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Derick Miller

Senior Manager at Integrative Systems : iSeries and Microsoft Solutions and Services

Derick Miller

Derick has over 30 years of management, technology, and project management experience in a global environment. He has a successful track record of creating and implementing strategies, process & systems transformation programs aimed at company growth and optimizing operational performance.

Prior to Integrative, Derick worked for a college bookstore chain successfully running two bookstores then shifting to the home office to test and manage applications in a highly integrated application environment. Working with multiple vendors, Derick helped implement and lead offshore models improving efficiency through better processes and automation, building a cross-functional team, and delivering multiple strategic and enhancement projects on time and on budget. Derick facilitated and communicated the annual IT strategic capital project request process covering $30-40M in annual spending to senior management, department leaders, and project stakeholders.

At Integrative Systems, Derick will lead our QA and BPO team, partner with other Sr. Managers throughout Integrative and act as a Liaison in developing strong working relationships with our clients. He will be responsible for building high-performing teams; which includes staffing, training, planning, forecasting, and collaborating with cross-functional teams in making strategic decisions designed to meet quality and service goals.

In his spare time, Derick likes to travel, spend time on the beach, go bike riding and play tennis.

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