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 / How is IBM AS400 Making an Impact in the Market?

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How is IBM AS400 Making an Impact in the Market?

By creating the as400/iseries in 1988, IBM got a significant breakthrough in the computer world. And since then, the system is in huge demand for its scalability and security. Before moving to the reasons for its popularity, one thing that needed to be cleared is that nobody uses the original AS400 software; it’s just generic names like iSeries and IBMi that organizations all together are using. Like every other technology that evolves over the years, the same is the case with IBM Power System.

Now, let us move to discuss as400 / i-series in detail.

Generally, the software is used for mission-critical business-specific tasks that need reliability and stability. And this is reflected in various Fortune 500 companies like Chevron, JP Morgan, and many more.

Since its inception, the IBM AS400 has provided the foundation for some of the world’s most powerful systems. Its performance has enabled it to run an entire business. So, if the top MNCs across the globe, capable of affording any design they want, are not interested in switching from this platform, it’s entirely fair to say that the AS400 has emerged as the most powerful software of all time and still going strong. But even you must be thinking- Why?

And this can be credited to a couple of different things.

First, when it comes to compatibility, you will not find any other match system. You can run a program developed in 1988 on today’s IBM Power Systems. And this is the reason companies still refer to it as AS400. Now, the second thing is — AS400 can run a complete range of different programming languages like — PHP, C, C++, Javascript, SQL, Java, Python, XML, and Ruby.

Reasons why IBM AS400 is still the right choice:

  • As stated earlier, the system is fully compatible, and it means it helps companies in cost saving by preventing costly code migrations at the time of platform upgrades.
  • AS400 is not known as a modern platform, but this is a myth. It’s a healthy mix of both, i.e., native and open-source development language that gives it the balance of modern and traditional
  • Having IBM software onboard, anybody doesn’t need to worry about the security of their database.
  • IBMi comes with four core servers, but it is scalable enough to handle up to 256 core servers.
  • And finally, in terms of reliability also IBM AS400 stands tall. The system is not known, for it is the longest-running time.

If you look back, things may surprise you that the AS400 has already completed 30 years in the IT industry and still going strong. Like any other technology that has attained durability and stability, it needs to be flexible and adaptable. This is where IBM has invested a lot of time and effort. And because of this, AS400 is not outdated. Furthermore, IBM releases regular updates for hardware and software. In today’s scenario, IBM Power Systems is the most powerful and flexible version available.

I hope you have got the answer to why IBM AS400 iSeries is ruling the business world. AS400 is the best example of how flexibility and scalability are necessary for establishing a long-lasting technology setup.

IBM AS400 has provided a strong foundation for updated versions, and this is the only thing that has stuck with the latest IBM Power Systems.

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