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    Power BI Analyst Skills to Look Out for in 2024

    Already leveraging Power BI for decision-making? Great choice!

    But, are you maximizing its potential?

    Not sure?

    Despite having powerful BI platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, at their disposal, many decision-makers want robots for decision-making processes.


    2 primary reasons can account for this –

    1. Mounting challenges in quality data discovery amidst the pool of data
    2. Limited familiarity with business intelligence platforms

    Could you relate to any of these?

    If yes, turning to Power BI analyst is a surefire solution to all your challenges.

    A qualifying Power BI expert knows the nooks and crannies of the business intelligence tools which they further leverage to derive actionable insights from your relevant data.

    You may say, – Agreed that Power BI experts can efficiently address my BI challenges but how do I find a skilled and versatile Microsoft Power BI data analyst who meets my precise data visualization requirements?

    Your question has a merit.

    It is challenging to differentiate the top talent in the Power BI reporting analyst arena from the rest.

    Take a breather! We’ve written this insightful resource intending to lighten your burden when it comes to finding the right Power BI analyst.

    Your task will only become easier if you know all the core skill sets a talented Power BI analyst must be equipped with.

    So, what are these special skills?

    Being a Power BI solution provider for decades, we vouch for these skills that help you make the right choice.

    Without further ado, let’s look at the top skills your next Power BI analyst must possess

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    Top 12 Skills Decision-Makers must look for in Power BI Analyst

    If you are looking for a Power BI reporting analyst for your specific needs, you don’t want to hire a Power BI expert with an average skill set.

    To refine the hiring process, here’s exactly what you need to look for:

    1. Extensive Experience with Microsoft Power BI

    Well, that goes without saying.

    Before hiring a Power BI analyst, it’s important to check their experience in working with Power BI for your business specific use cases.

    Checking their experience gives you deeper insights into their capabilities while ensuring that they are well-versed with the platform, going beyond their surface knowledge.

    Measuring this experience, you can rest knowing that your Power BI partner is capable of delivering the desired tailored solutions.

    Your ideal BI consultant must possess experience in creating data-rich dashboards, implementing row-level security in Power BI, and writing DAX expressions.

    You may ask – “Why should I seek custom BI product development skills with scripting and programming language knowledge when their job is to handle the data analytics aspects?”

    Well, this additional bit of expertise will empower you to customize Power BI solution and optimize the manual processes according to your specific business needs.

    2. Data Analytics

    This is one of the core skills your potential Power BI analyst must have.

    Using their analytical capabilities, the candidates empower you to visualize the bigger picture and share insights in layman’s terms for effective decision-making.

    To gauge their analytical capabilities, you need to perform a well-rounded background check by posing relevant business issues and scenarios. Their answers will determine the practicality of the depth of their knowledge with data analytics.

    Your selected candidate should be able to drill down and visualize data in the best possible way using charts, reports, or dashboards generated using Power BI.

    3. Data Preparation

    One of the crucial business intelligence problems solved by a Power BI analyst is data preparation.

    A Power BI analyst’s job includes collecting, organizing, and cleaning data to extract valuable insights from the raw data set.

    The candidate must be well-equipped with the best practices to collect data from various sources and prepare the data with the same dimensions and measurements for smooth analysis.

    They must possess hands-on expertise with Power BI, as it will help them prepare the data faster and better, before it is processed.

    4. Experience in Data-Specific Roles

    You may wonder how many years of experience your professional Power BI analyst must have?

    To answer, your Power BI analyst must have a minimum of 2 or 3 years of experience working with diverse BI tools, with expertise in Power BI, handling data-specific roles such as data engineer or data analyst.

    This filter helps you spot and hire an experienced Power BI analyst having sound knowledge of database management, data modeling, data warehousing, SQL querying, business intelligence, and online analytical processing (OLAP).

    Keeping a wider perspective helps you tackle dynamic situations for your unique business intelligence and data visualization needs. It also helps you improve the accuracy and precision of your results.

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    5. Understanding of Microsoft BI stack

    Your versatile Power BI analyst must possess a strong understanding of most Microsoft products and services used by large-scale enterprises.

    They must be well-versed in handling data warehousing, reporting, data management, analytics, and business intelligence avenues to achieve efficient outcomes.

    When building a team of BI consultants for your business intelligence avenue, prioritize hiring candidates with proven knowledge and experience with Microsoft business intelligence stacks like Power Pivot, SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS over others.

    Remember, candidates with half-knowledge will only hinder your ability to maximize the potential of Power BI investments.

