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      Business Intelligence Consulting- Key to Power BI Success?

      Power business intelligence consulting

      Let’s admit it!

      Power BI is one of the best business intelligence tools in the market that has revolutionized the way data is interpreted, empowering decision-makers, across the globe, to optimize processes and build a data-driven culture.

      Yet, as expert business intelligence consulting professionals, we confirm that Power BI, much like its counterparts, is not without its stubborn challenges.

      Whether you are already benefiting from Microsoft Power BI or considering its integration into your business for robust business and data analytics solutions, you must be well aware of the inherent challenges that come along.

      But worry not!

      The ultimate solution for all these Power BI challenges lies in 2

      key aspects-

      Today, we are going to shed light on both the solutions in-depth to bring you the power of uninterrupted business intelligence and data visualization for a well-articulated BI culture.

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      So, without further ado, let’s get going.

      Before we dive into the details, we want you to know that –

      When it comes to BI analytics consulting, there are 2 chief factors that monopolize the minds of CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, and decision-makers –

      • Offering unrivaled value to customers
      • Maximizing return on investment

      While you can offer unparalleled value to your customers by unleashing the full potential of Power BI, you need a capable hand to make the most of your Power BI investment – A team of seasoned business intelligence consultants.

      You may wonder, ”Is it a bet worth stacking my business intelligence budget?”

      Now here’s a question for you –

      ”While engaging with the best Power BI consulting firm may sound like an additional expense on your balance sheet, but will you be able to afford the opportunity cost of not optimizing your business intelligence strategy as per the evolving business demands?”

      We bet you don’t!

      Every modern business leader is capable of managing a robust business intelligence strategy but are you willing to do so at the cost of potential trade-offs and a detailed balancing act?

      No, right?

      Thus, joining hands with reliable business intelligence consulting companies sounds like a strategic decision.

      But what’s the ROI of investments in business intelligence consulting? – you may ask.

      Fair question.

      Ironically, ROIs are simply calculated based on the profit generated and revenue yielded – which isn’t justifiable.

      Business intelligence consultancy ROI should also be justifiable as per the –

      • Improved data integrity
      • Enhanced competitive edge
      • Less time spent handling data
      • Established data-driven culture
      • Improved decision-making speed
      • Access to and centralization of data
      • Smoother user adoption of Power BI
      • The immediate impact of specific decisions
      • Boosted customer satisfaction and retention

      Along with the profit-making goals, you should spot the areas where the business intelligence consulting partner helped you mitigate unreasonable costs that were previously depleting your financial reserves.

      business intelligence consulting

      As we pivot to our key segment, let’s dive into the Power BI challenges and their practical solutions.

      Toughest BI Challenges that Business Intelligence Consulting Companies Solve for You

      You may face multiple Power BI challenges during integration or while using Power BI, for creating and managing detailed business reports for better analysis. These challenges are easily solved by business intelligence consultants who specialize in Power BI.

      Want to know more about them?

      Here are the major challenges that can hinder your business growth and utilization of Power BI’s potential, that a business intelligence consulting expert can resolve.
      Power BI Investment

      Let’s look at them one by one.

      Data Integration from Different Data Sources

      The growth in data sources requires your business intelligence team to pull together data for analysis from multiple databases, business applications, and big data systems.

      Without the proper integration from different data sources, the Power BI tool may produce fragmented insights, restricting a 360-degree understanding of your business scenario.

      The Business Intelligence professionals, such as Power BI developers follow the most common approach of deploying a data warehouse as a central location for the entire BI data, to solve the problem.

      They can also use BI to integrate data without loading it into a data warehouse. But it can be a complicated process.

      As a solution, your in-house team of BI developers can use a trusted business Intelligence tool like Power BI that can merge data from multiple sources for you, but you will still require solid technical skills and comprehensive data understanding to complete the process.

      “Why do I need a business intelligence consulting partner when my internal BI team can do the job?”, you may wonder.

