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    Unlocking the True Value of IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

    Did you know?

    The average IT downtime cost per hour can be as high as $1 million – An IDC survey.

    The global average data breach cost has reached $4.35 million, an all-time high in the United States Cost of Data Breach Report by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute.

    Over 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week – Data from Dun & Bradstreet.

    The average cost of downtime per minute for small businesses is $427 and $9,000 for larger enterprises – SolarWinds.

    The cost of each outage concerns each company differently. But these eye-popping statistics have raised a concern among leaders of all modern businesses.

    • As a solution, are you searching for ways to propel your business into the digital age of expensive downtimes and disruptions?
    • Do you want your IT infrastructure operations to be consistently efficient, scalable, and resilient?

    If so, IT infrastructure consulting services are your golden ticket.

    In the rapid-paced digital world, a robust and streamlined IT infrastructure is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity.

    However, creating, managing, and optimizing that robust IT infrastructure is more complex than you think.

    It calls for in-depth expertise, ample resources, continuous dedication, and much more.

    This is where IT infrastructure services walk in.

    Imagine having a dedicated team of seasoned IT experts, strategizing and executing strategic solutions designed to promptly fulfill your unique needs of IT infrastructure.

    Experts, who help you navigate through the complexities of your IT infrastructure, offering 360-degree support for everything from system integration to network security.

    Sounds like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders, right?

    That’s precisely what you get under the umbrella of IT infrastructure consulting services.

    But what does it truly entail?

    How can these services transform your business operations, and why should you consider partnering with an IT infrastructure consultant right now?

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    Let’s dive into these questions to unveil the genuine value and benefits of investing in IT infrastructure services.

    What Exactly Is IT Infrastructure Consulting and Do You Need It?

    IT infrastructure consulting is very much like having a skilled navigator for a complex journey – a journey that’s essential to your company’s success.

    But what does the service mean to your business?

    Imagine, as a CIO or Head of IT team, you are the ship’s captain navigating through the sea of the digital era. The ship, here, is your organization, and the sea represents the multifaceted, dynamic field of technology.

    Just as the ship needs a robust, flexible structure to withstand rough seas, your company requires a robust IT infrastructure to survive and thrive in the digital landscape.

    IT Infrastructure consulting is about helping you strategize, build, and maintain that vigorous structure.

    It involves a team of specialized network consultants assessing your current IT Infrastructure systems, keeping an eye on bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, and then promptly strategizing and implementing improvements.

    The IT Infrastructure consulting services span diverse IT facets, like

    IT Infrastructure Services

    • Cloud services
    • Disaster recovery
    • Data management
    • Network architecture
    • Software development
    • Compliance management
    • Vulnerability management
    • Infrastructure optimization
    • Application security assessment, etc

    For instance, consider you are a technology head of a manufacturing company that relies heavily on iSeries technology.

    Your company recently witnessed a series of downtimes resulting in disturbed production schedules, delayed shipments, and increased operational costs.

    Facing the inefficiency of your IT infrastructure, you decided to enlist the services of one of the best IT infrastructure consulting providers.

    The IT infrastructure consultant helped you not only optimize the system for improved performance, streamline integration with other tools and technologies, and but also advised on updates and migrations when required.

    As a result, your company is functioning more efficiently, securely, and with increased adaptability, leading to a more promising use of the IT budget and demonstrating an ROI increase of 3X.

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    With the IT infrastructure consultants shouldering these responsibilities, IT leaders like you can shift their focus from day-to-day operational challenges to strategic tasks and decision-making.

    Moving on, let’s understand the integral role that an IT infrastructure company plays in your business.

    How do they breathe life into the theoretical aspects of IT infrastructure consulting, and what makes their role vital to your company’s growth and success?

    How Important Are IT Infrastructure Consultants for Your Business? Can You Thrive Without Them?

    An IT infrastructure consulting partner is like a master architect in technology.

    They design the blueprint for your IT infrastructure operations, understand bottlenecks, create a plan, and ensure its successful implementation and maintenance.

    Here’s a closer look at what IT infrastructure services companies mean for your business.

    Strategic Planning

    The consultants bring their expertise to understand your unique challenges and design a tailored IT strategy. They consider your current systems, business objectives, and industry trends to draft a strategic roadmap.

    For instance, they may recommend transitioning to cloud-based services if your organization still heavily relies on in-house servers, to tackle the challenge of accessibility and scalability.

    System Integration

    The best IT infrastructure consulting providers ensure seamless integration of various IT systems, a task very crucial when dealing with AS400 iSeries or Microsoft Dot Net technologies.

    They harmonize different software, hardware, and services to function as unified entities, promoting efficiency and consistency in your IT operations.

    Security and Compliance

    An IT Infrastructure consultant strongly emphasizes data security and regulatory compliance.

    They employ best practices to safeguard your data and help you meet industry-specific regulations, reducing the risk of costly data breaches and penalties.

    Optimization and Upgrades

    The IT infrastructure consulting partners keep an eye on your IT infrastructure for potential improvements.

    Whether it’s a software upgrade, a transition to a more efficient data management system, or leveraging new technological advancements, they ensure your IT environment remains up-to-date, secure, and performs optimally.

