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Achieve exceptional performance, scalability, security, and stability on your AS400.

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What brings you here?

The frustration of system downtime obstructing business processes?

Worries about the declining system performance of your AS400 applications?

Inability to source the right AS400 expertise to maintain and upgrade AS400 applications?

Agitation of increasing technical debt and total cost of ownership?

Let’s figure it out for you!

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    What do you gain with AS400 Support Services?

    as400 support services Business Continuity with 24 x 7 AS400 Support

    As a technology leader, business continuity is an unsung responsibility that you serve. Reliance on a battle-tested tech like AS400 promises you business continuity, of course.

    But, there is a limitation that the tech abides by – timely upgrade & maintenance.

    With a team of experts to look after your AS400 maintenance, you need not worry about your AS400 system’s health, security, and performance.

    Our AS400 support services not only guarantees business continuity but also empowers your team to focus on strategic growth rather than firefighting technical challenges.

    IBM as400 support Improved Application Stability & Performance

    Experience the difference with improved application stability and performance.

    It’s time to bid goodbye to technical glitches and slowdowns that hinder your team’s productivity. With enhanced stability, your applications run smoothly, minimizing disruptions and frustration.

    Unravel optimized performance that boosts efficiency and user satisfaction. Whether it’s customer-facing apps or internal enterprise apps, the impact is clear: fewer hiccups, faster operations, and a happier user base.

    An investment in improving application stability and performance takes your business operations to new heights.

    as400 application support Increased Productivity with Reduced IT Downtime

    As a business leader, no one better understands the value of lost productivity than you do.

    And you would agree with us when we say IT downtime is a rooting issue that channelizes lost productivity, wouldn’t you?

    With an AS400 production support team to uphold your IT infrastructure and AS400 environment, you need not shed any sweat, anymore.

    Unearth the truest potential of your in-house team with minimized IT downtime and maximized operational efficiency, with an AS400 support partner who has got your back!

    as400 production support Reduced Costs & Optimized Return on IT Investments

    No business leader would refuse an opportunity to save on capital costs with a higher return on investments.

    Burning costs on operational expenses and harnessing half-hearted results of those investments isn’t something that a business leader appreciates. Though, it’s unacceptable, it’s undeniable at the same time with limited technical capabilities and expertise to garner better value out of it.

    With an AS400 support partner, unlock the opportunity to optimize your AS400 investments and make the most out of them, with timely upgrades & system maintenance.

    AS400 Support Services Offered by Integrative

    AS400 Application Support

    Our AS400 application support services – promise to help you achieve operational excellence.

    With AS400 application support capabilities, we offer comprehensive assistance to ensure that your AS400 applications run smoothly & seamlessly.

    Our skilled and experienced team of AS400 experts is committed to offering timely AS400 application support for

    Our goal is to ensure that your business experiences uninterrupted operations and efficiency.

    AS400 Production Support

    Our AS400 production support services – promise to help you achieve maximum uptime with a healthy production environment.

    With a deep understanding of AS400 architecture and best practices, we offer timely assistance for issue resolution, performance optimization, and system updates.

    Our team of experts is dedicated 24 x 7 to offer

    Trust us to deliver top-tier support that keeps your AS400 production environment running smoothly.

    AS400 Technical Support

    AS400 technical support services – a promise to help you maintain the health and functionality of your AS400 systems with unwavering support.

    Our proficient team of technical experts is equipped to handle a wide range of AS400 challenges, from system diagnostics and troubleshooting to performance optimization and upgrades.

    With deep expertise of AS400 architecture, our AS400 experts strives to –

    Our goal is to ensure that your team achieves the desired productivity & experiences minimal operational friction.

    Our AS400 Support Functions at a Glance

    as400 software support

    L1, L2, L3 Support

    as400 technical support

    Regular Health Checks

    legacy as400 hardware support

    Support for RPG customization

    as400 maintenance

    Support for EDI

    maintenance as400

    Updates & Patches

    as400 maintenance costs 

    Support for Web/Enterprise Apps

    AS400 experts

    Backup & Recovery

    AS400 Documentation

    Process Documentation

    AS/400 System Performance

    Performance Optimization


    IBM i Integrations

    as400 Database DB2

    DB2 Administration

    IBM MQ Support and Service

    Security Enhancements

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is AS400 support and maintenance?

    Ans: AS400 support and maintenance services is an umbrella of support services specifically tailored to address AS400 users’ concerns around operations, security, and performance of AS400 systems and applications.

    2. What expertise does your AS400 support team possess?

    Ans: Our team of AS400 support services experts consists of skilled and experienced AS400 professionals with above 10+ years of experience with AS400 applications, architecture, and compliances.

    3. How does predictive AS400 maintenance benefit my business?

    Ans: Predictive AS400 maintenance safeguards your AS400 system and applications from potential issues, and security breaches, reduces IT downtime, and maintains optimal system performance. With predictive AS400 maintenance, you can achieve peak productivity and optimize business processes.

    4. What services are included in AS400 support and maintenance?

    Ans: AS400 support services are tailored to your unique business needs. Majorly, AS400 support services are categorized into – installation, troubleshooting, performance optimization, upgrades, and maintenance.  You can opt for the apt AS400 support services depending on your business needs.

    5. Do you offer 24/7 support?

    Ans: We offer round-the-clock 365 x 24 x 7 support to extend seamless support services. We ensure that you encounter minimal operational friction, and zero to no disruption.

    6. Can you assist with AS400 upgrades and migrations?

    Ans: Yes, our support includes assistance with upgrading AS400 systems, migrating to newer versions, or transitioning to cloud environments.

    7. How quickly can I expect issue resolution?

    Ans: It depends on the type of AS400 support service you have opted for and the complexity of the issue. We are committed to helping you succeed, and we are on our toes to provide prompt responses and resolution to the incidents raised by you.

    8. Why do I need AS400 support and maintenance?

    Ans: AS400 is a reliable tech for sure, there is no second thought about it. But the major hurdle with technologies that business leaders face today, in the dynamic business landscape is the delay in upgrades and lack of technical expertise. AS400 support services offer ongoing monitoring, updates, and issues resolution that helps AS400 users prevent IT downtime, enhance security and optimize AS400 applications for enhanced performance.

    9. Can you customize AS400 support plans to my business needs?

    Ans: Yes, we do offer custom-tailored AS400 support plans which are holistically tailored to solve your unique business requirements.

    10. How do I get started with your AS400 support and maintenance services?

    Ans:To avail AS400 support services, you can book a consultation call with us from the Contact Us page or drop us an email at [email protected] and our team experts will get back to you in 48 business hours.

    Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] & we will be happy to help you.
    We look forward to prioritizing your success and transforming the way you do business.

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      Fill this form, let your IT story unfold,
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