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How Can we help you with AS400 Modernization?
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What brings you here?

The anxiety of being unable to scale your business due to lowered performance of AS400 applications?

The frustration of being unable to garner the expected value through the existing AS400 applications?

Worries about loosely coupled security standards & possibilities of a data breach?

Fear of losing the existing AS400 investments over a technological overhaul?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    Why Should you Consider AS400 Application Modernization?

    AS400 application modernization is a low-risk and low-cost transformation that solves high-risk security and operational challenges.

    When you choose to modernize your AS400 applications, you are opening avenues for feature development and integrations.

    It’s Working but not Ready for the Future!

    In the software programming community, there is a famous saying – “If it works, don’t touch it!”

    You are using IBMi applications for decades now. But, how long do you think you can make it with the legacy systems?

    To cope with the ever-changing modern-day user expectations, you can simply choose to modernize AS400 applications. This simple yet powerful transformation enables your AS400 system to be future-ready.

    AS400 Application Modernization
    AS400 applications

    You Already Have put a lot of Money Into it!

    As a CIO/CTO, you got to agree that you have invested a lot of money, time energy alongside blood, and sweat in building your AS400 systems.

    No doubt, your AS400 applications have helped you harness greater value out of your investments. But, on the contrary, the increasing security risks and maintenance costs are becoming a reason for sleepless nights!

    AS400  application modernization is the safest and most cost-effective way to make your investments worthy!

    User Experience is Upsetting the Users!

    Users of your AS400 applications are at the forefront to drive growth and revenue. There is no way on earth with which an unsatisfied user can bring you growth.

    AS400 green screen applications restrict the users with limited access to features and affect the productivity metric badly.

    User Experience

    AS400 green screen modernization enables a top-notch user experience and encourages motivation with an easy-to-use, modern AS400 application interface.

    What are the Benefits of IBMi Modernization, if you do it now?

    Align IT Objectives With Business Needs

    87% of business leaders think that digital transformation will disrupt their industry.

    Are you ready for the disruption?

    A transformed and future-ready tech is a triumph card to hack growth and outshine your competitors in one go.

    Future Business Requirements

    According to one survey of 1010 CIOs, digital transformation leadership is one of the main priorities for CIOs in 58% of companies.

    Modernization enables you with an ability to incorporate modern-day features and customizations into your IBMi applications. And, prepares you for the future.

    Boost Productivity

    Boost Productivity

    An average employee is productive for 2 hours 53 minutes in a working day.

    Executives spend 16 hours a week on administrative tasks.

    These numbers mirror the sight that often goes unnoticed – the time wasted on tedious compliances.

    Complex business processes cost you much more than you can imagine. IBMi modernization is an opportunity to optimize and automate mundane processes.

    Nullify Potent Security Risks

    According to a study, about 20% of IBMi systems fail to follow the security best practices recommended by IBM.

    Cybersecurity is the top security concern as reported by 72% of IBMi users.

    Too much access and authority, Network Access Control, User Account Security, Poor Monitoring, Malware Vulnerability, and whatnot. If we start listing the security threats, this is just the beginning!

    Security Risks

    Use IBMi modernization as an opportunity to nullify these potent risks in one go! Establish core security standards and witness fearless business growth unfolding.

    IBMi application modernization

    Cut Down on Potential Operational Costs

    A strategic approach to IBMi application modernization can get you to cost savings and operational efficiency.

    Here’s what you gain:

    • 15-35% of year-on-year cost savings on infrastructure
    • 74% of lowered costs of hardware, software, and staff
    • 14% hike in the annual revenue
    • 30-50% of lowered maintenance and operational costs
    • About 10% enhancement in application operational efficiency

    Investments in operational maintenance are like paying the recurring interest for the loan that you already paid in full. Despite being too good to be true, there is no way to avoid it.

    What you can do the least is optimize these costs with IBMi modernization.

    Lend a Better User Experience to Your Users

    According to a survey conducted in 2022, 70% of IBMi users out of 800 enterprises relying on IBMi applications, had a goal of GUI (Graphical User Interface) modernization.

    Outdated user interfaces are still a top concern for IBMi users around the globe. And, it’s time to act upon it.

