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    How Office 365 Consultant Helps in Achieving Efficiency?

    Did you know? Microsoft Office 365 owns nearly half of the office productivity software market – as per Statista.

    However, most users only avail of 20% of Microsoft office functionalities by using Outlook, MS Excel, and MS Word.

    This could mean that you are paying for a Microsoft 365 subscription, and not exercising the full circle returns on your investments!

    Thinking what could be the reason for this?

    It could be –

    • Lack of training
    • Lack of customization
    • The deep learning curves
    • Underutilization of solutions

    Now picture this – Your team receives end-to-end training dedicated to meet your special needs, enabling them to operate Microsoft applications with confidence. No more frustrations – Only a smooth transition to high efficiency and better productivity.

    This is the next level return on your Microsoft Office 365 investments!

    Thinking if it’s achievable?

    Yes, it is 100% achievable with the help of the reliable Microsoft Office 365 consultant.

    Office 365 consulting services literally put a full stop on your team’s challenges.

    Thinking about how does this happen?

    Today, we will walk you through the possibilities and opportunities that Office 365 consulting services will open up for you. Let the exploration begin!

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    Why is the Right Microsoft Office 365 Consultant a Game Changer for Your Modern Business?

    There are 6,00,000 businesses alone in the USA that are relying on Microsoft Office 365 for their everyday operations.

    Moreover, there are thousands of Office 365 consulting companies or rather self-proclaimed experts who drown your Microsoft 365 investments instead of helping you maximize it.

    You may start thinking how on earth shall I ensure that I find the right Microsoft office 365 consultant?

    And, it is very much possible that you may find yourself juggling around the self-proclaimed experts and just right Office 365 consultants.

    Right before you end up choosing a wrong-footed menace as your Office 365 consulting partner, watch out for the outcomes that that right qualifier offers.

    Strategic Advantage

    The right consulting partner swims through your business’ nitty-gritty to understand its uniqueness, sharing expert insights to maximize the technology’s potential for better collaboration and efficiency.

    Whereas an amateur partner lacks an in-depth understanding of your domain and technology, providing surface-level advice that doesn’t really solve your real challenges.

    Choosing such an inexperienced consultant simply burns your investments, without the strategic advantage that a professional Microsoft Office 365 consultant could surely bring.

    Empowering the Workforce

    The best Microsoft Office 365 consulting providers offer training and adoption programs to help your in-house team become more efficient and productive.

    It includes everything from addressing all learning curves and clearing doubts to empowering your team to leverage Microsoft Office 365 confidently.

    Think of it as an investment in skill development that pays back with increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and ultimately better ROI.

    However, an unskilled Office 365 consulting services partner may underestimate the power of a training program. They may leave your team unattended with Microsoft Office 365, leading to underutilization and shooting in the dark.


    A reliable Microsoft Office 365 consultant gives you the benefit of personalization of services that you love. They understand the ins and outs of your business process and the technology, creating an ultimate blend of customized services that fit like a glove.

    The result? Enhanced user satisfaction, best performance, and improved efficiency.

    Nevertheless, a mediocre Office 365 consulting companies provide a one-size-fits-all approach and generic solutions that will solve your business challenges merely at a surface level. It will not only hinder the effectiveness of Microsoft 365 but also cause frustration and productivity loss.

    The amateur Office 365 consulting companies may offer incredible prices, but it may not be your best deal in the long run. The initial cost savings may turn into eye-popping expenses as your business struggles with unattended calls, poor service, low-level customization, inefficient integration, and whatnot.

    Investing in the expertise of seasoned Office 365 consultants brings you peace of mind and a promise of prompt support, 360-degree customization, and top-notch service, that contribute to the ongoing success of your Office 365 implementation.

    That was about how the right partnership sets you up for success with Microsoft Office 365.

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    Now, you may be wondering “What Microsoft Office 365 consultant precisely does for your business?”

    To answer: The Office 365 consulting services provider assesses your use case for the tool, helps identify the loopholes causing unnecessary delays, and accustom the tool to tailor fit your needs.

    In more depth, an Office 365 consultant helps optimize your business’s use of Office 365, ensure proficient deployment, customization, and user adoption. They help you streamline collaboration, improve productivity, address business-specific needs, troubleshoot the errors and keep your Office 365 environment up-to-date.

    They join hands with you to develop an understanding of your operations, study your pain points, define goals, and create a customized solution that maximizes your ROI with Dynamics 365.

    All in all, the best Microsoft Office 365 consulting providers are responsible for taking the hassle out of managing and optimizing Office 365, while you and your team are busy enjoying its benefits and strategizing business growth.

    Whether you’re a finance leader, IT manager, business analyst, or CEO, Office 365 consulting services are helping each one of you to turn your questions into answers and doubts into confidence.

