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Eliminate ever-rising construction project management intricacies, reduce inventory overruns, ensure adept equipment availability, and safety compliance with our Microsoft solutions and services for construction & engineering industries.

Microsoft for Construction
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What brings you here?

Struggle to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for construction workflows to cope with diverse contracting & subcontracting project needs?

Difficulties in integrating dispersed systems and project data for informed decision-making due to limited Azure Cloud expertise?

Inability to control inventory overruns and situations of overstocking due to restricted visibility into material consumption?

The worries of staying compliant with industry regulations and safety standards while using Microsoft solutions for construction?

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    Microsoft for Construction

    Project Management & Budgeting

    Our Microsoft 365 for construction experts help you achieve operational supreme with construction project workflows, using Microsoft Planner. This keeps your construction teams in sync with connected visibility for assigned tasks and their progress.

    Our Microsoft experts empower your teams to make informed budgetary decisions, keeping budgets in check. Leveraging Power BI to spot trends, we help forecast construction project budgets precisely with intuitive dashboards & reports.

    The significance of blueprints, contracts & project plans can’t be overlooked! We empower your construction teams to collaborate & manage the documentation seamlessly using SharePoint, instilling real-time accessibility & version control.

    Our Microsoft for construction experts enables you to optimize resource planning & scheduling, using Microsoft Project. This allows you to efficiently allocate manpower & equipment with a bird-eye view of the project timelines, across different phases.

    Contracting involves a never-ending document trail inclusive of agreements, amendments, and correspondence. Our Microsoft experts help you organize & maintain a centralized contract repository with apt version control, modifications, and revisions, using Dynamics 365 for construction.

    We enable your dispersed construction teams to collaborate effectively using SharePoint’s workflow capabilities. Our Microsoft experts deploy automated approval workflows for contract-related approvals, eliminating potential delays in project timelines.

    Construction uses sizable teams, yet there is room to cut down human intervention & bring automation into play. With Power Automate for construction, we help automate contract approvals, notifications, and financial updates, improving overall efficiency.

    Contracting & sub-contracting data is pivotal in determining success in the construction business. Track essential KPIs like contract compliance, milestones, and financial metrics with our Power BI for construction experts.

    Connected Contract Management

    Avoid Inventory Overruns

    We help your teams gain real-time visibility into inventory levels across construction projects, spot consumption patterns, and address overruns beforehand. This enables you to forecast material needs and minimize instances of understocking or overstocking.

    Our Dynamics 365 for construction experts can deploy IoT sensors for construction equipment and machinery, enabling smart asset management & proactive maintenance mechanisms. This reduces risks of inventory overruns and ensures reduced equipment downtime.

    Our Microsoft experts help set up automated triggers for timely inventory replenishment, facilitating procurements on autopilot. They help foster real-time collaboration with your suppliers to keep the inventory orders in check, eliminating potential delays.

    Our Power BI experts help spot recurring inventory trends, consumption patterns, and risks for overruns, encouraging informed decision-making. They contribute to re-adjusting procurement strategies by monitoring budget adherence & cost overruns.

    We help reduce downtime and enhance the lifespan of construction equipment by deploying predictive maintenance mechanisms using IoT sensors & Dynamics 365. Equipment tracking & maintenance scheduling help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

    Integrating project & resource planning, our Microsoft for construction experts help minimize events of underutilization & overutilization. This approach helps align project timelines with equipment availability, eliminating resource scheduling conflicts.

    Combining the capabilities of Power BI & Dynamics 365 for construction, our experts help you gain actionable insights into consumption, operating hours, and usage patterns for the equipment. These data points help make data-driven decisions for effective equipment management.

    Managing multiple contracting & subcontracting projects demands seamless equipment management workflows. We help you automate equipment & machinery vendor collaboration for timely equipment delivery and maintenance requirements.

    Efficient Equipment & Machinery Management

    Prime Safety Management

    Our Microsoft for construction experts can build customized incident reporting applications using Microsoft .NET framework. Construction stakeholders are empowered with real-time insights on incident trends to identify risk areas & implement safety measures.

