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How to Open Up Your AS400 For New Channels Without Sacrificing on Security?

So, you have finally decided to implement new software within the organization. With the IBM iSeries AS400 software application, you will be able to open your applications to pair and deliver current services. Customers’ needs may include data access from a remote location and enablement to use services directly without any interruption. Moreover, customers can also demand a cloud-based application, and with this, the dream of “access from anywhere” will come true.

But, What About Security?

You may start to worry after thinking about security, as unsecured “access from anywhere” could be a nightmare. But things are not like that. Just think about it during the implementation process, and you may get to know that your current strategy and procedure already have a solid foundation.

IBM iSeries applications are traditionally secured, and users must log in to the application in each session.

Some organizations might have added web services with XML strong typing, but the real issue is — most of the companies want modern JSON-based APIs to complete digital transformation. If the chosen solution is designed right, users can add some modern security features to the current login procedure.

Furthermore, security start at the time of login and authorization, so managing user identity and registration is critical. IBMi is a proven winner and allows a purpose-built application secured in standard web, mobile, and desktop methods. AS400 is the next evolution of the services in such terms.

What makes AS400 iSeries such a good fit, When it Comes to Security?

It focuses on simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for desktop and mobile apps. Moreover, AS400 iSeries service providers like Integrative Systems provide out-of-the-box support. Registration of clients is possible from the management support or optionally open for public client registration.

From a security standpoint, the advantage is that each request only attracts a small amount of data that the specific microservice needs. So, in the case of any compromise, the petitioner does not get access to the entire system — and gets only the specific data as per requests.

The record system remains your IBM i system and becomes the central repository for all your authentication needs. So, threats would have to cross two levels of authentication.

For our clients, the AS400 platform offer SSO (Single Sign-On) on the gateway and relays tokens downstream to all other microservices. This is a critical difference from other solutions, and this allows the authentication to go through clients’ presently used systems.

In terms of timing, execution is straightforward, and the service can go out of the box so that you will see minimum downtime to your existing system. In addition to this, there are several benefits that you will see:

  • Safe user validation with integrated identity management
  • The ability to allocate access to services
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy token management via client application registration

I hope you have understood how easily you can open your application for new applications and keep your system secure. With little planning and foresight, you can stay relaxed regarding “access from anywhere.”

How to Assess Your AS400 IBMi Security Standards?

Many organizations do not take care of IBM iSeries security unless they need to. IBMi Security evaluation and improvement is usually a reactive process rather than an active one.

Most IBMi users have configured the security of their systems years ago, and now they will change it only if they need a new one or if any security issue arises.

When do People Usually Audit and Update their AS400 iSeries Security?

Here is a rough calendar of the times when IBMi users are most interested and least interested in auditing and updating their IBM AS400 iSeries security.

Have a look at when people are most interested in IBM iSeries security audits and updates:

  • When they need to complete the inclusion of audit safety points in last year’s audit as your accounting firm is going through this year’s audit
  • When regulatory auditors come.
  • When customer auditors come.
  • When audit security breaches occur
  • When industry safety rules or regulations affect security changes.
  • When there is a major breach of security happens.
  • When a new application must connect to an external component, or an external component has to be connected to your IBM iSeries.

The times when people are less interested in IBM iSeries security audits and update:

  • Busy company season
  • During the audit
  • Summer vacation and winter vacation
  • When there are no immediate safety requirements
  • Thanksgiving or the new year
  • The problem with external security consultants

In most of these cases, IBM iSeries AS400 security update and evaluation is event-driven rather than active. When an organization wants to update its security, it can bring in a consultant to analyze and discover new security vulnerabilities. But this process can be expensive and IT companies do not always have the right budget for it. Also, many security experts in Windows server security, network equipment security, and routers, but do not have much experience (or no experience) in analyzing the intricacies of IBMi security. As a result, it’s easier to find someone to review and evaluate your Windows and network security than to find someone to audit and evaluate your IBM iSeries security.

What are Free AS400 IBMi Security Reviews?

To keep up with updates and find out the vulnerabilities in IBMi before bad auditors or actors find them, some vendors offer free IBM iSeries security assessments that companies can take advantage of without paying any fee.

To help you understand what’s in a free assessment, let’s take a look at the free security assessment program.

What does the Free AS400 iSeries Security Evaluation Offer?

The AS400 iSeries security assessment takes a closer look at security vulnerabilities and risks that you may not have considered or may not be aware of. It helps you produce detailed reports covering potential threats and vulnerabilities in several security areas, including:

  • User permissions
  • Password control
  • Weak points
  • Network access issues
  • System values
  • Other common audit issues

Who Does the AS400 iSeries Security Assessment?

You do not need to allow an outsider to log in to your IBMi system to evaluate your security. The vendor has developed iSecurity assessment as a PC software package that you can download, install and run on your PC, not on your IBM iSeries partitions. No one from the service provider side will mess with your IBM AS400 iSeries; The software evaluates for you. And since you’re downloading software on a computer instead of an IBM iSeries, you’ll be able to run iSecurity assessment reports on many IBMi systems.

After conducting the assessment, IBMi experts will review the report’s findings with you, so that you can identify security vulnerabilities in your system and understand how to improve your security. You do not have to go through the data yourself. You already have experienced professionals working on the IBMi Security Framework talking directly to you about potential threats and vulnerabilities in your system.


If you are looking for an AS400 iSeries security assessment for your IBM AS400 iSeries system or facing any other issue, feel free to connect with Integrative Systems.

Integrative Systems is a Chicago, Illinois-based organization with over 22+ years of experience in this fixing iSeries security challenges and development initiatives. Expert and experienced professionals are available 24*7 to help you. Drop us a line at [email protected], and someone from our team will reach out to you within the next 48 hours.

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