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Joshua Saxe

Manager Client Services at Integrative Systems : iSeries and Microsoft Solutions and Services

Joshua Saxe

I love my role as a client service manager, I act as a liaison between key business leaders their customers and implement solutions that impact our client’s competitive position. I enjoy building sustainable and long term relationships with our clients and assist in developing our marketing and sales strategies.

I often perform customer surveys and other researches to gauge overall client satisfaction with our team’s work and address any areas of concern. Along with this, I make sure the complete process is streamlined and robust metrics are put in place to measure the vitality of business functions and stakeholders expectations.

Before serving this position, I worked as a Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant for more than 25 years.

I have hands-on experience in defining, developing, testing, analyzing, implementing and maintaining applications on IBM Systems. AS/400 and System 38. I relish the opportunity to execute tasks in a high-pressure environment and deliver critical business software applications – on time and under budget.

Further, my passion for technology has helped me keep abreast with new technologies, trends and thus help me contribute to our customer needs more effectively.

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