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    What Microsoft Office 365 Services Partner Does for You?

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    Swift Collaboration

    Empower your teams to stay connected irrespective of their location, without any hindrance to their collaboration and productivity.

    office 365 managed services

    Proactive Monitoring

    Monitor your Microsoft Office 365 environment cautiously and proactively, to detect and resolve potential incidents before they cause any disruption.

    managed office 365 services

    Enhanced Security

    Build a safety net for your data and Office 365 infrastructure, adhering to industry-approved security measures & advanced multi-factor authentication.

    List of Office 365 Services Offered by Integrative Systems

    Office 365 Managed Services

    Achieve operational excellence and data security with our timeless Office 365 managed services.

    Our seasoned Office 365 experts extend comprehensive governance of your Office 365 environment, inclusive of migration, configuration, implementation, customization, and maintenance.

    Leverage industry-approved advanced security protocols, automated business compliances, seamless monitoring, and uninterrupted third-party integrations.

    Our experts are on their toes 24 x 7 to monitor your Office 365 environment and perform proactive troubleshooting, ensuring peak performance.

    With our Office 365 managed services, you confidently navigate the complexities of Office 365, ensuring a streamlined, secure, and highly productive digital workspace for your organization.

    office 365 managed service providers
    office 365 managed service provider

    Office 365 Consulting Services

    Encash the full value of your Microsoft Office 365 investments with our Office 365 consulting services, tailored to your unique business needs.

    Our team of expert Office 365 consultants strives to offer tailored strategic guidance on architecture, data migration, and security configurations.

    The aim is to optimize your Office 365 environment for operational excellence, ensuring seamless integrations with advanced tools & services.

    Ranging from identity management to industry compliance, we implement cutting-edge solutions, enabling you to harness the true potential of your Office 365 investments.

    Leverage insights and technical capabilities for an impactful digital transformation with our Office 365 consulting services.

    Office 365 Migration Services

    Leverage our Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services for a seamless transition.

    Our seasoned Office 365 migration experts analyze your Office 365 environment and utilize advanced migration strategies, inclusive of tenent-to-tenant migration, hybrid configuration, and data mapping.

    During the process of migration, our experts ensure no to low downtime, and maintaining highest data integrity to achieve peak performance.

    Meticulous planning and swift execution ensures that complexities like legacy system integration and identity management are taken care of.

    You can entrust our Office 365 migration services for migrating to Office 365, facilitating a swift and hassle-free transition to the cloud-based productivity suite.

    office 365 consulting services
    office 365 cloud backup services

    Office 365 Integration Services

    Elevate your enterprise’s digital integration capabilities with our Microsoft Office 365 Integration Services.

    Our seasoned integration specialists employ advanced API gateways, OAuth protocols, and middleware to seamlessly connect Office 365 with your existing infrastructure and third-party applications.

    We ensure secure, real-time data flow, enabling streamlined collaboration and data access across your organization.

    With our expertise in custom integration solutions, you can orchestrate complex workflows and data exchanges, enhancing productivity and enabling a cohesive digital ecosystem within the organization.

    Office 365 Support Services

    Enhance your organization’s productivity with our Microsoft Office 365 Support Services.

    Our dedicated team of experts offers 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and rapid issue resolution.

    We implement advanced diagnostic tools, automated patch management, and secure remote assistance to ensure seamless operation.

    With SLA-driven response times and adherence to best practices, you can confidently rely on our support for mission-critical Office 365 environments.

    Focus on strategic initiatives while we provide unwavering support, optimization, and security, safeguarding your digital ecosystem’s integrity and performance.

    office 365 migration service
    office 365 support services

    Office 365 Backup Services

    Ensure data resilience with our Microsoft Office 365 Backup Services.

    We employ advanced backup solutions to safeguard critical business data, covering Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

    Our service includes granular recovery, automated backups, and compliance-driven retention policies.

    You can rest assured that your organization’s data is protected against accidental deletions, security breaches, or data corruption.

    With our robust backup infrastructure, we offer a safety net, ensuring data availability and continuity while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Office 365 Implementation Services

    Maximize your digital transformation with our Microsoft Office 365 implementation services.

    Our adept team executes meticulous planning, tenant configurations, and identity management, ensuring a seamless transition.

    We deploy advanced security measures, enforce compliance protocols, and implement data migration strategies.

    With expertise in hybrid environments and custom solutions, we orchestrate the integration of Office 365 into your existing infrastructure, delivering a secure, scalable, and highly optimized digital workspace.

    Entrust our technical capabilities to drive successful Office 365 implementations, enabling enhanced productivity and collaboration.

    office 365 backup services
    office 365 integration services

    Office 365 Customization Services

    Empower your organization with tailored Microsoft Office 365 customization Services.

    Our skilled specialists delve into advanced APIs, PowerShell scripting, and SharePoint Framework to create bespoke solutions.

    We fine-tune SharePoint, Teams, and Power Platform, meeting your unique requirements.

    Leverage custom workflows, data connectors, and application extensions for a personalized, efficient digital workspace.

    Our approach ensures seamless integration, scalability, and advanced automation, optimizing Office 365 to align perfectly with your business processes and objectives, driving innovation and efficiency across your organization.

    Office 365 Apps & Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Microsoft Office 365, and how does it differ from traditional Office software?

    Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that offers Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc., besides cloud services such as Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive. In comparison with other traditional Office solutions, Office 365 distinguishes with real-time active collaboration, automatic updates, and flexibility with remote working with an active internet connection.

    How can Office 365 help with remote work and collaboration?

    Office 365 provides cloud-based access to documents, emails, and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, enabling you with remote work. It allows your team members to collaborate in real time, host virtual meetings, and share documents safely, prioritizing seamless communication and productivity from anywhere.

    What are the cost considerations for Office 365 Services?

    Office 365 services provider offers you a variety of flexible working models. Depending upon your unique business preferences and requirements, you can choose from pay-as-you-go, dedicated team or time-and-material working model, respectively. With pay-as-you-go, you have the liberty to control the cost and effort required. You pay the monthly fees for the resources you utilize for the stipulated amount of time.  When you hire dedicated teams for Office 365 services, you get access to adept expertise, yet you pay monthly fees irrespective of your utilization of the resources. With the time and material working model, you get to leverage top-notch expertise at a mutually agreed hourly cost. You only pay for the hours you utilize the resources. You get to choose the best for yourself, depending on your business needs.

    Is my data secure in Microsoft Office 365?

    If you are using Microsoft Office 365, you don’t have to worry about the security and integrity of your data. Because Office 365 takes it very seriously. It employs exclusive security features like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and threat protection, to ensure your data is intact and untouched. That’s not to be all, Office 365 ensures that it complies with the set industry regulations for your business, to ensure data safety.

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