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    Embracing IBM AS400 System’s Legacy, Innovation, and Future

    Do companies still use the AS400 system?

    Yes, As/400 is widely used in more than 100,000 companies including Fortune 500 companies that use IBM i on power systems.

    What Can IBM AS400 Offer You? 

    Here are the renowned features of the AS400 system.

    Security and Data Protection Solutions

    In the age of growing cyber threats, solid security and data protection are a must to protect the sensitive data and the reputation of your business.

    The AS400 system software program can bring you impressive security benefits such as privileged entry to control, multi-factor authentication, password self-service, DB2 database encryption, secure communications, audit trail and compliance, and more.

    Rapid Application Development

    Another unique business feature of AS400 iSeries is its fast and rapid application development. Its ecosystem is designed to assist AS400 experts in developing, testing, and deploying applications faster, reducing the time to market. Additionally, the platform provides an all-in-one set of development tools, including RPG (Report Program Generator) and new-age programming languages like Python and Java.

    Components of Greater iSeries Integration

    Greater iSeries integration is a notable feature of AS400 iSeries Development. It unlocks the door to uninterrupted connectivity and interaction between different components of the system. It seamlessly unifies its hardware and software segments and fosters seamless connectivity.

    Object-Oriented Operating System

    The object-oriented operating system (OS) in the AS400 system positions it apart from its competitors. For instance, it offers single-level storage which not only simplifies memory management but also enables seamless data access, allowing AS400 integration experts to manipulate data without leaving the ecosystem.

    AS400 iSeries

    How Does the AS400 System Benefit Your Business? 

    The AS400 iSeries development benefits your business in multiple ways, such as:

    Superior Productivity and Efficiency 

    AS400 system boosts your team’s productivity and efficiency by providing a reliable platform that minimizes downtime and backs continuous business operations.

    It promotes efficiency for AS400 developers as they can easily apply the same concepts from one product to the next project with a similar layout. Hence, there is a faster turnaround, which is a top priority in multiple industries including Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Finance, and Banking.

    Suitable for All

    AS400 system is suitable for all, from small businesses to multinational corporations. It does not require a large crew as it is manageable by a single administrator.

    What’s more?

    The iSeries AS400 solutions & services are designed with minimal cost of ownership in mind. IBM dedicatedly updates it, so you don’t have to switch to a new system with every new development.

    User Friendly and Accessible to all

    IBM created different hardware and software so the upgrades wouldn’t interfere with each other.

    Let’s say, IBM introduced a new advancement in software programming, it will have no effect on the way the hardware operates. Making it super user-friendly for all experienced and novice developers.

    All in all, it’s a welcoming environment for both new and rooted businesses to create robust, modern applications effortlessly.

    Are you ready to make the most of your AS400 systems investment?  

    You need a reliable AS400 consultant, who translates each IBM iSeries-related challenge into a solution. 

    At Integrative Systems, we are your go-to technology partner with 20+  

    years of AS400 development experience. Along with being an IBM Silver Business Partner, we are also one of the INC 5000 fastest-growing companies. 

    Do you wish the best of AS400 for your business? Simply reach out to us at [email protected] with your unique requirements and our team of IBM i experts will get back to you with the suitable outcomes within 48 business hours. 

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