      Wait! There’s more to this set of challenges.

      You might encounter other data integration challenges, such as problems in refreshing Business Intelligence reports from a Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse or challenges in harmonizing different file formats used by other data source systems.

      Your team of BI experts can resolve the challenge by creating a different extract, transform, and load (ETL) mapping for each file, but it can be time-consuming.

      Instead, they can create a Java application to bring the files into a common format to process them efficiently in a single ETL job.

      Even after your team successfully managed to compile and extract the data, there is still the possibility of additional data quality issues.

      Thus, attempting to address these challenges, without the proper skills and expertise of business intelligence consultancy, can seriously restrict your system’s scalability, and increase the time required to analyze your business data and further make informed business decisions.

      The rise in complexities and issues in seamlessly getting data from different data sources is easily resolved by engaging with professional Power BI consultants.

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      So how do these intelligence business consulting experts turn this tough Power BI challenge into a solution?

      The Business intelligence consulting experts leverage their years of BI experience to manage the challenges of gathering business data from multiple sources and create well-vetted reports that help you streamline the process.

      Poor Data Quality

      Your business intelligence reports are only as accurate as the data you have used.

      This means any inefficient or unhealthy data used will inevitably result in inaccuracy, compromising the overall integrity of your reports.

      Business leaders, very often, in a rush to collect data for analysis, neglect the quality of data or assume that they can simply rectify the errors in the future after the data has been collected.

      They fail to understand that data quality is an uncompromising factor when you are aiming for quality business intelligence.

      Underestimating the importance of good data quality is the root cause of many Power BI issues, causing multiple challenges for your BI solutions, to achieve desired growth.

      To ensure the unwavering quality of data, business intelligence consulting companies’ help you set up a robust data management strategy before deploying Power BI.

      This strategy helps you track the lifecycle of your data and set up an accurate data collection process.

      Sounds overwhelming?

      It may be a demanding process especially if your business doesn’t have a well-established avenue for business intelligence or the support of Power BI consulting firms.

      Worry not!

      You can easily rope in the industry’s best Power BI consulting firm for efficient planning and execution and shift your focus on your core business operations.

      The professionals from business intelligence consulting companies use the latest tools and strategies to help you filter essential and non-essential business data, empowering your team to create meaningful and accurate Power BI reports that help you achieve your business targets.

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      Power BI Issues with Siloes Breaking

      Another significant Power BI challenge your business intelligence team can face without the support of qualifying business intelligence consultants is siloed systems.

      Effective business intelligence is impossible without the completeness of data.

      However, accessing siloed data with different permission levels and security settings poses a serious challenge for Power BI professionals.

      You must break down silos and harmonize the data to improve the decision-making power of your business.

      But it’s not easy to break down the data silos.


      Because, in the absence of dedicated support from a BI consulting firm, you lack internal data standards across different departments and business units.

      Are you aware of the consequences of inconsistent data in silos?

      It can possibly lead to different versions of the truth. You see different results for KPIs, and various business metrics labeled similarly in separate systems – a total chaos.

      To avoid that, your BI team can establish a well-defined data modeling layer and clarify definitions for each KPI and metric.

      Yet, it can be the hardest challenge to overcome as it requires defining and aligning work spanning business functions.

      Sounds like too much work? Don’t worry.

      You can simply rope in a business intelligence consultancy company that holds expertise in harmonizing the data and breaking down the silos for enhanced decision-making.

      Learning and Training Required

      Although Power BI is a simple-to-use data visualization software, your team requires training and change in management programs offered by business intelligence consulting agencies, related to business intelligence initiatives.

      You also need to promote the regular involvement of business executives and managers to ensure the Power BI reports are analyzed and managed with finesse.

      For instance, your management team can work with your HR team to develop a Power BI dashboard with data on new hires and terminations, employee headcount, compensation, and other metrics.

      It helps them get better results and helps you scale your business to new heights using Power BI.

      Your data analyst and business analyst can collaborate with the management team and provide them with the desired automated reporting option using Power BI.

