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    100 Power BI Consulting Services Offered by Integrative Systems

    As Power BI consulting services providers, we often get to closely witness businesses’ Power BI implementation and development journey.

    Here’s what it looks like –

    • The technology leader implements Power BI in their organization with the positive intent of extracting intelligent insights out of it. They start running large volumes of data to gain insights, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.
    • Next, they want to gain intuitive insights through dashboards, reports, and real-time data monitoring. In addition, they need to track key performance indicators, monitor business metrics, and gain a holistic view of their operations.
    • They seek to present data in a visually appealing and understandable manner to their senior management in their monthly meetings.
    • They wish to present charts, graphs, maps, and other visual elements to effectively communicate their data and findings.
    • They try to integrate data into Power BI from different sources, including databases, spreadsheets, cloud services, and more.
    • Amid their efforts, they realize the need for Power BI experts. As they search for solutions, they are faced with a choice between hiring in-house Power BI developers or partnering with a Power BI consulting services company.
    • Some go on building an in-house team whereas some choose to rely on external business intelligence service providers, like us.

    Are you sailing the same boat? Are you confused between building an in-house team or opting for the services of experienced Microsoft BI consultants?

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    We have witnessed that hiring a Power BI company has gone a long way for most businesses.

    Don’t believe us simply because we are a Microsoft Partner.

    Read this blog to discover answers to all your questions.

    • What can Power BI consultancy do for You?
    • How do Power BI professional services prove better over in-house development?
    • What should you look for in a capable Power BI development services provider?
    • What are the Power BI services provided?
    • With a bonus: Who’s the leading Microsoft business intelligence service provider in the USA?

    And a lot more on your way.

    Let’s get going!

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    How Do Power BI Consultants Make a Difference?

    Microsoft Power BI Consultants are professionals with outstanding knowledge of Power BI.

    Whether it is spotting trends, simplifying complex data sets, or guiding strategic decisions, they navigate the world of Power BI to make your decisions smarter and your strategies more agile.

    The difference between leveraging Power BI with and without PowerBI consulting partner is of day and night.

    Without experienced Microsoft BI consultants by your side, you are exploring the possibilities of Power BI, blindfolded. It would be a missed opportunity not to make the most of the game-changing capabilities that Power BI brings to the table.

    Let’s take this discussion ahead and understand the role of Power BI consultants from an ROI standpoint.

    Power BI is an incredibly easy and robust platform for business intelligence. Yet, it’s a highly nuanced tool and its ROI can significantly boost when you fully utilize its strengths strategically.

    Leaders, you can’t know everything about Power BI. By engaging with Power BI partners, you don’t have to know it at all.

    Their proven expertise means their readiness to solve any challenges you’re experiencing.

    Their capabilities mean they have prompt answers to your questions, and all these factors directly contribute to a higher ROI.

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    Now you know how Microsoft Power BI consultants turn the table, let’s understand how outsourcing a Power BI project proves beneficial over in-house development.

    How Power BI Consulting Proves Beneficial Over In-House Development?

    In-house vs outsourcing Power BI services is a million-dollar question that most leaders are looking for an answer to.

    In-house Power BI development can be a great choice. Especially if you’re looking for better control, cultural fit, better project understanding, and a full-fledged team of Power BI experts.

    If otherwise, BI consulting services make a smarter choice.

    And here’s why!

      Power BI Consulting Firm  Power BI In-House Development 
    Time to hire Power BI developers  1 day – 1 week  4 – 10 weeks 
    Time to start the Power BI project  1 day – 2 weeks  2 – 10 weeks 
    Power BI Training and Support Cost  Pre-determined  May vary 
    Quality Guarantee   Yes   High 
    Professional Environment and Tools  Yes  High 
    Power BI Project Failure Risk  Extremely low  Low 
    Dedicated Power BI Experts  Available on-demand  Few 

    Investing in Power BI consulting services will help you create a talented team of Power BI specialists, minus the recruitment, training, and management stress.

    Are you now looking for a capable Power BI consultant to bring your Power BI vision to reality? Wise move!

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    Next, let’s look at the non-negotiable factors to consider when choosing a trusted Power BI company and avoid making a bad choice.

    5 Things to Look for When Working with a Power BI Service Provider

    Not all PBI consulting companies are equal.

    There are several aspects you as a technology leader need to consider and evaluate before finalizing on extending your internal team with a Power BI service provider.

    Let’s prioritize the top 5 factors that are absolutely non-negotiable.

    Experience and Expertise

    When looking for a BI consulting services provider, look for certifications, case studies, and client testimonials to gauge their proficiency in delivering top-notch Power BI solutions.

    Plus, assess their understanding of your industry, domain, and market in general.

