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    Why Do Companies Still Rely on AS400 Systems and Applications?

    Are you still relying on IBM AS400 systems for your enterprise?

    Do you want to know whether AS400 systems and applications are still ideal for your industry?

    A resounding YES! With over 60,000 companies relying on AS400 worldwide, this system is a technological powerhouse.

    Yet, these figures are just the beginning of its tale.

    Being a powerful system designed for organizations that need to process vast amounts of data quickly and securely, AS400 (Application System/400) offers multiple applications for different sectors.

    Let’s dive into the intricacies and look at its versatility in business.

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    AS400 Application in Different Industries

    From retail to real estate, (IBM iSeries) AS400 is helping businesses in different ways. Here’s how it’s used in different areas.

    1. AS400 in Retail

    In the retail sector, AS400 is important in streamlining operations. It helps retailers manage their inventory and ensure products are available when customers want them.

    Retailers can make informed stocking decisions by analyzing sales data and insights about which products are popular.

    Also, it helps manage customer data, helping stores offer personalized promotions and loyalty programs.

    With the rise of e-commerce, AS400 seamlessly integrates online and offline sales data and gives a unified view of a retailer’s operations.

    For example, a big store chain might use AS400 to ensure they have the right inventory in every store. It also helps stores see what items are popular, helping them order the right amount of stock at the right time.

    With more people shopping online, AS400 combines sales from stores and websites, giving a full picture of what shoppers buy.

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    2. AS400 for Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is a complex process with multiple stages, and AS400 simplifies it by offering solutions for:

    • Production scheduling
    • Quality control
    • Equipment maintenance

    It ensures that raw materials are available for production, tracks the manufacturing process’s progress, and ensures that finished goods are of the highest quality.

    It also monitors the health of manufacturing equipment, predicting when maintenance is due and ensuring minimal downtime.

    For example, in a car factory, you must track every part, big or small. AS400 ensures parts are ready when needed, reducing storage costs, and speeding up production.

    It also watches over machines, letting workers know when a machine needs fixing, which stops long breaks in production.

    By looking at how things are made, AS400 can find and fix slow or wasteful steps, ensuring the final product is top quality and made as cost-efficiently as possible.

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    3. AS400 for Banking and Financial Sector

    AS400 ensures that banks and financial institutions can process vast amounts of transactional data swiftly and securely.

    From managing customer accounts to handling international transactions, AS400 provides a robust platform.

    Its advanced security features ensure that all financial data is protected from potential threats, and its analytical capabilities offer insights into market trends, helping institutions make informed investment decisions.

    Banks, for example, handle many monetary transactions every minute. AS400 ensures transaction is done right, handled securely with encryption and shows up in the customer’s account immediately.

    With worries about online theft, AS400’s strong safety features are vital, keeping all data locked up tight. It also looks out for strange transactions that might be fraudulent and hence keeps the bank’s data and customer’s money safe.

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    4. AS400 for Logistics

    AS400 can help logistics companies in route optimization, fleet management, and cargo tracking. It analyzes traffic data and weather conditions and suggests the most efficient routes, ensuring timely deliveries.

    It also helps companies manage their fleet of vehicles, ensuring optimal utilization and minimal downtime.

    For big logistics companies that send goods worldwide, AS400 tracks every item, ensuring it gets to where it’s going with proper documentation.

    It manages vehicles/fleet, letting companies know when a truck or van needs fixing. By ensuring vehicles are in good shape and planning the best routes, AS400 helps logistics companies keep everything moving smoothly.

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    5. AS400 for Warehouse Management

    As warehouses are busy places, with consistent in and outflow of goods, AS400 brings order to the chaos. It ensures goods are easily stored and found.

    By looking at the size and how often items are picked, AS400 can suggest the best places to put things.

    It makes the most of the space and reduces the time it takes to find and move goods. With added tech, AS400 can also watch over things like temperature, ensuring perishable goods like food stay fresh.

    It also helps plan worker shifts, ensuring enough people during busy times. By making sure goods are stored right and workers are well-organized, AS400 keeps warehouses running smoothly.

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    6. AS400 for Inventory management

    AS400 helps businesses with efficient inventory management and have the right amount of stock by looking at sales and past trends.

    For example, a clothes store can use AS400 to guess how many winter coats they’ll need based on past sales. It can also set up automatic reorders, ensuring stock is replaced quickly.

    By giving a clear view of stock levels and guessing future sales, AS400 helps businesses give customers what they want without wasting money.

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    7. AS400 for Supply Chain Management

    The supply chain involves multiple entities like makers, sellers, and buyers, and AS400 gives a clear view of the process and ensures everything fits together smoothly.