      But without a reliable business intelligence consulting expert by your side, it’s challenging to ensure your workforce understands the ins and outs of Power BI and makes the most of it.

      “What happens if you skip the training and knowledge transfer to the stakeholders?”, you may wonder.

      Neglecting the importance of training and knowledge to operate Power BI, shall highly minimize its effect, reduce your ROI, and slow down your business growth.

      As a solution, you can hire Power BI professionals from a Power BI consulting firm to provide quality training and knowledge to your workforce and to ensure everybody works effectively to tackle your business intelligence issues.

      As a business leader, you should also actively collaborate with your management team to understand the nitty-gritty aspects of utilizing the full potential of Power BI for your business.

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      Managing the Use of Power BI

      Uncontrolled Power BI deployments in different business units is another serious challenge solved by business intelligence consulting firms.

      If ignored, it can create a chaotic data environment with different silos and conflicting business analytics results, leading to the confusion within decision-makers.

      Power BI inherently offers a robust data security architecture to store and share user-generated analytics in a protected space.

      As a result, the business intelligence consultants and your business intelligence and data management teams can seamlessly store data sets in multiple data warehouses or other analytics repositories upfront, to avoid inconsistencies.

      As a leader, you need to pay careful consideration while developing standardized dashboards and metrics and enabling your BI experts to create their own.


      Because in the absence of a standardized process, your team may exploit the freedom to explore and analyze data and may publish dashboards and metrics with overlapping KPIs defined differently from one dashboard to another.

      Additionally, too much control in the hands of your business intelligence experts can hamper analytics innovation and agility.

      As a solution, you can either create in-house strategies to balance the conflict or engage with a business intelligence consulting partner to process the Power BI initiatives and effectively manage your Power BI operations.

      These professionals from Power BI consulting firms also deliver quality results with desired custom extensions that meet your specific business needs.

      This third-party business intelligence consultancy team also understands your precise BI needs and delivers up to mark dashboards and reports using their out-of-the-box thinking and creative approach.

      Low Adoption of BI Tools

      Whether or not you choose to partner with a reliable intelligence business consulting services provider, once you integrate Power BI into your existing business ecosystem, there’s a high chance you will experience a low adoption rate or resistance from your workforce.

      They may want to continue using comforting and familiar tools like Excel or other SaaS applications because migration to a better or more efficient tool can be time-consuming and unexciting.

      Before leveraging our business intelligence consulting services, many of our clients witnessed that their end users preferred using existing, traditional tools and ignored the usage of Power BI to export & analyze data and derive insights.

      As a solution, consider suggesting to your managers that they proactively need to monitor their team’s activities and offer prompt support for smooth adoption.

      It is also a good idea to collaborate with expert business intelligence consultants to provide comprehensive training, workshops, and seminars to educate your workforce about the benefits of using Power BI and make it easier for them to embrace the tool.

      For smoother adoption, consider highlighting the improved functionality, automated processes, reduced workloads, and improved productivity to boost Power BI user adoption in your organization.

      It’s advised to maintain transparency about the change in the existing business ecosystem and provide your employees with adequate time to learn and grasp the process of Power BI.

      Inefficient Data Visualization and Dashboard Practices

      Due to half-baked knowledge, data visualization can go wrong while using Power BI, complicating the illustration of your intended data.

      Also, a Power BI report is only valuable if it’s easy to navigate and understand the data that’s being presented.

      However, many decision-makers underestimate the design and user experience of the reports and focus on getting the data and analytics process done, mostly without the expertise of BI consulting services providers.

      But beware! It can cause a major challenge for your business because, chances are, during analysis, poor data representation can cause miscalculations or ineffective decisions.

      Being a result-oriented business leader, that you are, you must upgrade the quality of your business intelligence reports by hiring Power BI experts from reputed business intelligence consulting companies with proven expertise and experience, in creating detailed reports.