    Request references from the Power BI service provider’s existing or past clients. They should be able to give references so that you gain confidence and insights into their experiences, project successes, and challenges faced while working with the provider.

    Data Security Requirements

    Second, you must be careful about the Power BI consulting services provider’s ability to handle the data security and compliance requirements.

    This is important because you will eventually be sharing your real valuable data with them.

    We recommend that you inquire about their security measures, data encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant regulations, depending on your industry.

    Project Management Methodologies

    Third, understand how the Power BI service provider manage their Power BI projects.

    Inquire about their project management methodologies, communication processes, timelines, and milestones. A well-structured project management approach ensures smooth implementation.

    Support and Maintenance Capabilities

    Fourth, you must check with the Power BI consulting company’s post-implementation support and maintenance offerings. Ensure they provide timely support, troubleshooting assistance, and updates to keep your Power BI environment running smoothly.

    Cost and Contract Implications

    Lastly, discuss pricing models, licensing, and contract terms with the Power BI implementation services company.

    Clarify the cost implications, licensing requirements, and ongoing maintenance fees to align with your organization’s budget and expectations.

    After you check all the 5 aspects above,

    • Deep dive into the types of Power BI services you need.
    • Enlist what all you need for the last word.
    • Combine & customize the services that fit your business like a glove.
    • Adjust the PBI services to fit your needs – what is urgent vs what is important?

    Most business leaders are unaware of the range of services provided by a Power BI consulting services company.

    To make it easier, we have put together an exhaustive list of 100 Power BI services a reliable Power BI consultation partner offers.

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    Let’s dive straight into the Power BI services offered by MS Power BI consultants.

    List of 100 Power BI Services – Which Ones Do YOU Need?

    A reliable Power BI firm specializes in the following MS Power BI professional services.

    It is a mix of our Power BI services, strategies, approaches, tools, solutions, best practices, procedures, recommendations, guidelines, capabilities, frameworks, and much more…

    Go slow and steady and be ready to make a note…

    Ready… set go…

    (Excuse our repetition of the phrase ‘Power BI’ – we simply want to emphasize our love for the platform)

    Sr. No. 

    Power BI Development & Consulting Services 


    Power BI Consultation and Assessment 


    Power BI Implementation and Deployment 


    Power BI Data Integration 


    Power BI Data Modeling and Transformation 


    Power BI Report Design and Development 


    Power BI Dashboard Creation 


    Power BI Custom Visual Development 


    Power BI Data Visualization Optimization 


    Power BI Data Source Connectivity Setup 


    Power BI Data Refresh Configuration 


    Power BI Embedded Integration 


    Power BI Gateway Configuration 


    Power BI User Training and Workshops 


    Power BI Report Migration 


    Power BI Report Performance Optimization 


    Power BI RLS (Row-Level Security) Implementation 


    Power BI DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Consulting 


    Power BI Custom Measures Development 


    Power BI DirectQuery Setup 


    Power BI Dataflows Setup and Management 


    Power BI Paginated Reports Development 


    Power BI Report Subscription Setup 


    Power BI Mobile App Integration 


    Power BI API Integration and Customization 


    Power BI Data Visualization Best Practices Training 


    Power BI Embedded Capacity Planning 


    Power BI Dashboard Sharing and Collaboration Solutions 


    Power BI Data Catalog Implementation 


    Power BI Data Gateway Cluster Deployment 


    Power BI Azure Integration 


    Power BI Power Platform Integration 


    Power BI Advanced Data Transformations 


    Power BI Drill-Through and Drill-Down Development 


    Power BI Data Export Solutions 


    Power BI Automated Report Generation 


    Power BI Real-time Data Visualization Setup 


    Power BI Predictive Analytics Integration 


    Power BI Natural Language Query Development 


    Power BI Custom Visual Theming 


    Power BI User Access Management 


    Power BI User Role Definition and Setup 


    Power BI Data Lineage and Documentation 


    Power BI Cloud Migration Planning 


    Power BI Cross-Filtering Solutions 


    Power BI Multi-Geo Configuration 


    Power BI Report Performance Tuning 


    Power BI Data Privacy and Compliance Solutions 


    Power BI Data Source Connectivity Enhancement 


    Power BI Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration 


    Power BI Solution Documentation 


    Power BI Custom KPI Visualization 


    Power BI Self-Service Analytics Training 


    Power BI Geospatial Visualization Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Data Connectors Development 


