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 / Why should you know your AS400 completely?

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AS400 ibm i iSeries Service Provider

Why should you know your AS400 completely?

AS400 was initially introduced by IBM in 1988 and advertised as a family of easy-to-use software designed for small and mid-sized organizations. At the time of its introduction, IBM announced 1,000 software packages, which was the most significant application announcement in computers’ history. By 1997, IBM took the world by storm and shipped almost half-million AS/400s software. Furthermore, by 2000, the AS/400 was replaced by the IBM iSeries. Today, the OS is called IBM I, and the hardware is called Power Systems; many still prefer to call it AS/400 iSeries.

AS400 means “Application System 400

  • AS400 is a multi-user, multitasking, and very secure System. This is the reason it is the first choice of industries looking to store sensitive data.
  • It is best suited for middle-level industries and is used in various verticals like — pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, banking, and financial organization.
  • IBM first introduced the AS/400on June 21st, 1988, and later renamed it as iSeries in 2000, then in 2006, it was renamed as System i. In 2008 again, it was upgraded and become a Power system.
  • Programming languages available for the AS/400- COBOL, C, C++, RPG, Java, SQL, etc.
  • AS400 is based on layered architecture and enables users to move to new computer hardware technology at any time, without interrupting their application programs.
  • AS400 can identify only the object types, i.e., all that can be stored or recovered on the System is known as an object.
  • Another feature of AS400 is that it is a very secure system that can store sensitive data. Moreover, it is not each to breach the security walls of IBM iSeries easily.

Defending AS400/iSeries can be frustrating and expensive at the same time. However, it is not necessarily to be. Integrative systems redefine AS/400 protection by effortlessly backing it up and everything in a company data environment.

Integrative Systems Offerings:

  • Eliminates expensive mainframe backup hardware, as we don’t involve any third-party tools for proprietary solutions. Integrative Systems management and protection of data is simple and straightforward.
  • Effortlessly uses Azure as your backup target: We solve your IBM AS/400 protection by eliminating costly mainframe and effortlessly use Azure as backup solutions.
  • Manage, protects, and enable bare-metal recovery: At Integrative, we manage, protect, and helps bare-metal recovery, as it saves time and reduces costs, allowing the company to get their data back quickly.

Why choose Integrative Systems as your AS400/i-Series Service Provider?

As a silver business partner of IBM, we’ve supported AS/400 iSeries customers for over two decades. We are the inc 5000 listed company and leading AS/400 iSeries service providers across the United States. We are an organization where client success comes before company success. As a trusted service provider, we keep ourselves updated latest technology IBM has around the corner and regularly incorporate that technology to our customers. See what puts Integrative Systems ahead of the game:

Performance: We utilize the latest IBM POWER9 technology, along with the latest in cloud computing technology. And we strive for the flexibility and scalability of resources, allowing businesses to focus on their business operations entirely.

Customer Friendly Payments: The payment options are very customer-friendly, and you pay for the mission-critical services neededexcluding all extra charges.

Unlimited Support: Whether you are at home or office, our IBM iSeries as400 professionals are always ready to provide 24/7 support.

Ultra-secure Data Protection: We offer the highest quality security to our AS/400 iSeries customers and ensure that their data is always protected.

Certified Team of Professionals: Our AS/400 iSeries experts are IBM certified and provide clients with industry-leading support and maintenance services.

If the above-listed things make you feel good, don’t hesitate to connect with us and share your problem. We’ll be back to you within 24 hours, with the best possible solution.


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