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Integrative can help Improve your Business’ Profitability by Harnessing Full Retail MMS Functionalities

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    Retail MMS – Leverage Full Potential Digital Supply Chain Solutions 

    Retail MMS

    Retail Merchandise Management System is conceivably the most robust, cost-effective, and reliable ERP solution in the history of retail software. Adopted by hundreds and thousands of retailers worldwide, retail MMS is a highly scalable and reliable solution. It allows enterprises to operate with a lean IT staff and supports the industry best practices of an omnichannel retailer. Data from product information management, purchasing/vendor cost, receiving and transfers, regular and promotional pricing, store sales/transaction audit, and e-commerce order fulfillment all flows to a sales and inventory data cube for business analysis. Accounts Payable and a General Ledger / Stock Ledger that can manage the retail method of accounting complete the solution, providing retailers the tools they need to increase sales and profit margins, ensure inventory accuracy, and streamline business processes across the enterprise.

    Get your Retail MMS Enhancements and Support done Right with Integrative Systems

    • Integrative Systems provides customers with the highest quality retail MMS resources in the industry, bringing retail domain experience, available project managers and business analysts, and developers knowledgeable in the application.
    • At Integrative Systems, we have more than 20 years of experience in retail MMS implementation, enhancement, and support. And we also offer a series of add-on solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing retail MMS functionality to maximize operational efficiency and ROI for both your brick and mortar and your ecommerce businesses.

     Retail MMS Services by Integrative Systems

    System Modification and Enhancement

    System Modification and Enhancement


    System Integration


    24/7 Support


    Online Strategy


    Financial Modules


    Retail Analytics


    Change Management


    QA/QC Testing


    Technical Benchmarking


    Version Upgrades


    Backup & Data-Recovery


    Hardware and Software Needs Assessment

    Realize the power of Retail MMS with Integrative Systems

    Shorten timelines and improve quality for your retail MMS enhancement and integration projects. Our team analyzes your business needs and then recommends and helps you implement the optimal retail MMS solution. Develop new features using the latest technology to upgrade to the most user-friendly, robust retail MMS installation possible. You’ll get 24X7 assistance from our technical experts and support team.

    Retail Merchandise Management

    Merchandising / ERP software is the foundation for any retailer’s success. Item and pricing data flows from the merchandise management system to point-of-sale at stores, and to ecommerce engines. Sales and inventory transaction data flows back in. Even with trickle polling, retailers require nightly batch processing. The merchandise management system must be performance-tuned, and hardware must be powerful enough to process massive amounts of batch data accurately and efficiently, so data is available to merchants when they sign on each morning. Integration with other point solutions like Business Intelligence, Merchandise Planning, Warehouse Management, and Financials depends on the stability and scalability of the merchandise management system. To drive performance, retailers need a robust, proven merchandise management system like retail MMS. As the retailing landscape changes with shifting to online sales channels and customers demanding stock position and product information in real-time, retail executives are pushing technology teams to enhance systems to execute new business strategies. If you need help enhancing or modernizing your merchandise management system, you can rely on Integrative Systems and our team of retail consultants with broad experience implementing and modifying retail MMS.

    Inventory Management

    Having the right Product in the right Place at the right Price and with the right Promotion are the famous “Four P’s” of retail. Leveraging your merchandising system to manage inventory is your path to higher sales, fewer markdowns / improved margins, and ultimately greater profit. Monitor sales and weeks of supply, track fast and slow moving items, and maintain the lowest inventory investment while sustaining brick & mortar and ecommerce service levels, by aligning supply with consumer demand. Take advantage of the rich sales and inventory data in your system by engaging our retail MMS experts to review your current capabilities, recommend impactful changes to your business processes and application, and implement those changes to vastly improve your utilization of inventory.

    Retail Analytics

    By unlocking critical insights in the wealth of data collected by retailers for brick & mortar and ecommerce customers and sales, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics continue to drive improved financial performance. The integrated add-on Data Warehouse module retail IDEAS for retail MMS provides “one version of the truth”, and allows merchants to make data-driven decisions to optimize inventory buildup for promotions, improve customer conversion, revamp store layouts, and schedule staff based on store traffic patterns. Allow merchants to focus on trends in sales, inventory, and customers to improve sales and margin with enhancements to your retail MMS analytics made by our retail experts.

    Take Advantage of Retail MMS’ Powerful Capabilities

    Product Information Management

    Product Information Management

    Retail MMS supports both hardlines and softlines with robust item attribute data at the style and the color/size SKU level. Multiple vendors per item (with their own costs and item numbers) can be maintained.


    Purchase Order Management

    Retail MMS provides a fully functional buyers toolkit for managing the purchase, distribution, and financial accounting of product, including color/size data entry for styles, bulk and pre-distributed PO’s, multi-drop (store drop ship) PO’s, landed cost factors, allowances, and rebate management.


    Inventory Management

    Retail MMS Inventory Management is a major strength of the system. Transaction types are user defined, including impact on sales and inventory unit perpetual and G/L accounts. Physical inventory, cycle counts, transaction adjustments, and an audit trail ensure accuracy for merchants and display on the web.



    Retail MMS provides several forecasting algorithms, methods for determining safety stock and model stock, and optimal economic order quantity rules to send replenishment orders to the Purchase Order Management module automatically.


    Sales Audit

    Retail MMS equips retailers’ Accounting teams with a sophisticated daily store audit module that confirms that daily totals match transaction detail, thus ensuring accurate feeds to Sales History, Inventory, G/L and external credit card processors and banks. Tender reconciliation to store totals, with over / short analysis is also performed.


    Warehouse Management

    Retail MMS’ Warehouse Management supports inbound (ASN) shipment scheduling and receiving, store pre-distribution processing, directed putaway, bin-level unit perpetual, store transfer and ecommerce order picking using multiple types of routing algorithms, and shipping / manifesting.


    Store Information Management

    Retail MMS enables international operations through configuration of the store and region/district hierarchy, currency setup (with conversion to home currency), and store-specific tax codes for download to point-of-sale.


    Price Management

    Retail MMS allows retailers to set regular original and markdown prices by store and price zones (including separate prices for ecom) and track markdowns for retail inventory valuation. Promo price management includes comprehensive item selection and promo pricing methods.


    SODA/Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

    Retail MMS offers an integrated add-on module (SODA – Sales Order Desk Application) that integrates with the retailer’s ecommerce system to facilitate order picking, pick confirmation / tendering, and web channel sales feeds to G/L for both warehouse and store order fulfillment.


    Accounts Payable

    Retail MMS provides an integrated solution for batch automated matching of invoices to Purchase Orders / Receipts, configurable by vendor for matching tolerance and payment terms.


    Retail Stock Ledger/General Ledger

    Retail MMS’ integrated retail Stock Ledger and General Ledger enable retailers to employ the retail method to calculate Cost of Goods Sold, which is advantageous for merchants using retail inventory valuation for markdown analysis and merchandise / open-to-buy planning.

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      Why Choose Integrative Systems for your Retail MMS Needs?

      Integrative Systems is your best choice for enhancing and protecting your investment in Retail MMS software to support your retail business for many years to come. Serving customers in the U.S. and Canada over many years, our company understands the importance of nurturing omni-channel growth and fulfilling the evolving needs of our clients.

      We have 20+ years of experience in implementing, modifying, and supporting retail MMS, and have a dedicated team of functional experts and experienced programmers on board who are capable of delivering your unique requirements. For more information, feel free to connect with us at, and we will be happy to help you. We look forward to connecting with you and transforming the way you do business.

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