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How Can IBM Cloud Paks Accelerate Cloud Migration and Business Value?

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for many IBM iSeries enterprises by giving them the “platform” they needed to drive their digital transformation and modernization. For many companies, this means accelerating attempts to move an expanding percentage of workloads to the cloud.

Although due to Covid-19, annual IT expenses are likely to reduce by the end of 2020.

At the start of the year 2018, some analysts predicted that around 80% of IT organizations’ workload would shift to the cloud by the end of 2020. But the reality is something different, as 15 months later then, IBM and McKinsey revealed that only 20% of the total workload shift to the cloud. The journey of could migration is not that easy, especially for applications with a significant legacy. But IBM and Integrative Systems have a solution for easy cloud migration.

Introducing IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Paks are company-ready software solutions that are based on Red Hat Openshift technology. IBM cloud Paks enables a fast and secure way to move any business application to the core cloud.

This speedup required outcomes by facilitating intelligent, reliable, and automated systems and providing programmers, developers, and data managers with a free environment to quickly:

  • Develop new cloud-native applications
  • Modernize existing applications
  • Deploy middleware consistently across the clouds
  • IBM Cloud Paks have been developed purposefully to address six significant workloads in IT organizations:
  • Cloud Pak for Applications
  • For Integration
  • For Data
  • For Multi-cloud Management
  • For Security
  • For Automation

Benefits of IBM Cloud Pak Deployment

Organizations with IBM Cloud Paks on board will have better efficiency and resiliency, which will reduce development time up to 84% and operational expenses up to 75%. These organizations will also reap various specific advantages like:

1. In Terms of Applications

  • Easily and quickly modernize the existing application
  • Additional security can be embedded to meet current regulations and standards.
  • Quickly develop a new application to unleash digital transformation

2. In Terms of Data

  • Improved flexibility and cloud migration readiness
  • Increased data virtualization
  • Enhanced deployment of AI and ML models

3. For Integration

  • Three times faster integration
  • Decreased maintenance cost by 33%
  • Quick response to customer expectations and market trends

4. For Multi-cloud Management

  • Complete control and transparency on the workload
  • Integrate AI across the IT operations
  • Improved operational efficiency and application resiliency that is important for business continuity

5. For Automation

  • Rapidly expand or shrink to meet customer expectations
  • Quickly generate new products and services to get a competitive advantage
  • Tactically support the efficiency of onsite and remote workers

6. For Security

  • Expose hidden threats rapidly
  • Make more informed decisions about the risks they pose
  • Respond quicker to the hazards wherever they occur in the business environment

IBM Cloud Paks gives companies a fully flexible and easy-to-work environment needed to bring

the remaining 80% of their workloads to cloud-based environments. But at every step, you need a guide to maximize the chances of success.

Accelerate Your IBM Cloud Pak Time To Value with Integrative Systems

The experienced and expert teams at Integrative Systems have been deploying IBMi applications on the cloud for more than 20 years. Integrative Systems have also helped organizations in deploying essential components of Cloud Peaks.

Thus, the company can apply this unique technology and help you in accelerating your hybrid cloud journey. IBM cloud Paks can be used majorly in four areas:

  • Discovery & Assessment: This includes understanding the existing deployment environment of business, application analysis, and future strategy.
  • Deployment & Configuration: Purpose-built to support varied environments, Integrative deploy the appropriate IBM Cloud Pak elements and align options and security for your certain needs.
  • Integration & Customization: This means integrating IBM Cloud Paks with various data sources and other applications across implementation options, boosting your ROI and time to value.
  • Modernization & ROI: This includes optimizing your applications and maximizes efficiency, agility, and security.

Integrative Systems is a silver business partner of IBM and have experts on board with years of experience in IBM AS400 and cloud management and IBM skill solution skills. Feel free to connect now!

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    Fill this form, let your IT story unfold,
    Via the details, our solutions behold.