    6. Data Modeling

    Data Modeling is the cornerstone of a data analysis system.

    Whether your business uses Power BI or any other Business Intelligence tool, it’s imperative that your selected BI analyst holds a deep understanding of data modelling.


    With the robust data modelling skills of business intelligence analysts, you can unlock the true value of Power BI. Their proficiency facilitates faster, easier project maintenance, while providing flexibility to adapt changes in your BI initiatives.

    You may wonder, “What qualities should I seek in a Power BI expert to validate their expertise in data modelling?”Within data modelling, a Power BI data analyst must be

    • Proficient in assembling and organizing data efficiently.
    • Skilled in building meaningful relationships and optimizing performance.
    • Competent in using DAX for intricate calculations to ensure accurate and insightful analytics in Power BI.

    To achieve these results, understanding different technologies like statistical analysis, computer science algorithms, machine learning, databases, etc., is a must.

    7. Software Development Skills

    New-age decision makers with limited teams, such as yourself, must ensure smart optimization of their resources.

    When hiring a Power BI reporting analyst, consider seeking additional skills such as software development to effectively meet your diversified needs.

    Remember, the reliable Power BI consultants may offer these services at an additional cost, but it is always a worthwhile investment to bring efficiency to your business intelligence initiatives.

    Your ideal candidate must know how to develop and deploy a custom business intelligence solution, sharing mechanisms, and in-depth architecture of the Power BI implementation.

    Let’s say your Power BI analyst builds the best report in the world but doesn’t know the right way to share it, they may put your sensitive data somewhere it shouldn’t be.

    There may be a lot of duplication in the code if your Power BI expert isn’t well-versed with the architecture of Power BI.

    A Power BI expert must understand technical aspects and software development architecture to transform your business intelligence requirements into optimized solutions.

    8. Data Visualization

    A critical part of Power BI analyst’s job is not just to identify the patterns in your data but also present and visualize the data so that the respective stakeholders are empowered to make decision to break those patterns.

    Thus, along with the aforementioned skills, it’s imperative that you analyze the data visualization skills of the prospective candidate and hire the suitable fit for managing your business intelligence requirements.

    Make sure that your choice of expert Power BI analyst is well-versed in various charts that can visualize the data, such as area charts, TreeMaps, bar charts, heat maps, scatter plots, Gantt charts, etc.

    These charts enable decision-makers, such as you, to gain a clearer understanding of the data by visualizing it. The charts highlight and pinpoint the slowly evolving trends, improving your ability to make well-rounded decisions.

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    9. Practical Hands-on Experience

    In addition to the technical skill sets, your desired candidate must have an experience in your respective industry.

    Their industry experience gives you a nuanced understanding of your unique challenges and ensure maximum impact of BI.

    Having such an industry expert on your team helps you execute data visualization initiatives at the minute level.

    The new-age decision makers prioritize appointing BI consultants with vivid experience as they can deliver desired solutions at a better pace, ultimately improving the overall pace of your business intelligence initiatives.

    10. Good Communication Skills

    An ideal Power BI reporting analyst is not only proficient at explaining technical and complex concepts to the non-technical audience via immersive Power BI dashboards but also adept at in-person meetings and discussions.

    If they are struggling at the latter, they may not be the right fit for your team of Power BI experts as the success of business intelligence largely depends on effective communication.

    Your qualifying BI analyst is a great communicator who expresses their views in the easiest way, helping you crack even the most complex problems.

    Power BI analysts need to stay regularly connected with their peers, superiors, and other related departments for effective functioning. If there’s a lack of confidence and great communication skills, they may convey vague messages and struggle to achieve common goals.

    As a decision-maker, you would appreciate an association with BI consultants, who possess strong prowess in both technical and verbal communication – A Power BI analyst who can easily break down complex results into straightforward and meaningful insights.

    11. Creative Approach

    Some soft skills are more important than the technical ones for complex projects.

    One of the imperative soft skills you must seek in your Power BI reporting analyst is a creative approach to tackling different business intelligence situations and challenges differently.

    Having a creative mind to analyse raw data is a bonus point to enjoy the desired Power BI data visualization outcomes for decision-makers.

    “How do I assess their creativity and problem-solving skills?” – You may wonder.

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    One of the best ways to assess a candidate’s creative approach in problem-solving is with their previous Power BI work experience. It gives you an opportunity to judge their mindset, scrutinize their approaches and understand them better.

    You can go a step further in this evaluation and evaluate their business intelligence analyst skills by presenting them with real-world challenges.