    Better User Experience

    With the delay in IBMi modernization for the user interfaces, you are creating a leeway for lowered productivity and performance.

    It’s the users who are facing the systems day-in-day-out. Modernization in time will help you lend a better user experience and achieve 10X the productivity.

    IBM i application modernization cost

    Avoid Overpaying for the Modernization, Later

    The global business software and services market size was valued at USD 429.59 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030.

    Besides the ramping up software services market, there are challenges such as:

    • The growing scarcity of IBMi talent
    • Increased Security Risks
    • Increasing Infrastructural & Maintenance Costs

    A stitch in time will save nine. And, now is the right time to set out your IBMi application modernization roadmap.

    Doing it now will save you considerable operational costs, administrative costs, and modernization costs. Versus, if you choose to do it later, you will have to bare more cost incorporated towards it.

    What Approach Does Integrative Take for IBM i Modernization?

    Assess The Legacy System

    • Decode the functional specifications
    • Analyze the current infrastructural environment
    • Understand the technology stack
    • Check for the third-party API dependencies
    • Analyze the Database Management capabilities & volume of transactions
    • Check for the security measures implemented
    • Derive the development complexity
    • Define the Scope of Work
    The Legacy System
    Scope & Priorities

    Discuss the Scope & Priorities

    • Outline IBMi modernization Specifications (Your Inputs & Our Observations)
    • Scope of Work Validation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Outline Execution Priorities
    • Finalize the Scope of Work

    Plan for Modernization

    • Define High-Level & Low-Level Objectives for IBMi modernization
    • Form Teams for different execution objectives (Development, Performance, UI, Database, Quality)
    • Plan for Third-Party & API Integrations
    • Risk Management & Mitigation Planning
    • Plan for Swift Data Migration
    Plan for Modernization
    Data Migration

    Implementation & Data Migration

    • Get the Plan of Action validated
    • Devise the mapped objectives across the team
    • Define the timeline for deliverables
    • Reporting the progress
    • Development & Removal of unused code
    • Execute Third-Party & API integrations
    • End-to-End Testing of IBMi applications
    • Proceed with Data Migration
    • Set Up sync process for Active Data

    Test the System Post IBMi Modernization

    • Test the infrastructural & Environmental fit for modernized IBMi applications
    • Validate the IBMI application performance
    • Check for challenges reported and fix them
    • Perform load testing
    • Ensure security procedures are implemented correctly
    • Validate Data Migration
    Post IBMi Modernization
    Support & Maintenance

    Support & Maintenance

    • Document the newly implemented features
    • Conduct User Training for modernized IBMi applications
    • Monitor performance of modernized IBMi applications
    • Report challenges and get them fixed
    • Timely conduct system audits to record uncertain performance deviations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the common issues in AS400 Modernization?

    Ans: The major challenges in AS400 Modernization include data migration issues, legacy code transformation, ensuring backward compatibility, and managing the migration timeline cost-effectively.

    2. How can I evaluate the ROI of AS400 Modernization?

    Ans: ROI can be calculated in terms of increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and improved customer satisfaction, among other factors. It is essential to define KPIs specific to your company.

    3. Is it possible to retain my existing AS400 infrastructure and still modernize it?

    Ans: Yes, Modernization can be a phased process. You can retain certain aspects of your existing infrastructure while upgrading others as necessary.

    4. Is AS400 Modernization cost-effective?

    Ans: Yes, AS400 Modernization can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire computer. It allows you to leverage existing investments while gaining a modern capability.

    5. What is AS400 modernization?

    Ans: Modernization of AS400 involves transforming the IBM i 5250 applications green screen into a modern graphical interface, while keeping the business logic and database intact. The modernized applications can run on various browsers, cross-platform operating systems, and mobile devices.

    6. What should I do to modernize my AS400 system?

    Ans: Consider upgrading your hardware & software as the latest AS400 systems offer enhanced performance and scalability. Also, ensure your operating system is up to date.

    Move your AS400 applications and data to a cloud platform for flexibility & cost savings. Invest in user-friendly interfaces with intuitive web-based interfaces and mobile apps to encourage wider adoption within your organization.

    Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] & we will be happy to help you.
    We look forward to prioritizing your success and transforming the way you do business.

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