      The professionals from business intelligence consultancy not only help you overcome the hurdles but also avoid delays in desired report creation.

      They contribute to achieveing your business goals by unlocking accurate and precise decision-making.

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      Using Power BI to Create a Data-Driven Culture

      It is a well-known fact that Power BI is one of the best business intelligence and data visualization tools that revolutionizes the traditional approach to analyzing and visualizing business data.

      It also provides a fresh perspective to business data interpretation facilitating more informed decision-making.

      Are you in the process of integrating Power BI into your business ecosystem?

      If not, you’re merely attempting to walk in the dark with only a flashlight.

      While building a solid data-driven ecosystem is your goal, it can be equally challenging without the support of qualified business intelligence consultants.

      A data-driven culture is not only valued at the executive level but also at the frontlines, where your business directly interacts with the world.

      Building a data-driven culture requires:

      • Empowering your workforce with efficient business intelligence tools like Power BI.
      • Empowering them to have confidence in the insights and apply them in business processes.

      Once the data culture is successfully ingrained within your business framework, you will have a robust foundation for your business intelligence initiatives.

      As you’re well-versed in the challenges encountered by Power BI users, handling these challenges solo at different stages, in the absence of an expert business intelligence consulting partner can be overwhelming.

      This is when business intelligence consulting firms enter with end-to-end Power BI consulting services, to help you re-adjust your focus on your core business operations and take your BI ambitions to new heights.

      Still thinking what do the business intelligence consultants do for you? Read on!

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      What PowerBI features make it a valuable asset for businesses?

      Microsoft Power BI software is like an octopus for your business intelligence requirements. It has a multitude of features that make it a versatile tool for every data-driven organization.

      But what are these features?

      • Robust Data Visualization Capabilities
      • Remarkable Machine Learning Capabilities
      • Seamless Integration with Other Tools

      How Do Experts from Power BI Consulting Firm Help You?

      A Power BI consultant from the best Power BI consulting firm can confidently handle every aspect of Power BI for your business.

      Let’s have a quick look at their roles and responsibilities:

      Power BI Project Consulting

      The primary role of experts from Power BI consulting firms is to offer in-depth Power BI project consultation based on your unique business needs and future goals.

      Power BI Support

      The seasoned professionals from the business intelligence consulting company offer round-the-clock Power BI support, helping you minimize the challenges and maximize the business intelligence benefit.

      Power BI Workforce Training

      Furthermore, experts from business intelligence consulting firms provide professional training to your workforce to simplify the adoption of Power BI into your business ecosystem.

      Their customized training empowers your team with the right skills and knowledge required to boost the potential of Power BI in your organization.

      Power BI Report Design

      You get detailed reports to improve your business decisions and understand the data effectively.

      In addition to all these BI consulting services, the business intelligence services provider help you generate detailed reports to better understand the data and empower your business decision-making capabilities.

      Now, that you are aware of the various benefits of business intelligence consulting services for your business, you may be looking for a reliable Power BI consulting firm who translates your Power BI challenges into solutions.

      Choosing the best Power BI consulting firm can be overwhelming.

      You, as decision-makers, have to ensure the selection of a compatible intelligence business consulting partner who can meet your precise objectives without compromising on the quality.

      Or you can simply choose Integrative Systems to get the best Power BI consulting and support services for your enterprise.

      Choosing Integrative Systems for Power BI Consulting

      As we have reached to the end of this insightful guide, we are sure that your confidence in the capabilities of business intelligence consulting firms has grown stronger.

      When you’re looking for a reliable business intelligence consultancy look no further than Integrative Systems.

      We offer comprehensive solutions to take your business to new heights by leveraging the true power of your business data.

      If you are seeking a BI consulting services partner who will boost your operational efficiency and streamline the integration and adoption of Power BI in your business, we would take immense pride in becoming your business intelligence partner of choice.

      Want to connect with us?

      Reach out to our experts at [email protected] and our business intelligence consulting professionals will get back to you within 2 business days.

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