Re-boost Your Business With IBM As400/i-series Cloud Application

We cannot see air, but it is there and keeps us alive; the same is valid for a legacy system like AS400/iSeries. It is there and keeping the business alive, and if it goes down, it is an emergency.

The as400 iSeries is another name of the IBM power systems server line. The IBM iSeries is designed to provide high redundancy and uptime. It was started in the year 1980, and technically AS400 is the name of the first generation. Now, it’s called IBM iSeries, but most veterans prefer to use the former term only.

AS/400, IBM i, IBM iSeries — you can call it whatever you want, but this system is an invisible force behind many IT organizations. Nearly 30,000 rely on this incredible, robust, and resilient platform to run their core business. Furthermore, no other better, cheaper, and smarter alternative has emerged for decades, so this legacy system continues to deliver.

Do You Want to Know the Reason Behind the Same?

  • It is a workhorse – Many companies have a single machine that keeps ticking year after year. Distributed systems worldwide are built for redundancy and failure, which is an admirable model, but IBM AS400/iSeries is built to last.
  • It runs the core business applications – Whether it’s the ERP or any in-house developed business-specific application, everything is painstakingly written and implemented around it. And new software is hard to implement, or they do not exist.

Apart from this, there are other priorities too.

But this is not enough, as it is time for companies to stop taking these systems for granted and see what more it can do for the business.

As an AS400/iSeries service provider, we understand user’s needs-

– You need AS400 iSeries developers, but you do not have the headcount. Or you have the required headcount, but you do not want to spend a hefty amount on hiring and training AS/400 staff.

– As a user, you suspect one of the primary reasons for the high turnover of staff is that they must provide daily production support and maintenance programming for the AS400 application.

– You are purchasing and implementing new systems developed on different technologies like Java and .NET. You need the most experienced people with master skills of AS/400 to catch up with the original setup.

  • The AS/400 systems are running your most mission-critical solutions. You cannot migrate them to other platforms because of cost and time considerations and uncertain economic conditions.
  • Or you are considering the option of using an AS/400 application, but stuck on – Where to find experienced people on the selected tool? How to protect my training investments and ramp up the efforts? What to do with the people at the end of the project?

Well, an organization like Integrative Systems has the answer to all your problems related to AS400. Be it new project implementation, or upgrading the existing one, you will get all the services.

Best In Class AS400/iSeries Services From Integrative Systems

  • Integrative Systems has a substantial number of experienced in-house AS/400 developers and can dispatch the right person with exact skills, whenever you need them.
  • As a company, you can hire the required AS/400 personnel to work on-site or outsource the work to Integrative Systems, where IBM iSeries developers will work for you from their location.
  • Integrative Systems has a proven track record of providing effective IBM AS400 “production support” services worldwide.
  • The IBM iSeries consultants at Integrative Systems can provide additional services to support business operations fully. From administrative work to providing application enhancements, deployment, and maintenance support.
  • Integrative Systems have more than 20 years in AS400/ iSeries development and have worked for various industry verticals like banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.
  • Integrative Systems has highly skilled and experienced senior system engineers who can provide best-in-class support for existing and repeatedly emerging issues.

If you are looking for an AS400/I-series service provider for your business, contact us now.

Fill this form, let your IT story unfold,
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    Fill this form, let your IT story unfold,
    Via the details, our solutions behold.