    This way, it is easier to catch the honest, creative element in their answers and approaches, helping you filter the suitable candidate for this job.

    12. Impressive Attention to Detail

    Your selected Power BI data analyst can’t go without this business intelligence analyst skill. As details are highly important in handling a business intelligence project, we recommend hiring experienced candidates with proven work experience in handling large data volumes.

    They must have a keen eye for minute details, errors, and flaws in the data to help your business work with the cleanest and most accurate data.

    From designing to developing, from deploying business analytics dashboards to using Microsoft BI technologies like SQL, Power BI, etc., your go-to Power BI analyst should cover the nitty-gritty aspects of your business with attention to detail.

    In this data-driven business world, these business intelligence analyst skills are non-negotiable.

    We know what you’re thinking – Finding a Power BI data analyst who checks all these requirements is going to take up a lot of my valuable time.

    We understand your concern.

    It is indeed a resource-consuming responsibility demanding your significant time and attention to detail, given the high cost of bad hire can impact your business.


    As an alternative, you can simply choose to engage with a third-party Power BI service provider who addresses your business intelligence requirements in a similar manner as your in-house hire, providing a cost-effective solution.

    Curious to know if Power BI Solution Providers services are meant for you? Continue to figure out!

    How Can Power BI Solution Providers Help You?

    A professional Power BI service provider manages different Power BI aspects for your organization.

    Have a look:

    1. Power BI Support

    They provide reliable, 24X7 Power BI support to minimize issues and troubles concerning business analytics.

    2. Workforce Training

    The third-party firm provides professional training for your workforce to simplify and encourage the adoption of Power BI into your business environment and escape the traditional, time-consuming approaches.

    3. Power BI Consulting Services

    A professional Power BI service provider offers top quality Power BI project consultation based on your business’s current and future goals.

    4. Report Design

    The Power BI analyst designs industry-centric, in-depth reports to enhance your business decisions and help you understand the data effectively.

    5. Expand Your Team of Power BI Consultants

    Associating with professional Power BI third-party service providers gives you access to an extended talent pool beneficial for your data visualization and analytics processes.

    We are confident that this guide has helped you spot the right fit and escape the cycle of hiring for your business intelligence initiatives.

    But as Power BI consulting services providers and BI solutions partners are sprouting like mushrooms, you might wonder, how can I find the desired partner with minimal hassle?

    You can escape the hassle and confidently choose Integrative Systems to embrace tailored Power BI consulting and support services at the fraction of the cost.

    It’s High-Time to Associate with the Best Power BI Solution Providers – Integrative Systems

    At Integrative Systems, we have ready-to-employ team of BI consultants who strive to achieve your desired Power BI results, leveraging their years of experience of using multiple features and services that Microsoft Power BI offers.

    We help you shift your focus from BI challenges to more productive operations while our team handles the data visualization and analytics aspects using Power BI.

    But why should you choose us in the presence of other Power BI service providers?

    Here are the top four reasons that makes your Power BI management support service partner of your choice.

    1. Get All Your Power BI Requirements Covered

    Our expert team of BI consultants design, develop, and deploy analytics dashboards using Microsoft BI technologies like Power BI, SQL etc., to deliver highly tailored and industry-specific solutions.

    2. 100% Results Delivered

    We prioritize your success ensuring that your goals are not only met but consistently exceeded. We commit to deliver exceptional results every time.

    3. Enjoy Cost-Effective Solutions

    We offer prompt Microsoft Power BI support and help you reach the market at twice the speed and half the price. Whether you want specific services or comprehensive packages, we deliver it all.

    4. Simplified Solutions for Large Business Data Sets

    We leverage decades of our business intelligence experience to handle large data sets and simplify the data analysis processes. As a result, your team of decision makers can easily understand the reports and make informed decisions.

    5. Creative and Experienced Team

    Armed with years of experience, our team is capable of solving Power BI challenges of every nature. Our aim is to help you minimize the BI hassle, inculcate the data culture, streamline the business workflows, and improve decision-making efficiency.

    Our Power BI reporting analyst employs different Power BI features to create intuitive reports with enticing data representation formats. Along with reports and dashboard creations, our team of Power BI experts train your team to improve their efficiency in using Power BI and encourage a data-driven culture.

    Our years of knowledge and expertise strengthen your existing processes and empower your team with valuable insights while maintaining transparency and offering flexible engagement models.

    Want to know more about us? Share your requirements, ideas, or challenges with us at [email protected] and get FREE consultation from our Power BI analyst.

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