports a wide range of banking operations inclusive of banking functions, customer relationship management, transaction processing, account management, regulatory compliances, loan management, financial reporting, and much more. What makes it indispensable is its reliability, scalability, and robust security features, adapting to changing business needs.

    What maintenance and support services are available for AS400 banking software?

    For AS400 banking software, you can avail maintenance and support for regular software upgrades, security-health checks and upgrades, bug and patch fixes, and round-the-clock technical support. You can also avail consulting services for performance optimization, disaster recovery strategies, and compliance needs. You can expect comprehensive support for your AS400 banking software from a reliable consulting/support partner.

    What reporting and analytics capabilities does AS400 banking software offer?

    AS400 banking software can be vouched for its potent reporting and analytics capabilities. It vends a dedicated tool for generating comprehensive financial reports, and customer insights with diverse performance metrics. With the help of in-depth data analysis and trend monitoring, it empowers you to make data-backed decisions for continual growth.

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