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    Hiring a Microsoft 365 Consultant in 2023

    Microsoft 365 has grown beyond the Office bundle as these days, it is a full suite of productivity, communication, and collaboration tools.

    But multiple organizations now encounter Microsoft 365 set-up and management challenges that can hinder their productivity and growth.

    So, how to tackle the situation?

    Well, associating with a professional Microsoft 365 consultant can help you tackle the challenges with finesse and achieve your desired business outcomes.

    Who are Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants? What are the problems Microsoft 365 consultants solve, and how do they overcome them?

    Have a look.

    Common Microsoft 365 Challenges Organizations Encounter

    As Microsoft 365 consulting experts, we have noted multiple challenges that organizations encounter, but here are the most common ones.

    1. Usage Issue in Microsoft 365

    Being a powerful tool, Microsoft 365 offers a plethora of applications and productivity tools. But because of multiple specific tools, it can be difficult for end-users to know which tool is best for a specific task.

    The range and versatility can also make Microsoft 365 a bit intimidating for organizations to get into.

    So, how can you decide which is the best tool for what job?

    Well, there’s no straightforward answer to this as each digital workspace is unique and every organization has its unique way of communication and collaboration.

    Also, with specific knowledge transfer and information sharing needs and requirements, different organizations have different answers to what tool works best under specific circumstances.

    But you can reduce the confusion by setting up your IT team with a custom Microsoft 365 solution before it starts and hinders your future business operations.

    Choosing a reliable Microsoft service provider can help ensure you get it right from the start. They can provide you a single point of access for users requesting SharePoint Online Sites or Microsoft Teams.

    Apart from that, you can get great customization results tailored according to your organization, which can help you achieve your desired results with finesse.

    Talking about customization, handling the task on your own without professional support requires a lot of effort, cost, and time.

    2. Costly and Time-Consuming Customizations

    With multiple businesses using Microsoft 365, it could be assumed that they all have the same level of experience. But as the same service may be available to all businesses, the Microsoft suite offers ample opportunity for customization.

    You can create and use custom templates for Microsoft Teams, custom themes with your organization’s colors and logo, and custom SharePoint Online site designs, among other customization with Microsoft 365.

    But implementing, designing, and managing all the custom components can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive.

    But a professional Microsoft 365 consultant has deep knowledge and experience in customizing Microsoft 365, allowing them to provide you with the best practices and recommend efficient solutions.

    Not only that, a consultant can provide ongoing technical support to ensure the customization continues to function properly and can assist in troubleshooting any issues that arise.

    You can avail more cost-effective solutions by utilizing their expertise to streamline the customization process and avoid costly mistakes.

    3. Managing Microsoft 365 Governance Scalably

    Microsoft 365 allows users to make use of it in different ways that are suitable for their specific organization-related use. But without proper guidance and training, it’s difficult to make the most of the Microsoft suite making the user experience more frustrating.

    Multiple organizations have also reported serious data security concerns because of poor governance which can compromise the organization’s future.

    So, setting up proper governance is vital for the success of your organization’s Microsoft 365 deployment. Once done properly, Microsoft 365 Governance can help empower you to get maximum value from the platform.

    A dedicated Microsoft 365 consultant can help you determine your governance strategy and plan which is important when you are first deploying Microsoft 365.

    Also, because of consistent updates in Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 consultants will help you ensure that the governance policies are planned ahead of time and are scalable.

    4. Security and Compliance

    Microsoft 365 has your business-critical information and accessing or collaborating with the information should be done in a secure and compliant manner.

    But that doesn’t imply that information should be locked down completely. You must find the balance between facilitating productivity and security.

    You should avoid blocking external access or sharing and instead implement a review process which can empower your colleagues in executing the reviews and managing their work even from remote areas.

    You can associate with a professional Microsoft 365 consultant who can help you create a secure and productive hybrid workplace using the best strategies and tactics. A professional consultant can perform a thorough risk assessment to identify security and compliance vulnerabilities in an organization’s Microsoft 365 environment.

    They can also implement technical solutions to address identified security and compliance risks, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, etc., and provide ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure security and compliance policies are being effectively implemented and adhered to.

    By working with a Microsoft 365 consultant, your organization can ensure its Microsoft 365 workflow is secure and compliant, helping to protect sensitive data and maintain the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

    5. Integration With Other Tools

    Integration with other tools can be a common challenge for organizations using Microsoft 365 as integrating different systems can be complex and require a deep understanding of both Microsoft 365 and the other tools being integrated.

    Also, ensuring data compatibility between different systems can be a challenge, particularly when data formats and structures differ. It can be time-consuming and require significant efforts to setup and maintain.

    Integrating different systems can be costly, both in terms of direct costs for software and resources, and indirect costs such as lost productivity while setting up and maintaining the integration.

    And integrating different systems often requires specialized technical skills and expertise, which may not be available in-house.

    So, you can rely on the skillset of a professional Microsoft 365 consultant who can help your organization overcome the challenge of integration with other tools by leveraging their expertise and experience in integrating different systems.

