Message From CEO on the Occasion of 11th Anniversary of Integrative Systems

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    Message from CEO on the Occasion of 11th Anniversary of Integrative Systems (India Operations)

    Dear Team, First of all, congratulations to all of you on the 11th anniversary of Integrative Systems India.

    I believe that Integrative has grown to where it is currently because of 3 primary values – fairness in our behavior, transparency in all our practices and consistency in all our decision making.

    It is because of our adherence to these principles that Integrative has seen such consistent success in the last seen 11 years. I’m of the thought that an organization is just a concept, and Integrative is no different.

    If we take care of this concept and play our parts well, it will take care of all us… and I proudly say that Integrative has taken care of both, its customers and employees, fairly well since its inception.

    Every organization goes through periods of ups and downs, and this year is no exception. And it is in the tough times that we get to test how a company sticks together to come out of the dire situation TOGETHER.

    I’ve been more than humbled to see how everyone not only contributed intellectually to the organization but were emotionally vested in taking on these never-before challenges by doing whatever they could to keep the business up and running.

    I could never imagine that Covid 19 – the dreadful pandemic, would slowly turn out to be blessing in disguise, as I saw people blooming into their best & exhibiting their innate capabilities, which would otherwise had not been visible. Also, the pandemic ushered in an era of digital communication where meeting each other over video meetings became the new normal.

    It seems that the geographical distances between countries and differences in time zones have suddenly evaporated and the emotional touch of seeing each other in our daily meetings – is back once again.

    What has changed in Integrative in the last 10 years

    Over the last few years, I have seen us continuously improve on the quality of delivery of our services as a company.

    Besides, there has been a significant change in the way of doing business and also in terms of customer demands.

    On an employee level, we have bid goodbye to some of our colleagues and welcomed others. All in all, I still feel happy when I receive emails and messages from the employees who have left Integrative.

    Everybody who works at Integrative – I strongly believe carries very fond memories of their tenure with us. In our journey till now, we have achieved several feats together, and this has been possible only because we believed in prioritizing our customers’ interest before our interest. Whenever a client reaches to us with their problems, our primary goal is to understand their pain points in their business and provide the most appropriate solution.

    The year 2019 had been a defining year in many ways. In business terms, we got some important certifications for Integrative.

    Such achievements offer credibility to the company and make us strong contenders for our services in the market. We have also increased our employee base in India office and added a few top-notch clients to our clientele list.

    Our mantra is simple – Prioritize our clients success before our company’s interest. By following this approach, we will never waver from our company values.

    And this is the primary reason why our clients love us and why we indulge in customer satisfaction so much. Let me replace the word satisfaction with customer success.

    How Integrative is Handling the Pandemic

    As the Covid – 19 situation continues to prolong, organizations worldwide as well as people, are facing some severe challenges, like – unemployment, economies in recession, downsizing and managing virtual teams.

    In the US and in India, the unemployment rates are high, and the economies are challenged. Employees are forced to work from home, and that comes with other challenges, like managing teams virtually.

    But I am glad, that at Integrative, we were able to transition and manage things smoothly and able to provide 24/7 support for our clients. This is the big reason that our productivity has not been hampered, and we have not received any complaints from our clients regarding our services.

    Moreover, as a future strategy for employees, Integrative is ready for all types of scenarios, either for working from home or office. The value on which Integrative cannot compromise is quality, so that will never be hampered.

    Our Strategy for the Near Future

    We plan to set up a senior management team for both, i.e., India and US offices. The top management will be responsible for smooth business operations while allowing employees to manage their personal and professional life effectively.

    My Personal Belief: Every employee should be intellectually nourished, emotionally satisfied and spiritually inspired to take on life challenges – so that they can in turn impact their families and societies positively.

    We have set clear business plans, and we are continuously investing in getting fantastic talent and connecting with better clients worldwide. I am happy to share with you all that even in the pandemic situation, we have asked only a handful our employees to leave.

    And no-one would believe that we continue to hire even in this situation. And again, the reason is the same, by following our values, we have gained our customer’s trust and they in turn have displayed this trust by entrusting us with more projects.


    We continue to build on the work we had started in the first place, and it is our firm conviction that prioritizing customer success is the foundation for long-term profitability.

    We have set our standards high, strived hard to achieve them, and elevated ourselves to higher places. The learning and effort will never cease for team Integrative.

    I’d like all of us to remember that as we step into the new year, we need to focus on listening to the needs of our customers and most importantly understand our customers; there are opportunities for all of us – and if we all pull together, we’re going to make it happen – even better than our previous years. Lastly, I want to congratulate you all once again on this occasion.

    And, look forward to celebrating many more such anniversaries together. Thank You, Rajesh

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