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 / Things Modern Users Need To Know About IBM AS400/i-series Applications

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IBM AS400/i-series Applications

Things Modern Users Need To Know About IBM AS400/i-series Applications

Among the widely used enterprise applications in the digital world, AS400 systems sit right on the top. With many small, mid, and large-sized enterprises banking on the high-performance machine for their business, IBM has been evolving the IBM I to match the continuously changing business needs.

Moreover, as400 i-series is still one of the most reliable and high-performing systems that are in use today and continuing with the most prudent choice for businesses. With smart features, users can optimize their AS400 to get the same high-performance and enhanced flexibility while lowering the system maintenance cost. The best way for users to get the most benefits is to rehost the IBM i on the cloud and transform it into a genuinely competitive tool for handling mission-critical tasks and business operations.

With modern users pushing hard for digital applications, companies using AS400 find themselves switching from the traditional to contemporary to win customers. Users no longer wish to encounter the AS400 screens and consider it as archaic, bland, and even a pain to work on. They are happy with application work processing, but they are not pleased with the way it looks. Also, with many IBM i experts approaching retirement, the leadership is left with no choice other than the modernization of IBM i.

Modernization means creating a user interface, changing existing codes, and integrating new applications.

Due to the scarcity of IBM AS400/i-series specialists these days, upgrading the system is complex. A significant business problem is identifying the right tool for modernization.

Common challenges during AS400 lift and shift process 

  • Architectural complexity: The cloud architecture must be compatible with the in-house team to minimize inconsistencies.
  • Application dependencies: Lack of clarity on the relationship between the application databases and other services is another challenge that AS400 can resolve.
  • System performance: It’s necessary to ensure that the network provider offers optimization services to minimize all potential setup.
  • Security:To avoid security risks when moving the setup to the cloud, the migration plan must include policies to comply with appropriate security conditions.
  • Old databases:The aged AS400 iSeries database can have challenging structures. To migrate its contents, restructuring the database is essential.
  • No data recovery plan:IT services always have data loss risks, and not having a data recovery plan is critical. Cloud environments support data recovery (DR), but a lack of cloud processes can challenge the situation.
  • Knowledge:The people having in-depth knowledge of the systems might have already retired, and if newcomers do not know the configuration, of course, you are one step behind.
  • Change management:It isn’t easy to plan a training session and allocation resources to ensure that all departments are equitably prepared for the transition.

How moving the AS400 setup to the cloud is easy? 

If you got heavy workloads on AS400/i-series, migrating the entire setup to the cloud needs the hour to gain higher stability, agility, and cost benefits.

– Scalability: It means to pay only for what is necessary, adapts to unforeseen surges and seasonal usage patterns. 

– Agility: On-demand IT resources and no dependency on hardware. 

– Low maintenance: Owing to a diminishing workforce, daily system maintenance is a high maintenance task. But with cloud hosting, the system maintenance is 30%-70% less expensive.

– Security: High-security built-in features with a multifaceted approach and role-based authentication.

– Flexibility: On-cloud, the system is independent of hardware resources, so it’s to make the system future-ready and quickly match the changing business needs and handle the emerging demands of the users.

Ramp up your AS400 application with Integrative Systems 

Over the years, the as400/ i-series experts at Integrative Systems have provided services to various industry clients worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience in delivering IBM iSeries services and AS400 consulting, Integrative systems enable clients to save their time and money by enabling them with the right expertise to handle as400 challenges.

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