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Agitation of increasing technical debt and total cost of ownership?

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    Is AS400 Automation a Leap Worth Taking?

    As a leader, if you are riddled about how to automate AS400 iSeries, don’t worry, you are not alone in the lane.

    If you are looking for an answer, put yourself into the following scenarios, and you will find your way.

    Manual Processes Slowing Growth!

    Manual processes act as growth barriers, obstructing operational efficiency and scalability.

    Embracing AS400 automation eradicates these obstacles, via optimizing workflows, and freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

    Upgrade your business by transitioning from manual constraints to a future of streamlined growth and enhanced productivity.

    Manual System Monitoring is an Overhead

    System monitoring, without automation, becomes burdensome for the administration team.

    Manual supervision is tedious as it churns valuable time, and resources paddling unnecessary delays in issue detection and resolution.

    Introduce AS400 automation and you are set to streamline operations, ensure timely response, and safeguard optimal system performance, ruling out potential disruptions.

    Ever-rising Operational Costs!

    Consistent increase in operational costs eating into your IT budget?

    Automate AS400 and you can easily identify shortcomings, optimize workflows, and take up the path to implementing cost-effective solutions.

    AS400 automation can set your business up for growth. It’s time to take that leap of resilience for sustainable growth.

    Poor Response Time Becoming a Bottleneck!

    Persistent delays in system and process responsiveness restrict productivity and user satisfaction, for sure.

    To address this, a systematic evaluation of performance bottlenecks, paired with holistic enhancement, is all you need.

    Via optimizing response time delays through AS400 automation, you are set to experience a more agile and responsive AS400 ecosystem with enhanced user experience.

    AS400 Automation Services Offered by Integrative Systems

    AS400 Automation refers to automating tasks and processes on the AS/400 system, also known as the IBM iSeries or IBM i, through the use of automated tools, scripts, and software solutions.

    AS400 Automation for

    Our team of AS400 automation experts analyze your AS400 applications to identify opportunities for automation.

    The investigative approach undertakes identifying repetitive tasks, redundant business processes, and tedious job workflows.

    We help you minimize the manual friction in your business processes, enhance your workflows and empower your operations for superior productivity. And all this is achieved with holistically planned AS400 automation.

    Automate AS400 Batch Job Scheduling

    Batch jobs are the most time taking activities that burn a lot of your time and manual energy.

    Our team of AS400 automation experts gets into the granularities of your batch job operations. With unwavering attention to detail, they design processes to automate your AS400 batch jobs.

    Having set this operation on autopilot, you save a considerable amount of manual effort and time that can be utilized for growth.

    Automate AS400 System Monitoring

    Monitoring AS400 systems is a cumbersome overhead that AS400 administrators govern, day-in-day-out.

    With the increasing number of users and resources, manual administration has become more intricate than ever. AS400 automation is an absolute solution that automates AS400 system monitoring & sets manual administration at ease.

    Our AS400 automation experts enable real-time notifications & system alerts for potent incidents, so they can be resolved immediately.

    Automate AS400 Reporting

    AS400 automation is a crucial business function for leaders like you who believe in making data-backed decisions.

    Manual reporting is susceptible to errors. To overcome this, our experts help you automate AS400 reporting with no to low manual intervention. Right from collecting data points, analyzing them, and presenting them in the desired format, the whole process is automated.

    With AS400 reporting automation, you will never be presented with wrong, unambiguous data while making crucial business decisions.

    AS400 Green Screen Automation

    Traditional ‘green screens’ show that your AS400 applications are still operating from the stone-age.

    These green text on black background unappealing interfaces not only demotivate your modern-age users, but also lack the ability to handle complex commands and workflows.

    We have an answer for your worries around ‘how to automate AS400 green screens’, and that is implementing modernization solutions. These comprise of not just AS400 GUI upgrades, but also bring in the benefits of integration and automation.

    AS400 Automation Testing

    You went the extra mile to bring your AS400 systems up to date by automation, and how can the testing be spared?

    New code changes or any type of integration must be thoroughly tested to ensure they work seamlessly.

    No matter which AS400 automation tools were used, or scripts were executed, our team of AS400 experts test everything thoroughly to make sure that there are no errors, exceptions or bugs.

    Be it user-acceptance testing, regression testing, performance or security testing, we have you covered with our comprehensive AS400 automation testing protocols.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is AS400 automation?

    Ans: AS400 automation refers to the process of automating mundane, tedious, time-consuming business processes for IBM AS400 applications. It’s an endeavor implemented in order to reduce manual errors and excessive manual intervention that causes delays in operations.

    2. What benefits does AS400 automation offer?

    Ans: When you choose to automate AS400 iSeries, you set your business up for reaping benefits such as; enhanced operational efficiency, reduced maintenance and operational costs, minimized process-level errors, efficient resource allocation, and improved focus on strategic initiatives.

    3. Which tasks can be automated on AS400 systems?

    Ans: You can choose to automate AS400 data backups, system monitoring, report generation, data transfers, and batch job scheduling with the help of an efficient AS400 automation partner.

    4. Is AS400 automation suitable for my business size?

    Ans: AS400 automation is adaptable for businesses of all sizes, optimizing operations and increasing productivity regardless of scale.

    5. How to automate AS400?

    Ans: There are a couple of ways to approach AS400 automation. If you have an in-house team with the required expertise to implement automation, with the help of AS400 automation tools you can drive the initiative on your own. If you don’t have the required expertise in-house, you can opt to work with an AS400 automation service provider who will help you drive your automation initiative.

    6. How does AS400 automation integrate with existing workflows?

    Ans: AS400 automation tools can often integrate seamlessly with existing AS400 applications, leveraging APIs and connectors for smooth incorporation.

    7. Can AS400 automation help with compliance and security?

    Ans: The answer is, Yes. AS400 automation can help you implement security guidelines, perform regular security checks, and streamline system audit schedules.

    8. What is the ROI of implementing AS400 automation?

    Ans: The ROI calculation for AS400 automation would not be as easy as any other initiative. There are multifaceted benefits that you get to experience when you automate the AS400 ecosystem. To name a few, reduced manual labor costs, curbed operational and maintenance costs, minimized process-level errors, increased productivity, faster task turnarounds, and enhanced resource allocation; are some factors that add heavily to the ROI calculation.

    9. Is AS400 automation customizable to specific business needs?

    Ans: Yes, AS400 automation solutions can be customized to match your unique workflows, tasks, and business requirements.

    10. How do I get started with AS400 automation?

    Ans: To start with your AS400 automation initiative, first, you need to assess your AS400 ecosystem to identify the opportunities. If you don’t have the right expertise to do so, you can always choose to work with an established AS400 automation service provider. They will help you identify crucial business process gaps, plan a concrete implementation strategy, and at last help you with the course of execution.

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