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Custom Software Development Services

Myths About Custom Software Development Services

False assumptions, myths, and beliefs obstruct the communication and software development process. Myths like – Are custom software development services slow, complicated, and expensive? It does not essentially have to be that way.

Many companies decide to go for custom software development services after much advising and analyse all aspects, to solve a specific problem or improve the existing business process. However, they get carried away by certain “myths” and end-up acquiring the wrong software.

This blog is intended to clarify confusion, myths, and assumptions related to custom software development, as they confuse business owners, managers, end-users, and developers themselves. Moreover, it’s necessary for you to remember that each software solution must be based on your company’s real-time needs and be well informed before making any decision. It is better to develop the software than to buy pre-configured solutions.

Have a look at the myths and understand why it is good to go for best custom software development companies:

Myth 1: It is costly 

If you consider the benefits that it can bring to your business, top custom software development companies are very competitive in terms of cost. Many features are licensed per user or installation, so a custom solution can be used by various users on different PC/laptops, without incurring additional cost.

Myth 2: Remote Developers Are Not Good In Comparison To In-house Developers

If you have the same thoughts, as written above, then you need to think twice. I am saying so because you will spend time and money on recruiting and managing an in-house developer, but still, there is no guarantee that he/she will do a good job.

Myth 3: Successful development project = successful product

A custom software development service provider company has an excellent project development process and ensures quality services. Also, they are bounded to deliver the project on time and within the allocated budget. But, they can’t assure you that the software will be successful in the market or not. It all depends on your marketing strategy.

Myth 4: Adding/changing features is a piece of cake

Many clients who provide a list of requirements are enough to start the software development process, and additional details can be added in due course. But, if you keep changing your needs, developers will not be able to code correctly again and again.

Myth 5: You do not need testing

People usually think of testing and quality assurance as to the same thing, but they are not. Also, many clients think of the testing process as a time-consuming task. But, it’s a part of the software development process that can’t be neglected.

Myth 6: The development of a custom software solution takes much time

The development time of custom software development services depends upon the needs and requirements of the client. If you have clarity in mind, you’ll get your software developed in the best time possible, but if you keep changing the requirements, the time will increase.

I believe your myths must have been answered in this post. If you are looking for top custom software development companies, feel free to contact us for your project. At Integrative Systems, we will provide you the best solution.