    AS400 ensures timely deliveries and stock levels are right by tracking items from the maker to the buyer. It also helps work with suppliers, ensuring they deliver on time and stick to deals. By looking at weather or strikes, AS400 can guess and fix problems in the supply chain.

    For example, if a key part can’t be delivered because of a storm, AS400 can suggest other suppliers. By giving a clear view and gauging potential problems, AS400 ensures the entire supply chain runs smoothly.

    8. AS400 for Healthcare

    In healthcare, having the right information at the right time can save lives. AS400 helps hospitals and clinics do this by keeping track of patient details, appointments, and bills.

    Hospitals use AS400 to ensure a patient’s health history, test results, medicine details and all other medical records are ready when needed.

    It helps hospitals track the bills and insurance details. With more doctors seeing patients online, AS400 ensures patient details are ready for doctors anytime, anywhere.

    It also helps plan operation room and ward occupancies, doctor shifts, ensuring everything works efficiently.

    By ensuring patient details are right, ready, and safe, AS400 helps hospitals and clinics provide the best care with necessary industry compliances for healthcare in place.

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    9. AS400 for Education Institutes

    With multiple events like classes, exams, and annual functions in schools, colleges, and universities, AS400 helps them stay organized and efficient.

    AS400 ensures all the information, like students enrolling in courses, picking subjects, and getting grades, is stored at a central data repository to be retrieved quickly.

    For example, a university might use AS400 to see the most popular courses and plan more classes. It also helps with things like timetables making sure classrooms and teachers are available when needed.

    For exams, AS400 can help plan seating, print papers, and even help with grading. By keeping track of students, courses, study material and resources, AS400 helps education institutes run smoothly and give the best education.

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    10. AS400 for Real Estate

    Buying and selling properties involves lots of details and paperwork. AS400 helps real estate agencies handle all this easily.

    Think of all the houses for sale, their prices, details, and pictures. AS400 stores all this information, making it easy for agents to match houses with buyers.

    For example, a real-estate agent can quickly find all the houses with a garden in a certain area and price range. It also helps with appointments, ensuring agents and clients can view properties conveniently.

    With all the paperwork involved in buying a house, AS400 ensures all documents are ready and correct. By keeping track of properties, clients, and paperwork, AS400 helps real estate agencies give top service and make successful sales.

    Now that you know the industries relying on AS400 systems, let’s review the list of top companies that use AS400.

    List of Industries that Use AS400

    • Approximately 18.2 percent of companies using AS400 are in the government sector.
    • About 1.9 percent of businesses fall under utilities.
    • The healthcare sector represents 3.2 percent of AS400 users.
    • Meanwhile, 3.9 percent of companies relying on AS400 are in the banking and financial domain.
    • Around 4.5 percent of firms employing IBM AS400 servers operate in transportation.
    • Consumer packaged goods companies make up 6.2 percent of AS400 users.
    • Similarly, 6.2 percent of businesses leveraging IBM AS400 extensively are in the construction and real estate fields.
    • Retail encompasses 11.7 percent of AS400-using companies.
    • Professional service providers account for 6.8 percent.
    • The manufacturing sector has 13.6 percent of businesses on AS400.
    • 14.0 percent of entities using the IBM AS400 based applications are in distribution and logistics.

    Here’s a list of top companies relying on IBM AS400 systems:

    Company Country Revenue Company Size
    California State University-Stanislaus United States $100M-200M 1000-5000
    22nd Century Technologies United States $500.0M 6000+
    The North Face, Inc. United States $100M-200M 1000-5000
    Red Hat Inc United States >$1000M >10000
    A.C.Coy Company United States $20.0M 200
    Dailymotion SA France $50M-100M 500-1000
    A.E. Petsche, An Arrow Company United States $20.0M 200

    Apart from the top list of companies, IBM AS400 is widely used in different countries.

    IBM AS400 Users by Country

    • 6 percent of the IBM AS400 users come from Australia.
    • Spain accounts for 1.3 percent of businesses using the IBM AS400.
    • Canada represents 2.3 percent of AS400-using companies.
    • The United Kingdom has 2.6 percent of the user base for this technology.
    • 3 percent of AS400 users are based in the United States.

    Companies that have adopted AS400 have witnessed significant growth and enhanced functionalities. Its open systems interface easily integrates current databases and applications on its platform.

    If you want to explore the maximum potential of AS400, remember that expert assistance is highly important.

    That’s where you can trust Integrative Systems. 

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        Integrative Systems: Your Trusted Partner for AS400 Services

        When it comes to availing AS400 services, Integrative Systems is the partner you can trust. Our team, with a legacy spanning over 25 years, has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise and commitment.

        Here are five detailed reasons why choosing our AS400 services is a right strategic decision for your business:

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        By choosing Integrative Systems, you’re not just opting for a service provider but partnering with a deeply invested team for your success and growth.

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