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    Business leaders, like yourself, are constantly in search of tools and software that address resource gaps, maximize your IT budget, and ensure smooth operations.

    One such powerful tool, ERP LX, is making strides in the business landscape.

    From SMBs to enterprises, ERP LX BPCS has proven to be a popular choice among decision-makers, such as yourself.

    • So, what is LX/BPCS ERP?
    • What are its features and capabilities?
    • How does it empower your business in 2024?
    • What is the range of services offered by LX ERP consultants?
    • How to find a dependable LX BPCS ERP consulting company?
    • With a bonus: Who is the best ERP LX Consulting partner in the USA?

    In this extensive read focused on LX/BPCS ERP software solutions, you will find answers to the questions that frequently arise in the minds of ERP users and decision-makers like yourself.

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    What is ERP LX?

    LX, previously known as BPCS, is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with deep capabilities for financial, manufacturing, and supply chain processes.

    With its latest release LX 8.4.2, you can use LX both on-premises and in the cloud.

    Built on the scalable and trusted platform of IBM, the ERP LX ERP system is a modern and agile ERP solution ideal for businesses large and small.

    What is ERP LX Software Used for?

    LX ERP software is developed to simplify and optimize business operations for process and discrete manufacturers.

    Business leaders, such as yourself, leverage LX BPCS to combine different aspects of financial, manufacturing, and supply chain processes within a unified platform, to enhance operational efficiency while optimizing the ROI.

    What is LX Integration?

    LX BPCS integration is the process of connecting the ERP LX system to the software of your everyday use.

    The LX integration opens a door to improved productivity, reduced errors, and enhanced communication. LX BPCS ERP integration varies in complexity, from one-way to comprehensive systems integration.

    But Why Is LX Integration Important?

    LX integration is crucial for businesses in 2024.

    Let’s look at the key benefits of ERP LX integration.

    • Improved communication as LX integration updates data in real-time, facilitating real-time communication and knowledge sharing. This accessibility ensures everyone can access the data whenever they need it.
    • LX ERP software also enables effortless management across multiple business verticals. From inventory management, key performance indicators (KPIs) and accounting data, workflow optimization, and efficient processes, it empowers seamless operations and efficient processes.
    • Furthermore, it helps eliminate manual searches and duplicate entries, ensuring that there are no loose ends in your supply chain operations.
    • Apart from the Supply Chain, the ERP LX System ensures that your Sales representatives have access to the updated inventory and customer orders, in addition to the latest pricing and catalog, cutting down the manufacturing and distribution costs while boosting profitability.

    How are Businesses Benefitting from LX ERP?

    BPCS ERP offers support for every phase of your business process – Be it improving financial visibility, optimizing inventory management, or streamlining manufacturing processes, BPCS ERP AS400 has got you covered.

    Here are the top advantages of using the LX BPCS System:

    Real-time Integration and Customization with LX ERP System

    One of the notable features of LX ERP is it offers real-time integration capabilities, unlocking data synchronization across disparate processes and effortless communication across teams.

    This feature enables your team to make decisions based on up-to-date data while driving responsiveness.

    Moreover, LX offers various customization opportunities, allowing your company to customize the system to suit your unique needs. For example, you can adjust workflows, change user interfaces, and even define custom reports to align with your special business needs.

    This customization flexibility proves advantageous to businesses looking not only to solve their current challenges but also to evolve with time.

    You Can Develop and Maintain Your Own Projects

    Unlike other ERP systems with rigid structures, ERP LX software offers a unique capability to develop and maintain your own projects. This grants agility and innovation in your operations.

    For instance, a sales manager can use the LX software to create a customized sales dashboard tailored to track key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Offline Data Collection

    Say goodbye to the old days of disconnected operations. With ERP BPCS LX’s offline data collection feature, your business works seamlessly even in remote settings.

    Whether you are in a warehouse with limited internet connectivity, or on-the-go field operations, you and your team can provide input and access important information without interruptions.

    Compatible with Every LX/BPCS ERP Release

    Oftentimes, ERP users face the challenge of non-compatibility when a new software feature is launched, or the old software becomes obsolete.

    However, with BPCS LX, businesses can overcome this challenge, as it remains compatible with every product release.

    This means you can reap the benefits of new updates and features without facing compatibility issues.

    Full Mobile Device Compatibility

    One of the most important benefits of ERP BPCS LX is it offers full-mobile device compatibility. This means your team can access the ERP software from any mobile device – whether on the go, in the office, or even working remotely.

    Seamless mobile compatibility boosts efficiency and collaboration, ultimately contributing to business success.

    No .NET or Custom Coding Needed

    Often ERPs are associated with complex processes and coding, calling for deep customization, and technical expertise. However, ERP LX breaks the trend by offering a simplified setup.

    Your team with limited IT knowledge can create workflows without complex coding, and they can also be trained easily to model or adjust business processes.

    It minimizes the need for custom coding or .NET, saves you implementation time, and cuts down the cost associated with maintenance and upgrades.

    Now, as you are aware of the business benefits that LX ERP offers, let’s look at what LX enhancement is.

    What is LX Enhancement?

    Do you want to extend the capabilities of your ERP LX system?

    You can extend its capabilities with LX Enhancement.

    LX Enhancement refers to the process of developing new functionality or modifying the existing one within the LX ERP system.

    It allows businesses, such as yours, to customize the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to meet specific needs such as boosting productivity, efficiency, or overall operational effectiveness.

    Are you planning to leverage ERP LX for your modern-day business independently?

