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    How AS400 Warehouse Management System Empowers Your Operations?

    Are you a busy warehouse manager who deals with the daily complexities of inventory, labor management, and customer satisfaction, while navigating the challenges?

    At a high level, warehouse management looks like simply receiving and organizing warehouse space, scheduling labor, managing inventory, and fulfilling orders.

    But in reality, there’s more to it.

    It usually involves

    • Optimizing warehouse space
    • Dealing with supply chain complexities
    • Managing expenses and staff
    • Ensuring safety standards
    • Meeting ever-increasing customer expectations
    • And planning for natural disasters

    The list is endless.

    Managing the warehouse is no less than an everyday uphill battle, right?

    We understand you.

    Visionary leaders around the world are seeking one-stop, robust solutions that allow them to streamline tedious tasks, and reduce mistakes and manual processes.

    For warehouse management, there exists a comprehensive AS400 Warehouse Management System that helps you thrive in your warehouse management objectives.

    Today, we are going to discuss this preferred warehouse management system and what makes it ideal for your warehouse management needs.

    Let’s set the ball rolling.

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    How AS400 Warehouse Management System Upholds Your Warehouse Operations?

    Inventory Management

    Inventory management is a crucial aspect of a warehouse manager’s job. Instead of manually checking inventory every time, imagine delegating the complete responsibility to a reliable AS400 inventory management system.

    Let’s consider an enterprise-level distribution center that is administered by WMS AS400 (Application System/400) system. It has enabled the team to ensure data accuracy, boost customer happiness, and save time on manual checks.

    Order Fulfillment

    Order fulfillment is the bottom line of any warehouse operation. It represents the final stage of order processing and is directly linked to customer satisfaction and the overall success of the warehouse. With WMS Systems, you can enjoy improved and streamlined order fulfillment.

    For example, you have replaced the old manual system with the modern AS400 warehouse management system. As a result, your team is experiencing faster and more accurate order processing, automated packing procedures, and optimized picking routes.

    Real-Time Visibility

    Real-time visibility is a game-changer for all industries, especially in warehouse operations. It has helped managers detect potential issues before they arise. With the AS400 WMS system, users are empowered with faster response time and more informed decision-making, helping you mitigate risk across the supply chain as a whole.

    For instance, a large healthcare distribution center lacks accurate inventory tracking, leading to delayed shipments and poor reputation. By implementing the WMS systems AS400, the leaders could unlock the secret to reduced cost, and make way for high customer satisfaction, client retention, and a positive reputation.

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    But why should you choose AS400 WMS among the presence of other warehouse management systems? 

    Why Should You Invest in AS400 Warehouse Management System Today?

    as400 warehouse management system

    How does it differ from other WMS?

    It’s essential to know the best of the technology you are investing in.

    Let’s understand how IBM AS400 WMS proves to be the ideal fit for your business.

    1. The AS400 WMS system allows seamless integration with other AS400-based business applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or financial management systems. It makes an ideal choice for existing AS 400 users.

    2. Not an IBM i user? The warehouse management system provides easy integration with third-party systems as well.

    3. The warehouse management system AS-400 understands the importance of a common data center. Thus, it offers a joint data center to monitor the activities, manage the resources, and assess the expenditure, leading to improved efficiency.

    4. Additionally, it doesn’t leave your team lost or confused. It allows them to locate, understand, and access information under one roof. What’s better than this user-friendly approach?

    5. Are you dealing with multiple data sources? No worries! The AS400 inventory management system accepts both IBM and third-party data sources.

    6. Do you wonder if it’s the best choice for your business warehouse needs? The system allows flexibility to all businesses from small and mid-sized to large enterprises the freedom to operate and leverage its robust features effortlessly.

    However, it’s advisable to consult a reliable AS400 warehouse management system service provider to make a suitable choice for your warehouse management needs.

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    Moving on, let’s delve deeper into the world of AS 400 WMS and discover its features.

    AS400 Warehouse Management System – Features to Vouch for

    Here are some unique features of WMS AS400 to vouch for:

    • AS/400 software, running on the IBM iSeries is used to build a wide range of business applications including the AS-400 warehouse management system. Its versatility, and reliability make it a go-to choose for thousands of global businesses. These features make the IBM AS400 WMS a reliable choice for your warehouse management needs.
    • A significant number of mid-size and enterprise-level companies prefer custom warehouse management systems to enhance management, to leverage the features missing in off-the-shelf software. With IBM AS 400 WMS, you craft a unique system from scratch designed to turn your unique challenges into solutions.
    • The WMS AS/400 system allows you to replace the large screen with handheld systems easily. Enabling you to literally experience the power of robust inventory management in your hands.

    But what about the security measures to protect my warehouse data, you may ask?

    The robust security measures are, of course, there!

    • The platform offers robust security measures such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), end-to-end data encryption, data backup and recovery, firewalls and network security, user training and awareness, and more to preserve the integrity of your sensitive warehouse data.