    Power BI Change Data Capture Implementation 


    Power BI Embedded Analytics Strategy 


    Power BI App Workspace Management 


    Power BI Usage Metrics Analysis 


    Power BI Report Version Control 


    Power BI Dashboard Security Auditing 


    Power BI Data Governance Strategy 


    Power BI Report Scheduler Development 


    Power BI AI and Machine Learning Integration 


    Power BI Data Quality Management 


    Power BI Report Sharing Automation 


    Power BI Dynamic Titles and Texts 


    Power BI Storytelling Techniques 


    Power BI Custom Visual Interaction Design 


    Power BI Forecasting Solutions 


    Power BI Cross-Highlighting Development 


    Power BI Data Insights and Recommendations 


    Power BI Custom Drill-Through Filters 


    Power BI Complex Data Transformations 


    Power BI Custom Hierarchies Development 


    Power BI User Adoption Tracking and Analytics 


    Power BI Actionable Insights Consulting 


    Power BI Report Layout Optimization 


    Power BI Custom URL Integration 


    Power BI Performance Monitoring 


    Power BI Continuous Improvement Strategy 


    Power BI Interactive Reports Development 


    Power BI Dataflow Optimization 


    Power BI Data Visualization Storyboarding 


    Power BI Governance Framework Development 


    Power BI Report Subscription Automation 


    Power BI Advanced Data Security Solutions 


    Power BI Advanced Analytics Consulting 


    Power BI Big Data Integration 


    Power BI Custom Training Content Creation 


    Power BI Custom Visualization Extensions 


    Power BI Custom Implementation Roadmaps 


    Power BI Custom User Training Programs 


    Power BI Custom Data Catalog Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Data Flow Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Data Gateway Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Paginated Report Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Real-time Dashboard Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Data Privacy Solutions 


    Power BI Custom Report Migration Strategies 


    Power BI Custom Collaboration and Sharing Solutions 

    Did you contemplate while reaching the end of this list…?

    If you have come reading this far, then we are positive you gave it a good read.

    Now that you have figured out the essential services you need, we’d like to introduce ourselves.

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    Integrative Systems – The USA’s leading Power BI Technology Company

    …that extends your internal team and prioritizes your success before ours.

    We strive to make your internal IT team self-sufficient in utilizing the benefits of Power BI.

    Integrative Systems has been a Power BI technology partner for businesses around the world since Power BI went live to the general public in July 2015 as Power BI for Office 365.

    We work on all versions for Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications.

    We were in awe of Power BI and its capabilities and proud that Gartner confirmed Microsoft as the Leader in the “2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform” because of the capabilities of the Power BI platform.

    We do all the key components of the Power BI ecosystem comprising of Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile Apps, Power BI Gateway, Power Automate (previously called Flows) and PowerApps in Office 365, Power BI Embedded, Power BI REST API, Power BI Report Server, Power BI Premium, Power BI Visuals Marketplace, Power BI Dataflow, Power BI Dataset, Power BI Datamart, Power BI Datahub, and a lot more.

    But why choose us as your MS Power BI partners?

    • SOC 2 TYPE II Certified
    • Acknowledged Microsoft Partner
    • 20+ years of business experience
    • One of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America
    • Confidence of 2X speed at half the cost

    Think we are the perfect match you have been looking for?

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and our team of experts will get back to you within 2 business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions Around Power BI Consulting Services

    1. How Much Do Power BI Consulting Services Cost?

    Ans: The Power BI consulting services include: the scope of the project, man hours involved in accomplishing the project, the business engagement model, custom Power BI support services, and much more.

    The cost of service is largely based on the type, scope, and complexity of the project. We as a Power BI solution provider strive to provide a high-quality solution with optimum costs to meet the set requirements.

    If you are searching for Power BI consulting services, let us know about your specific requirements. This will help us understand your expectations and calculate the investment that is necessary for the optimal BI solution.

    2. What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

    Ans: Power BI consultants possess advanced expertise in Power BI to assist you in data collection, analysis, and visualization, which ultimately sets the stage for informed decision-making. Microsoft Power BI consultants monitor the features and updates of Power BI to ensure that your business can maximize its benefits.

    3. What is a Unique Feature of Power BI Services?

    Ans: Microsoft Power BI service has the ability to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft tools and third-party applications, fostering enhanced collaboration and data sharing across the organization.

    4. Which Types of Businesses and Industries Are Most Likely to Benefit from Power BI?

    Ans: Power BI is beneficial for businesses across various industries, such as finance, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, and many more. Any organization seeking to leverage data for informed decisions can benefit from Power BI.

    5. Why Do Leaders Use Power BI in Business Projects?

    Technology leaders know that Power BI is one of the most cost-effective solutions compared to traditional business intelligence tools. It not just only offers flexible pricing options, but also eliminates the need for significant upfront investments in hardware or infrastructure.

    They also believe that Power BI is highly scalable, capable of handling small to large datasets and accommodating the needs of their growing businesses. It can easily scale up or down based on the organization’s data requirements.

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