    Equipment safety is inevitable to safeguard on-field construction teams. We integrate Dynamics 365 with IoT sensors to track factors like temperature, pressure, and operational status, enabling preventive maintenance schedules to avoid breakdowns & foster safety.

    Our Microsoft 365 for construction experts helps induct seamless collaboration across diverse construction teams. This helps foster a safety culture via instant communication on safety protocols, emergency procedures, and updates on safety guidelines.

    To encourage a culture of safety, our experts help create interactive safety training experiences for the laborers to better understand potential hazards, using Dynamics 365 Guides. This helps spread safety awareness among cross-functional construction teams.

    Our Microsoft Cloud for construction experts help set up a scalable infrastructure, allowing you to scale computing capacity up and down as per your need. This flexibility enables you to pay only for the resources you use, reducing events of overprovisioning & upfront costs.

    Our Dynamic 365 for construction experts utilizes various project management features, to help you monitor budgets for diverse projects effectively. This enables you to adhere to the financial constraints, track cost trends, and obviate cost overruns.

    Our Power BI experts empower you with prime data points like cost patterns, resource utilization & inventory procurement. This data-driven approach allows you to save & optimize costs & avoid inventory overruns across construction projects.

    With connected collaboration & smart automation we help you streamline your construction processes, resolve errors & delays, and automate redundant workflows, to save you time and potential costs in the long run.

    Reduce Operational Costs

    How Integrative Systems Help You with Microsoft for Construction?


    With about 15+ years of experience & proven expertise, we specialize in consulting, implementing, managing, and supporting the entire suite of Microsoft solutions for construction & engineering. Our skilled Microsoft experts are ready to be deployed as an extension of your team, for the specific expertise you need.


    The ever-evolving landscape of construction and engineering calls for certified Microsoft experts to tailor Microsoft solutions, to your unique needs. Our Microsoft experts are primed to understand your business objectives and help align Microsoft solutions with your dynamic business requirements, precisely.


    Are you looking for Microsoft experts specialized in the construction & engineering industry? Look no further. We have seasoned Microsoft experts with hands-on experience working with construction companies. Choose your fit from a vast pool of experts to extend your in-house IT team, to uplift your Microsoft ecosystem.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft for Construction

    How does Microsoft Partner enhance project collaboration in the construction and engineering industry?

    Microsoft partner of your choice helps you establish seamless collaboration among your dispersed construction teams using tools like SharePoint and Teams. Enabling real-time document sharing, project tracking, and seamless communication, they help your construction stakeholders stay connected and informed.

    What role does Microsoft Planner play in project management for construction and engineering projects?

    As the construction business involves contracting and subcontracting projects, Microsoft Planner is instrumental in organizing tasks, creating visual project plans, and tracking progress for multiple projects using a centralized platform. It helps your construction teams stay organized and achieve set project milestones with a centralized platform for task management and collaboration.

    How does Microsoft Power BI contribute to data-driven decision-making in construction and engineering projects?

    Microsoft Power BI is pivotal in transforming raw data into actionable insights. Power BI for construction projects has a potential role to play. It enables stakeholders to analyze project performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on real-time data, enhancing project outcomes.

    How does Dynamics 365 contribute to project management in construction?

    Dynamic 365 for construction extends robust project capabilities to help you effectively navigate resource planning, scheduling, and financial management. Our Microsoft for construction experts help you utilize these project management capabilities and gain enhanced visibility into project timelines, budgets, and team performance, ensuring timely project completion.

    How construction equipment monitoring can be achieved?

    Our Microsoft Cloud for construction experts understands the importance of equipment management and safety, precisely. They help you integrate IoT sensors with Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365 to track diverse performance metrics like fuel consumption, and operating hours. Ultimately, this facilitates predictive maintenance and minimizes downtime for the equipment.

    What advantages do construction companies gain from using Microsoft Finance for procurement processes?

    Microsoft Finance is instrumental in automating procurement processes, managing purchase orders, and tracking deliveries efficiently. Our Microsoft for construction experts help set up Microsoft Finance in tandem with Dynamics 365 to ensure that you procure equipment in time, in alignment with the project timelines. They also help you facilitate smooth collaboration with equipment vendors, boosting efficiency in the procurement process.

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