    A consultant can assist in identifying the best solutions for integration, implementing the integration, and providing ongoing support to ensure the integration continues to function properly.

    Now that you know all the challenges, let’s understand how a professional Microsoft 365 consultant helps you overcome these hurdles.

    How Can a Professional Microsoft 365 Consultant Help you Overcome Different Challenges?

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant can help a business overcome challenges by:

    1. Assessing the Current Scenarios

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant assesses the current setup and usage of Microsoft 365 in the organization to identify areas for improvement. The consultant will review the current configuration of Microsoft 365 services to ensure they are optimized and configured to meet your organization’s specific requirements and needs.

    Also, they’ll assess the level of user adoption of Microsoft 365 services and identify any areas where users are facing challenges or require additional training. Apart from that, the professional consultant will review the data being used in Microsoft 365 services to identify any potential security or compliance concerns, and make recommendations for improvement.

    To avoid the security complication, they’ll review your organization’s security posture and identify any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement to ensure the secure use of Microsoft 365 services.

    By conducting this comprehensive assessment, the consultant can identify areas for improvement, provide expert recommendations, and help your organization to optimize its use of Microsoft 365 to overcome challenges.

    2. Providing expert Guidance & Recommendations

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant has the experience to provide you in-depth expert guidance and recommendations on best practices for the implementation and usage of Microsoft 365 services.

    The expert consultation service provider will be familiar with industry standards and regulations related to the use of Microsoft 365 services and can provide guidance on how to comply with these standards. Also, the service provider will provide recommendations on how to increase user adoption of Microsoft 365 services and ensure their effective use in the organization.

    The consultant will work with your organization to understand your specific requirements and needs and provide tailored recommendations on the best way to use Microsoft 365 services to meet those needs.

    By providing expert guidance and recommendations, a professional Microsoft 365 consultant can help your organization to effectively implement and use Microsoft 365 services, and overcome any challenges that hinders your productivity.

    3. Proactively Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    Apart from setting up tailored Microsoft 365 solutions, a professional Microsoft 365 consultation provider will provide your consistent monitoring and troubleshooting.

    The consultant will use monitoring tools and dashboards to keep track of the performance and usage of Microsoft 365 services, and proactively identify and resolve any issues. The professional third-party service provider can respond quickly to any issues that arise and take immediate action to resolve them to minimize downtime and ensure seamless operations.

    To help you save your time and effort, they will perform root cause analysis to identify the underlying cause of issues and develop a plan to resolve them. In cases where an issue cannot be resolved, the consultant will escalate the issue to Microsoft for resolution.

    By proactively monitoring and troubleshooting issues, a professional Microsoft 365 consultant can ensure that Microsoft 365 services are running smoothly and efficiently, and minimize downtime and disruptions to the organization’s operations.

    4. Seeking Technical Support From Microsoft

    When necessary, consultants can reach out to Microsoft for assistance with technical issues. Your professional consultant has a clear understanding of the escalation process to seek technical support from Microsoft and can guide your organization through the process to ensure a quick and efficient resolution of issues.

    Also, the third-party service providers will manage the case with Microsoft, communicating updates and ensuring that the issue is being resolved in a timely manner. They’ll keep the organization informed about the status of the issue and the actions being taken by Microsoft to resolve it.

    If the issue cannot be resolved by Microsoft, the consultant will provide alternative solutions or workarounds to ensure that the organization can continue to use Microsoft 365 services effectively.

    By working with a professional Microsoft 365 consultant, an organization can get the technical support they need from Microsoft to resolve any issues they may be facing with their Microsoft 365 services. The consultant can provide expertise and guidance to help ensure a quick and efficient resolution.

    5. Offering Comprehensive Training and Support

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant can provide you with the resources and support you need to effectively use the tool to minimize challenges and ensure business success.

    You can get your IT team trained by experts to maximize the output using the Microsoft 365 suite and strengthen your business ecosystem to achieve your desired goals.

    Your professional consultant will transfer their knowledge and expertise to the organization to ensure that users have the resources and support they need to effectively use Microsoft 365 services.

    So, don’t you want to save your efforts and focus on your core business operations by outsourcing Microsoft 365 management to professionals?

    Choosing a professional Microsoft 365 consulting agency is important, and you need professionals who can understand your business requirements to help you solve your business complexities.

    That’s where you can trust Integrative Systems.

    Why Choose Integrative Systems?

    We at Integrative Systems have years of expertise of providing Microsoft cloud solutions to our clients. We provide 24×7 support and focus on delivering 360-degree cloud management outputs. Our team can offer you on-demand solutions to strengthen your business ecosystem and help you accomplish the desired business potential.

    We offer customized Microsoft 365 solutions for businesses across industries that can help them achieve desired business results.

    With over [X] clients globally and [Y+] successful projects, we operate with a qualified cloud team to handle your business requirements.

    So, if you want to associate with one of the best Microsoft 365 consultants in the country, we offer the best services at cost-effective prices.

    Contact us at [email protected].

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