Power BI for Banking and Finance

Spur your banking services to cope the evolving banking demands via enhanced visibility into customer choices, prompt insights into cash flow, and adept fraud prevention mechanism with our Power BI services.

Power BI for Banking and Finance

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    What Makes an Investment in Power BI for Banking and Finance Worth?

    Prioritize Customer
    Relationship Management

    70% of banks say, “It’s more challenging to win and retain customers than it was 12 months ago” – As per Celent

    Thinking about – “How do I differentiate & prioritize customer relationships?”

    Tailor your marketing campaigns based on customer demographics, transaction history & behaviour, enhancing relatability. Our Power BI for banking experts help you gain deeper insights into customer journeys & behaviours, to segment your customer base effectively.

    Retain your long-standing customers with predictive analytics to sense the early signs of them turning off! Our Power BI experts help set up intelligent data models to predict customer behaviour, enabling you to pose personalized services & offers to make them stay.

    Spur cross-selling opportunities with detailed insights into customer data like interests, past purchases, preferences & behaviours. Leverage our Power BI expertise to identify cross-selling opportunities for selling additional products & services to existing customers.

    94% of businesses believe that BI is important for decision-making – As per Zipdo

    Upkeeping connected banking experiences across channels poses a real challenge.

    Thinking about “How inclusion of Power BI in banking operations offers an edge?”

    Assess your banking organization’s financial health & track set performance targets, effectively. Our Power BI experts help you track crucial KPIs like return on assets (ROA) & cost-to-income ratio in real-time to make informed strategic decisions.

    Allocate banking resources precisely with adept financial forecasting. Our Power BI for banking experts help deploy responsive predictive models based on historical data, empowering you to optimize your banking resources efficiently.

    Strategically empower your service networks across channels by choosing the data-driven route. Our Power BI experts helps assess the performance of individual branches & digital channels, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

    Monitor Banking Performance
    Across Channels

    Find Your Blend
    for Balancing Assets & Liabilities

    Only 24% of corporate leaders worldwide have demonstrated data literacy – As per ITWeb

    Don’t let limited data literacy become a hurdle in achieving aspired profitability!

    Optimize profitability while meeting financial obligations with real-time visibility into liquidity & cash flow. Our Power BI for banking experts help you monitor & track liquidity risks in real time with deeper insights into inward & outward cash flows.

    Devise effective interest rate mitigation strategies by analysing the impact of interest rate fluctuations on the net interest income stream. Our Power BI experts help predict these fluctuations, enabling you to manage financial risks comfortably.

    Spur profitability opportunities by balancing the blend of assets & liabilities, perfectly. Our Power BI for banking experts helps optimize balance sheets by integrating diverse data sources, enabling a connected view of the assets & liabilities.

    During 2023 to 2032, BFSI sector is set to experience immense growth with consistent implementation of BI initiatives; real time problem identification & resolution will have a pivotal role to play – As per Inkwood Research

    Still uncertain of how Power BI for finance operations will prove instrumental?

    Strengthen transaction processing channels with detailed insights into transaction behavior. Our Power BI experts help validate vital transaction attributes like transaction amount, geolocation, device types & transaction frequency to baseline transaction behavior.

    Spot unusual transaction patterns by identifying anomalies in the transactional data. Our Power BI experts help set up triggers for suspicious activities like extensive transactions, unexpected geolocations, or series of rapid transactions leveraging machine learning.

    Prevent fraudulent transactions with real-time transaction monitoring. Our Power BI for finance experts deploys automated alerts to notify prevention teams about transactional frauds before they cause significant financial damage, reducing the risk of financial loss & identity theft.

    Deploy Sustainable
    Fraud Detection Mechanisms

    Credit Approval Processes

    Finance industry tops the list of industries that perceive most value from self-service BI capabilities – As per Forbes

    Thinking about “Where will self-service reporting capabilities of Power BI prove advantageous for finance industry?”

