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 / Six Elegant IBM i Features You Did Not Know About

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Six Elegant IBM i Features You Did Not Know About

Last week I was out of the city to meet with one of my clients; he told me that her team leaders think of IBM i is outdated. Moreover, his network administrator also said that the IBM I server should be replaced with modern technology. For example – Microsoft Windows. But the thing is, their business runs on an ERP application that has been in place for twenty years and continues to serve the organization very well. After hearing nonsense like that, I reminded clients of the six elegant features of the AS400 iSeries that make it an advanced operating system. You should also have a look:

1. IBM i comes with integrated and preloaded IBM POWER server:

It may have been a short while since you have installed IBM iSeries on the Power server. It may have been a while since you installed your last IBM i on the POWER server. However, the Windows setup requires planning, licensing from Microsoft, and 20-60 hours of professional services for basic ERP foundation for small and medium businesses. While Intel servers may have a lower cost than the IBM POWER server, the saving will evaporate as you may add the value for software and setup.

2. IBM i is an object-based architectural design that provides virus resistance:

By protecting the OS code from adjustment and preventing the running of feasible guidelines stored in a file, i.e., a popular source of viruses. IBM iSeries also safeguard data against hackers with built-in incursion revealing and has an audit journal to trace security adjustments and violations to help with agreement and auditing. Everybody knows that Windows does not come with these features.

3. IBM i offers trustworthy security and compliance tools:

For organizations running on operating systems-based servers like- Windows and UNIX, security and virus are two significant challenges. As per, IBM i has a proven track record of drastically fewer security advisories than Microsoft Windows and UNIX. According to a recent study from ITG, the integrated security council concluded that IBM iSeries provides organizations with an unmatched security level.

4. IBM i spontaneously direct and balances out the data storage on multiple disk drives:

The spontaneous data management balances and manages data and helps organizations avoid reorganization and defragmenting of disk units to reclaim unused disk space. This capability provides IBM I users the need for less staff in comparison to other OS.

5. Use the hierarchic storage management offered by IBM iSeries:

SSDs can improve system performance. The most active data can be easily placed on SSDs, making it easier for clients to benefit from the faster I/O response time. In my knowledge, several clients are using SSDs and have gained 400% more performance than their prior IBM power servers.

6. Without disturbance growth and switch to new hardware:

IBM iSeries has an independent technology interface that provides a defensive layer between hardware and software, like processor and disk. IBM i has a proven track record, and it shields software from changing hardware setup and enable the software to be upgraded without recompilation. The technology-independent interface allows users to move their application to a new OS, and IBM iSeries need not be concerned with such technology changes.

Even folks in the IT industry bash IBM i because either they do not care about it or do not understand its strength and how well it can do for their organization. I hope these six features will help you to understand its importance as AS400 iSeries is designed to provide organizations with security, reliability, performance, and save money.

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