    Having spoken highly about how Office 365 consultants ease your journey, it will be an injustice if we don’t enlighten you with the challenges that may cross your path.

    Common Challenges with Inexperienced Office 365 Consultants

    The intention here is pretty clear – To make you win.

    You may question – How?

    By not letting you choose the wrong Office 365 consulting partner.

    Trust us when we say this – It’s better not to have help than roping in a self-proclaimed expert.

    If you still have a “WHY” rumbling in your mind, here are all the reasons to refrain from investing in mediocre Office 365 consulting services.

    Integration Complexity

    One of the common challenges faced with inexperienced Office 365 consultant is complex integration.

    With the vast range of services and apps such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and more, it can become difficult to seamlessly integrate them with your current ecosystem.

    The challenge resides in aligning the values of the 2 applications without disturbing the present setup.

    Let’s say your company is seeking a solution to integrate its third-party project management system which relies on sophisticated AI algorithms with Microsoft Teams. The challenge is to preserve the unique purpose of AI without disturbing the current collaboration process.

    An experienced Microsoft Office 365 consultancy takes a step-by-step approach that undertakes a detailed analysis of the current operations, designing the seamless integration method, and integrating AI with the Microsoft Office 365 tool. As a result, your team effortlessly reaps the benefit of AI and Office 365.

    Security Concerns

    In the era of cyber security, a Microsoft Office 365 consultant has to be on their toes to protect the security of your Office 365 ecosystem.

    The real challenge for Office 365 consulting companies resides in continuously adapting the modern security trends ensuring dynamic security.

    Let’s say you are a Chief Technology Officer of a finance institution, and you are seeking an Office 365 consultant‘s help to implement robust security measures that will protect your communication and collaboration channels.

    This involves a thorough analysis of your security system, implementing modern encryption protocols, with regular security checks to spot the loopholes. The airtight security approach creates a very secure platform for your safe communication and collaboration needs.

    Lack of Ongoing Support

    Prompt support is one of the most important and overlooked aspects. Without prompt support, your team may face hardships in completely utilizing the Office 365 tools and solutions.

    It may result in frustration due to lack of knowledge, and you may even miss out on new opportunities leading to decreased ROI.

    Let’s say you are an IT manager of a medium-sized retail company who has recently migrated to Office 365 and a critical downtime hit during the peak hours of sale. Without prompt support from your Office 365 migration consultant, your productivity is suffering, and your customers are leaving.

    A reliable Office 365 consultancy understands the importance of prompt support and serves as a dedicated support system to address the emerging issues on priority.

    Resistance to Change

    Many reasons can lead to slow or non-existent adoption of Office 365 at your company. Without proper training, the resistance is likely to persist.

    To address this challenge, your Microsoft Office 365 consultant designs an end-to-end training program and builds effective communication channels to overcome the skill gaps and encourage a welcoming adoption.

    Let’s consider, that you are the Chief Information Officer of a small-sized company struggling with resistance to adopt Office 365. You seek a reliable Office 365 consultancy partner’s help to overcome this challenge.

    The Office 365 consultants hear your team out, understand their hurdles, and create a dedicated training strategy that empowers them with the confidence to use the tools, enabling a successful Office 365 adoption in your company.

    Now with these real-life narratives at your disposal, you are empowered to make the decision about your investments in Office 365 consulting services.

    Moving on, it’s time for you to discover various services Office 365 consulting companies bring to the table to ease your burden and enhance your efficiency.

    Diverse Office 365 Consulting Services Designed to Solve Your Specific Challenges

    Office 365 Consulting Services Partner

    These Services Are Designed to Help Businesses Maximize Their Use of Office 365 And Achieve Their Business Goals.

    These services are designed to help you maximize your use of Microsoft Office 365 and achieve the desired business goals.

    Now, that you are aware of the diverse set of Office 365 services, we are certain that you are looking for a qualified Office 365 consulting partner, who understands your business needs and helps you achieve your business objectives.

    Integrative Systems Your Desired Office 365 Consulting Services Partner

    Whether you are new to the space of Office 365 or already a seasoned user, the sooner adoption of Office 365 consulting will take your organization’s productivity and efficiency to newer heights; that’s what our experience says!

    At Integrative Systems, we will be proud to serve as your partner and navigate through your Office 365 challenges allowing you to focus on achieving your goals.

    Our aim is clear – to help you maximize your Microsoft investments and provide an

    unparalleled client experience throughout your Office 365 consulting journey.

    • Are you planning to migrate to Microsoft 365?
    • Do you want to maximize your existing Office 365 investment?
    • Or do you just need specific help with Microsoft Office 365 tools and technologies?

    Whatever your challenges are, Integrative Systems has got it all.

    Got any queries?

    Reach out to us at [email protected], and book a FREE consultation call with our Microsoft 365 experts.

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