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Five reasons to choose IBM Power Systems

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2021)

The IBM Power Systems line of servers was first introduced in the year. The IBM AS400 Power Systems were developed following changing business needs rapidly. After four generations, the IBM Power Systems still stand firm and are the most demanding application in the competitive era.

If you are already using IBM AS400 iSeries or confused between several technologies in the market, just go through the blog as we have described five strong reasons to choose IBM Power Systems:

1- Right Now the Most Powerful Supercomputers Around the World

The need for AI and Big Data is growing within organizations, so they need a fast and scalable solution. The IBM Power Systems were designed for deep learning and machine learning phenomenon. The open power foundation has permitted to build of advanced accelerating technology on board. This is the only server that has a link between the GPU and the cores.

As of now, IBM Power9 holds the top two positions as the largest supercomputer in the world.

2- An agile solution

If an organization wants to see its business at great heights, they need to change the IT infrastructure accordingly. With IBM iSeries Power Solutions, the cloud setup will allow organizations to develop the complete infrastructure in real-time and quickly adjust the needy resources as per need. The power of IBM’s latest server lets the organizations configure the servers according to business needs. Moreover, organizations can share a single core between three different OS.

3- Enterprise Software Solutions

Generally, companies do not care about the hardware, but they are concerned about a solution that can provide a competitive advantage to their business. Businesses need to realize that the new IT world is built on open-source software, microservices, and agile development. Such community-based software is driving the change like never before.

As the businesses still rely on security, expandability, and suitability for their survival, they need to make sure their solutions are world-class. With the IBM AS400 iSeries family, you can rule the world in terms of solutions and services.

4- Exceptional reliability

The IBM Power Systems are designed to respond to the business demands 24/7, and it offers an on-site infrastructure that is No.1, according to ITIC global server hardware reliability report. And one shocking fact about IBM iSeries is that IBM power solutions have a non-availability of only a few minutes per year.

5- Easy integration in the cloud

In this digital world, mostly all organizations have a private cloud. Not only IBM AS400 Power Solutions, but their installations also let you manage the changing business needs. The hyper-converged infrastructure solutions even allow organizations to collect the data storage and processing from an individual control panel. Furthermore, the IBM Power solutions benefit organizations in terms of cloud flexibility and keeping the processing on priority.

Need help choosing your IBM Power solution?

IBM Power Systems are available in several versions, from accelerated servers to enterprise servers and hyper-converged infrastructure. As for the customers’ specific needs, IBM AS400 power systems have advantages like – easy integration, flexibility, agility, and security.

Integrative Systems is the company working in support and services of IBMi for more than two decades. They are the silver business partner of IBM and one of INC 5000 companies in the USA. The experts can provide effective and efficient support for IBM Power Systems and meet their IT maintenance needs.

Do not hesitate to share your requirements. Just send them your requirements or issues at, and the team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best possible solution.



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