    You can go worry-free by partnering with a trusted AS400 service partner.

    AS-400 is great but isn’t it dead, you may think?

    It is a common misconception that the platform is old and dying.

    We are an IBM Silver Business Partner with 25+ years of AS400/iSeries (IBM i )development experience and we say it’s far from dead.

    IBM has introduced impressive modifications to the platform, not to forget the rebranding, making it relevant and competitive even after 3 decades.

    This brings us to our next crucial point: What’s the future of WMS systems AS-400?

    Let’s now peep into its future.

    Automating AS400 Warehouse Management System – What’s in the Future

    The future of warehouse management systems is automation. Here are some processes where automation will play a crucial role.

    • Quality control to maintain the standard quality
    • Predictive maintenance, driven by automation and sensor technology
    • Order processing that includes order entry, picking, packing, & delivering
    • RFID tags to access real-time data about the location, status of items, and more
    • Inventory management that includes tracking, replenishment, and cycle counting
    • Route optimization to pick the most efficient routes for order picking and delivery

    Can you customize the AS400 inventory management system, independently?

    Sure, you can!

    All you need is a full-fledged understanding of the AS-400 platform, knowledge of the development tools, design experience, programming skills, Q&A processes, etc.

    Does it all sound overwhelming?

    Relax! It doesn’t have to!

    Roping in an AS400/IBM i partner transforms this picture.

    You can collaborate with an AS/400 development team to share the workload and leverage their expertise into the project.

    This approach is used by all-sized companies to dial down and focus on the core aspects of the business.

    Let’s see what its benefits are.

    Let’s Discuss Your Project

    Why Should You Rope in an AS400 Warehouse Management System Partner to Help?

    Partnering with an IBM AS 400 WMS company pays off in multiple ways, with cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency being just a couple of them.

    Other ways are:

    • Enhanced reliability and performance
    • Improved ROI and cost-savings over time
    • 360-degree customization for unique workflows
    • Quick implementation experience to reduce downtime
    • A wealth of knowledge and expertise in IBM AS400 technology
    • Ongoing training and support post-AS400 WMS development to ensure relevance

    But How do I pick a Seasoned WMS Partner from the crowd?

    It’s not that demanding.

    Let us show you how it’s done.

    WMS AS400 system

    Selecting the right partner decides the success of your WMS project so ensure detailed evaluation and due diligence to build a successful partnership.

    Frequently Asked Questions about WMS systems AS 400

    1. What does a warehouse management system do?

    Ans: A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a one-stop software application or platform developed to streamline and enhance various warehouse workflows.

    From inventory management, order fulfillment, picking, and packing, to labor management, reporting and analysis, and returns management, it takes care of all your warehouse needs.

    2. How Does an AS400 WMS Integrate with My Existing AS/400 Infrastructure?

    Ans: The IBM AS-400 WMS service provider may use different strategies to enable seamless integration:

    • Data import/export
    • Database replication
    • Custom development
    • Cloud-based solutions
    • Build AS400 integration
    • Plug-and-play solutions

    The choice of strategy will largely depend on your warehouse needs, the capabilities of the WMS solution, and your integration requirements. Consult an expert warehouse management system service provider to pick the best approach.

    3. How Long Does It Typically Take to Implement an AS400 WMS?

    Ans: The timeline for implementation typically factors multiple parameters including – the features of WMS, level of customization, amount of data migration, the complexity of integrating the WMS, thorough testing and quality assurance, project management and resources, and last but not the least; your WMS partner’s knowledge and experience.

    4. What is the maintenance and support required for an AS400 WMS?

    Ans: Regular maintenance and support are required to ensure the optimal functioning, performance, and positioning of your warehouse needs.

    The various aspects of support and maintenance include:

    • Apply security patches
    • Regularly update the WMS software
    • Backup process to safeguard your data
    • Find and resolve performance challenges
    • Hardware inspection to prevent hardware failures
    • Provide training and support to the stakeholders, etc.

    5. What is the typical return on investment (ROI) for implementing an AS400 WMS in our warehouse operations?

    Ans: There are 2 types of ROI in implementing an AS400 warehouse management system:

    Non-tangible ROI –

    • Fewer errors
    • Better employee satisfaction
    • Enhanced allocation processes
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Refinement of everyday activities

    Tangible ROI –

    • Labor cost savings
    • Faster order fulfillment
    • Optimized inventory levels
    • Data-driven decision savings, etc.

    Integrative Systems – Your Reliable AS400 WMS Partner

    Having a retail WMS for your enterprise can help you transform your warehouse management inside out. It can help you achieve seamless warehouse management while claiming tangible and non-tangible benefits.

    Integrative Systems walks in with over 25+ years of AS400 development experience for developing customized WMS for businesses of all sizes globally.

    Our dedicated team of AS-400 developers specializes in attaining your

    warehouse management goals and offer 24*7 support for optimization.

    Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information and take a leap toward an efficient warehouse management system with a customized AS400 WMS system.

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