    Adopt a data-driven approach to validate the creditworthiness of borrowers. Our Power BI for finance experts deploys credit scoring models to assess the creditworthiness of borrowers based on parameters like credit history, payment patterns & financial behaviors.

    Dodge loan defaulters with data-led credit lending decisions. Our Power BI experts bring detailed insights into historical data to identify patterns of loan defaulters & credit repayments, enabling you to restructure your credit lending criteria.

    Set your loan approval process on autopilot with reduced human bias in credit approval. We help you automate loan approvals and report generation using Power BI, reducing friction and human intervention in the credit lending process.

    Power BI for Financial Services

    How can Integrative Systems Help You with Power BI for Financial Services?


    With over 15+ years of experience implementing, deploying & managing Power BI solutions across industries, we vouch for our Power BI expertise. Our seasoned experts with proven experience in Power BI & finance domain are readily available to offer the dedicated Power BI expertise you need.


    As a seasoned Microsoft Partner, we understand the significance of personalization & customization. Our Power BI for finance experts prioritizes understanding your core business needs before deploying the Power BI solution. This ensures the seamless alignment of Power BI with your intrinsic needs.


    Looking for Power BI experts with proven experience in banking & finance? No matter what your requirements are, don't look any further! You can choose from our readily available pool of Power BI experts, who become an extension of your in-house team & can start within less than two weeks.

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        Frequently Asked Questions about Power BI for Financial Services


        How does Power BI benefit finance operations, and how can a consultant optimize these benefits?

        Power BI proves advantageous for finance operations with its innate capabilities to provide real-time analytics, comprehensive reporting & predictive modeling. Our Power BI consultants help gain a better control of finance data with advanced data modeling, dashboard design & optimization. They also assist in integrating Power BI with existing financial systems, ensuring data accuracy, compliance, and performance.


        What role does Power BI play in financial analysis and reporting, and how does a consultant ensure accuracy and insight?

        Power BI enables your finance teams to conduct in-depth financial analysis, generate customized reports, and visualize KPIs effectively. Our Power BI for finance consultants assists in designing robust data models, creating interactive dashboards, and implementing advanced analytics techniques to derive actionable insights from financial data. They also ensure data integrity, compliance, and best practices in reporting.


        What hurdles do finance firms encounter with Power BI implementation, and how does a consultant aid in overcoming them?

        As a CTO of a finance company, you may often encounter challenges such as complex data integration, data quality issues, and limited expertise in Power BI implementation. Our Power BI consultants address these challenges by guiding data architecture, ETL processes, and data governance. They also offer training and support to your finance teams, empowering them to leverage Power BI effectively for specific business needs.


        How does Power BI ensure finance industry compliance, and what’s the consultant’s role?

        Power BI helps you maintain regulatory compliance for your finance company by enabling accurate reporting, auditing capabilities, and data governance features. Our Power BI for finance consultants ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing security measures, access controls, and data encryption within Power BI solutions. They also provide expertise in interpreting and implementing regulatory guidelines relevant to financial reporting and data management.


        What factors should finance firms consider when selecting Power BI, and how does a consultant assist?

        When selecting Power BI solutions, as a CTO of a finance company you should consider factors such as scalability, data security, and integration capabilities. Our Power BI consultants assist in evaluating Power BI offerings, identifying the most suitable licensing options, and designing scalable architectures tailored to finance industry requirements. They also provide insights into best practices, case studies, and success stories relevant to your unique use cases.


        How do finance firms gauge Power BI ROI, and how does a consultant enhance it?

        You can measure the ROI of your finance company by assessing improvements in operational efficiency, cost savings, and revenue generation enabled by Power BI. Our Power BI finance consultants help quantify ROI by tracking KPIs, conducting ROI analysis, and identifying areas for optimization. They also provide ongoing support, training, and guidance to your finance teams to ensure continued ROI and value realization from your Power BI investments.

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        We realize your success hinges on adapting quickly to the changing consumer preferences.

        Let us help you take charge of your data & success.

        Drop a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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