    It may not be a smart choice as LX/ BPCS ERP enhancement requires profound expertise and resources.

    It’s better to partner with a dependable ERP LX consultant who will do the job for you.

    Wondering –

    • Will I truly benefit from BPCS ERP LX consultancy?
    • If so, where do I look for an expert BPCS ERP LX consultancy partner?

    Read on to find answers to your questions.

    How Do ERP LX Consultants Help Increase the ROI?

    LX/BPCS ERP consultants are experienced professionals with advanced skills in ERP LX. They possess advanced knowledge of the LX’s configurations, functionalities, and customizations.

    They work closely with your organization to understand your requirements, develop tailored solutions, and implement ERP enhancements to improve the impact of LX implementation.

    At times, the LX ERP consultants are also LX ERP programmers who offer end-to-end support to ensure the proper fitment of the ERP system with your strategic goals.

    They share the common goal of maximizing your ROI by reducing expenses, increasing overall operational efficiency, and optimizing processes through effective usage of LX BPCS functionalities.

    The reliable LX ERP consultants leverage their technical expertise and industry experience to deliver value-added solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

    Wondering what to expect from ERP LX Consultant? Let’s look at the BPCS services offered by ERP LX consultancy partners.

    What are the BPCS Services Provided by ERP LX Consulting Partners?

    Here is the range of services offered by LX BPCS consultants.

    ERP LX Consulting Services

    It’s no surprise that every business relying on LX ERP faces some or other issues due to a lack of technical expertise. The LX ERP experts offer professional guidance, advice, and actionable solutions to your challenges that you can’t deal with in-house.

    LX ERP Development and Customization Using RPG, ASET/ADK, ODW

    The LX consulting partner provides development and customization services such as module development, feature enhancement, and customization of applications and UI, using – RPG, ODW, or ASET/ADK.

    BPCS ERP LX Migration

    BPCS ERP consultant offers migration to LX services. It is the process of migrating data from its original sources to the ERP LX system’s database.

    ERP BPCS LX Implementation and Integration

    The ERP LX consultants provide implementations & rolls out where the BPCS/LX ERP programmers implement and integrate new and existing BPCS ERP applications across various business verticals.

    BPCS LX Analytics and Reporting Services

    LX ERP analytics and reporting services involve the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing real-time data derived from different business verticals.

    This service is designed to optimize performance by providing stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape.

    LX BPCS Managed Support Services

    The dependable ERP LX consultant offers managed support services, encompassing maintenance and production support and helpdesk operations support, dedicated to bringing down operational costs.

    BPCS LX Training

    LX ERP consultancy service provider realizes the importance of proper training. They offer proper LX training to your end-users, enabling them to become proficient in key processes and understand the details of the LX software and system they use daily.

    LX BPCS ERP Administration Services

    The LX ERP administration services include a variety of activities aimed at ensuring the optimization of the ERP system. These services include user management, performance monitoring, security administration, ongoing maintenance tasks, and much more.

    BPCS ERP LX Modernization

    As the name suggests, LX/BPCS ERP modernization services focus on upgrading the existing system to make it compatible with the latest technologies and business practices.

    This was about the variety of LX BPCS ERP services offered by ERP LX consulting service providers.

    Are you now wondering – “How to find the right ERP BPCS LX consultant?”

    Keep reading to figure out the factors to look in an Ideal ERP LX consulting partner.

    What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing an ERP LX Consultant?

    Choosing the right LX consulting company is a critical decision for your business. It has a significant impact on your LX ERP implementation and business success.

    Here are several factors that you need to consider while looking for the right LX ERP consultancy partner.

    • Strong proficiency in ERP systems and your industry, showcasing a solid track record.
    • In-depth understanding of your business, ensuring optimal solutions.
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills for smooth interactions.
    • Flexibility and adaptability to accommodate your business’s evolving needs.
    • Effective change management strategy for effortless transitions.
    • A dedicated team of specialized LX consultants and ERP LX programmer/s.
    • Transparent pricing and flexible exit clauses.

    Looking for a reliable LX ERP consultant in the USA?

    Your search ends here with Integrative Systems.

    Integrative Systems – Your Trusted ERP LX Consulting Services Partner

    With profound expertise in the field of ERP LX, at Integrative Systems, we are known for delivering optimal solutions designed to suit your unique business needs.

    We are also IBM Silver Business Partners, and we stay abreast of the latest LX ERP trends to provide practical & tried and tested solutions to our customers.

    With over 20+ years of experience, we specialize in providing end-to-end AS400 IBM services tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Are you a loyal BPCS ERP user? Our pre-vetted professionals are expert at understanding your challenges and offering cost-effective solutions.

    Want us to work for you?

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and our experts will reach out to you within 2 business days.

    FAQs About LX and BPCS System

    Is BPCS Still Supported?

    BPCS, now rebranded as LX, is still supported and its makers continue to invest in the enhancement of the ERP system.

    Is There a Free Version of BPCS LX?

    No! There is no free version of LX BPCS nor is there a free trial available.

    What Industries Commonly Use LX / BPCS ERP?

    LX ERP is most useful for industries that demand precise inventory control and intricate supply chain management. This includes industries like Aerospace and Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Machinery, etc.

    How Long Does ERP LX Software Integration Take?

    There is no one-line answer to this question. The period of the ERP integration depends on an existing system, the scope of integration, the level of customization needed, the availability of resources, etc. For instance, integrating LX into a typical system may take only a handful of days whereas integrating LX to a complex system may take several months or even a year.

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