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Enable your AS400 iSeries for Modern-day Integrations!

While you strategize growth, our experts unearth AS400 application integration opportunities to make your iSeries better, faster, and ready for the future.

AS400/iSeries Integration
Achievements of Integrative Systems

What brings you here?

Inability to scale your business due to scattered data silos?

Agitation to strike the competitive edge via implementing modern-day solutions?

Worries about lacking bandwidth of your team that obstructs the performance optimization of your AS400 applications?

The stress of increasing integration costs that might go overboard your allocated IT budget?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    What are Your Challenges for a Successful AS400 Integration?

    My AS400 iSeries has Become Obsolete!

    Incompatibility is certainly the main villain that makes you approach AS400 application integration. With the ever-changing business needs, you are bound to act and improvise your AS400 iSeries compatibility.

    But, what you need to realize here is that extensive customizations and patching the weak links aren’t going to make a big difference. Rather, you should hold your ground and get the right AS400 application integration strategy in place for business integrations.

    Obsolete in AS400 iSeries integration
    Data Silos in AS400 integration

    My AS400 iSeries is Rooted in Data Silos!

    Data Silos are degrading the performance of your AS400 iSeries, making it inconvenient for accessibility and integrations.

    You can take a strategic AS400 integration approach to resolve the data redundancy. This will not only fix the data quality issues but also let you shape your integration strategies more effectively.

    My Data Will be Exposed to Threats!

    AS400 application integration doesn’t work that way – You need to understand this first.

    When you rope in a trusted AS400 integration partner, they will ensure the safety and integrity of your data during the complete integration process.

    No matter if you are integrating applications from on-premise AS400 or cloud solutions, the data is handled with utmost care. And, no room for data theft is left.

    Data Threats in AS400 iSeries
    Adequate System Documentation!

    I don't have Adequate System Documentation!

    This is certainly a chaotic situation from an organization’s perspective.

    Not having the necessary documentation of the AS400 iSeries system architecture is like a show-stopper that holds your AS400 integration initiatives back!

    But, with the right expertise and experience of AS400 integration experts your system architecture can be decoded. Once the architecture is unlocked, it’s all open for business integrations.

    What are the Different AS400 Integration Strategies?

    Build AS400 Integration

    Build AS400 integrations accustomed to your specific and unique business needs. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

    All you need is an empowered team of AS400 experts who can build interfaces for different business solutions, as and when required. If you don’t have an in-house team of AS400 integration experts, you can have an AS400 integration partner who could do the part for you.

    A couple of things to understand when you decide to move ahead with building integrations – It’s a complex job and requires extensive coding and so does require a lot of time for the implementation.

    AS400 Integration
    Integration Connectors

    Using Integration Connectors

    Don’t have all the time on earth and looking for something ready to implement? You can rely on pre-built application connectors.

    There are IBM iSeries integration platforms that provide these pre-built, ready-to-configure application connectors. These connectors provide thousands of transactions every second and allow AS400 iSeries solutions to be accessed via a reusable API.

    Use APIs

    The most popular and easiest way of AS400 integration is – Using APIs.

    With the lowest cost and greater user experiences above the other AS400 integration strategies, APIs are easier and more effective to deploy.

    With APIs, you get assured safety and security for the data exchange between your AS400 iSeries and business applications.

    Use APIs

    Why choose Integrative as your AS400 Integration Partner?

    We Put You First!

    We understand your business and help you identify opportunities to improvise.

    We understand your AS400 iSeries and help you build the iSeries application integration to make it better and faster than before.

    We understand your growth objectives and empower you with complete technical expertise and active support. For us, it’s you before ourselves.

    AS400 Integration Partner
    Agile approach for AS400 integration

    All Agile

    We recommend the Agile approach for AS400 integration.

    From an organization’s perspective, it is far more advantageous for you. It enables you to engage cross-functional expertise from our set of AS400 integration experts.

    The process of integration is driven steadily, on time, and with complete transparency.

    Ability to Solutionize

    We honor your expectation of us as an AS400 integration services provider and we go beyond our capacities to meet them.

    We refrain from imposing generic AS400 integration solutions but prefer to customize tailor-made integration solutions for you.

    AS400/iSeries integration solutions

    Frequently Asked Questions About AS400 Integration

    1. What is AS400 Integration?

    Ans: AS400 Integration is a process of connecting an AS400 system (IBM iSeries) with other software or hardware systems to enable data sharing and streamlined operations.

    2. Can AS400 Integration work with modern cloud-based systems?

    Ans: Yes, AS400 Integration can seamlessly integrate with modern cloud-based systems, ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies.

    3. What security measures are implemented for AS400 integration?

    Ans: In AS400 Integration, security is a top priority. Robust encryption and authentication protocols are used to protect data during transfer and storage.

    4. Can AS400 Integration be customized for specific business needs?

    Ans: Yes, AS400 Integration solutions are highly customizable to meet the unique requirements of different businesses.

    5. Why is AS400 Integration important for businesses?

    Ans: AS400 integration is essential for businesses as it allows them to leverage the data and functions of their AS400 systems alongside modern technology, enhancing efficiency, reducing data silos, and enhancing decision-making.

    6. What are the methods of AS400 integration?

    Ans: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), web services, middleware, and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools are utilized to connect AS400 with other systems.

    7. What are the benefits of AS400 integration?

    Ans: AS400 integration offers advantages such as improved data accuracy, reduced manual data entry, increased productivity, and the ability to leverage existing AS400 system investments.

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      Via the details, our solutions behold.