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    Top 10 Features of .Net Core That you Must be Aware of

    Microsoft has described the dot net application in one line, and that is –
    A free, open-source, and cross-platform for developing all your apps.

    .NET is now known as .Net Core, and it’s an open-source and cross-platform that can be used to develop all kinds of applications. The application could be for mobile, desktop, or gaming app. So basically, it’s a platform to develop all kinds of applications. A few years back, Microsoft announced the launch of a new version of ASP.NET Core, and that is called ASP.NET 2.0.

    The new version has some fantastic features, and it will improve the overall performance of an application to make it robust and reliable.

    Technology is changing day by day, and we are living in an era where you can get everything at your fingertips. If you want to search for something, Google it, and you’ll get lakhs of results on your screen within milliseconds. So, transformation in software continuously happening and you should stay ahead.

    The developers can now use the upgraded version of .net, i.e., (.net Core) to generate new things. .Net Core as defined above is dynamic, cross-platform, for application development. The .Net Core application is an upgraded version of the previous frameworks. It is a freshly written application from scratch. .Net Core comes with two unique programming models (ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API of the famous framework.

    Have a Look at the Top 10 Features:

    1. It is an Open-Source Framework

    One of the primary reasons that developers adore this framework is because it’s open source. This means .net application development companies can modify the web applications as per their business needs. The framework codes are available in central repositories for all the developers. And, due to this reason, the framework becomes seamless. Furthermore, it means that .net development companies will get the best of core to deploy smart business applications.

    Also, with the .net core framework, developers will be able to fix bugs more quickly, and net application development companies will be able to deliver apps quickly. And the upgraded framework is not only about the innovative UX; it also offers incredible flexibility needed for best application development.

    2. Razor Pages

    The reason .Net Core is in demand is that it makes the programming web pages extraordinarily focused and productive. A carrier-based (coding model) .net development application enables .net development companies to create applications with innovative UI. Hence with .net development tools, developers can create compelling apps.

    Razor Pages is a simplified web-based programming model that embraces a file-based directing approach. Furthermore, Razor Pages is less complicated, as it contains its code and helps develop a more organized web app. Also, with organized apps, it’s easy to deploy effectively and perform better.

    3. Innovatively Advanced

    .Net Core is designed to develop runtime components and compilers within an application without stopping the application runtime. developers can use various versions of ASP.NET core on the same server.

    It means you can run an application on the latest version, and the rest applications can be tested on other Asp.Net Core.

    4. Cross-Platform Support

    ASP.NET Core offers cross-platform support, and a dot net development company won’t need to stick to just one platform. Having cross-platform support means developers will have the freedom to develop an application compatible with all platforms, and it will be able to run smoothly on multiple operating systems.

    Furthermore, .net development companies and developers have the freedom to choose an operating system depending on their development needs. And, keeping the flexibility and cross-platform feature in mind, it won’t be wrong to say that .net Core is the best platform for .net application development.

    5. Increased Security

    Security these days is a significant concern for companies. Unencrypted software is a major issue and encrypting it should be a severe concern for companies.

    A few years back, when it comes to the security of web applications, HTTPS redirection appeared to be the key against SQL Injection and CSRF for most developers.

    Fortunately, .Net Core offers a wide range of security features. From authentication and authorization mechanism to data protection and threats prevention, .Net Core has all you need.

    For example, Data Protection API and Azure Key Vault providers may use security features to guard statistics and generate keys. Moreover, you could develop more APIs by extending your business needs.

    Asp.Net Core permits you to combine your app with all third-party service providers.

    6. Unified MVC & Web API frameworks

    Before .Net Core into the picture, developers were using MVC and Web API frameworks. MVC was designed to develop applications to function with HTML, and Web API was designed to develop RESTful services using XML and JSON.

    ASP.Net Core has merged both the applications as there was always an overlap within these frameworks. Now, after the merger, MVC could return data to JSON and not just to HTML. A combination of both is a good move as it has simplified net web application development.

    7. Multiple Environments and Development Mode

    Multiple environment development is another most demanding feature in net application development. It allows developers to easily differentiate the software codes in terms of staging, production, etc. Before .net Core, there was no standard procedure to do this.

    Let’s understand this with an example – Multiple environments and development mode is used within the Startup. cs file to help you configure the application. In this scenario, you’ll need to show a more detailed exceptional page for development purposes.

    8. Dependency Injection

    Without any doubt, dependency injection is one of the best features of .Net Core. The feature is used heavily in MVC, and it is the preferred way of handling things like database contexts and logging contexts, which are passed into your MVC controllers.

    9. Action Filters

    One of the most useful features of .net Core is that it supports extensible filters. This feature will allow you to One of the great features of ASP.NET is the support for extensible filters. This lets you enforce capability that may be implemented to the whole controller or action without changing the action itself. Filters are used to identify caching, handle errors, or execute any custom logic.

    10. Globalization and Localization

    .Net Core makes it easy to localize numbers, dates, and text within the dot net application. Localization is a must-have feature if you wish to use your application worldwide.

    .Net Core advantages enable customization of your application for multiple languages via resource documents. These resource documents are considered the central depot where all records are kept, and web pages can read these resource documents and get populated labels.


    Apart from the features mentioned above, core also has many other add-on features. Also, if you are looking for a .net software development company for your next project, we are here to help you.

    At Integrative Systems, we have experience of more than 20 years in net web application development. Feel free to connect with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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