    Troubleshooting and Support

    When any IT issue arises, the IT infrastructure companies professionals promptly identify, rectify, and futureproof the challenges for you.

    Their quick response ensures minimal disruption to your operations, helping you maintain business continuity and sustain customer trust.

    In essence, a reliable consultant acts as a pillar of support for your IT operations, elevating your technological capabilities, security, and efficiency.

    By entrusting them with these responsibilities, you confidently direct your focus on strategic decision-making and business growth.

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    Now that you have understood the crucial value of IT infrastructure consultants in the life of your business, let’s move on to explore how IT infrastructure consulting further adds value to your organization.

    How Do You Benefit from IT Infrastructure Consulting?

    Let’s now delve deep into how partnering with IT infrastructure companies unlocks countless benefits for your organization:

    Proactive IT Management

    The IT infrastructure consulting services partner operates on a proactive model, meaning they identify and address IT issues before they become critical problems.

    For instance, through continuous monitoring, they can detect potential manufacturing system vulnerabilities or performance issues and resolve them before they escalate.

    This proactive approach leads to fewer disruptions, smoother operations, and improved efficiency.

    Ready Access to Expertise

    IT infrastructure consulting services provide you with an entire team of IT infrastructure specialists with varied skills and expertise.

    Whether you’re dealing with iSeries, Microsoft Dot Net, or any other technology, you have the right talent at your service, 365x24x7.

    It’s like having a full IT department without the overheads.

    Cost-Efficiency by 4X

    Partnering with IT infrastructure services companies reduces your IT costs dramatically.

    They eliminate the need for large capital investments in IT infrastructure and reduce expenses on recruitment, training, and benefits associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure staff.

    Also, with predictable monthly charges, budgeting becomes simpler and more accurate for your decision-makers.

    Enhanced Security and Compliance

    IT infrastructure services providers are equipped to handle all your data security and regulatory compliance challenges effectively.

    They employ the latest security measures to protect your data and help ensure your infrastructure is compliant with relevant regulations, thereby reducing your liability and risk.


    IT infrastructure companies quickly scale up and down to meet your changing business needs. Whether you are expanding your team, launching a new product, or experiencing a sudden spike in demand, IT infrastructure consultants seamlessly accommodate these changes without significant delays.

    In essence, the best IT Infrastructure consulting providers deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective, and flexible solution to promptly address your IT Infrastructure challenges. By partnering with the right IT infrastructure consultants, you are empowered to focus on your core competencies, leaving the intricate IT responsibilities to the experts.

    With these impressive benefits, it’s clear why many organizations outsource their IT infrastructure consulting to competent partners.

    Should your company also resort to this service today? Read ahead and decide.

    How Partnering with an IT Infrastructure Consulting Services Provider Benefit Businesses of All Sizes?

    Out of multiple reasons, we have enlisted a few important ones:

    Ready Access to Top-Notch IT infrastructure Expertise

    Partnering with IT infrastructure companies means you have ready access to a large pool of experts. These professionals have extensive experience across various technologies, including iSeries/IBM i and Microsoft ecosystems.

    They keep up with the latest technology trends and continually enhance their skills to meet your emerging IT infrastructure needs. Whether your requirements are common or highly specialized, an extended IT Infrastructure consulting team will have the expertise to manage them effectively.

    Picture this – You’re migrating your iSeries operations to a cloud-based system. With the expertise of AS400 professionals, you enable a seamless transition to the cloud.

    The IT infrastructure consultants guide you through the journey, avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring a smooth transition, and maximizing the new system’s benefits. As a result, you start reaping the benefits of the new system sooner than later.

    Cost Savings by 4X

    Partnering with IT infrastructure services companies results in substantial cost savings.

    You bear expenses only for the services you need, which can be adjusted according to your changing business needs. This flexibility eliminates expenses related to the recruitment, training, and other overheads of maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure team.

    Moreover, most IT infrastructure consulting services come with a fixed monthly or annual fee, making it easier to plan your budget accurately. You have a clear overview of your IT infrastructure expenditure, enabling more strategic decision-making and resource allocation.

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    Better Focus on Core Business Activities

    By entrusting your IT Infrastructure operations to a reliable outsourcing partner, you can redirect your focus to your core business operations.

    The best IT infrastructure consulting providers ensure that your IT infrastructure is running error-free, freeing up your crucial time to focus on strategic planning, improved customer service, better product innovation, and other critical areas crucial for your business growth.

    This division of labor ensures your IT infrastructure, network, data center, users and customers, and business operations receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

    Picture this- as a CTO or CIO, instead of dealing with routine IT Infrastructure management tasks, you’re focusing on strategizing your business’s digital transformation, exploring new technological avenues, or building strategic partnerships.

    Scalability and Flexibility

    As your business grows, your IT Infrastructure needs to grow inevitably. You may need more storage, computing power, or a larger network.

    With IT infrastructure consulting and network management services you enjoy highly scalable and flexible solutions.

    Rather than investing heavily in new resources or training your in-house team, your IT Infrastructure partner easily scales their services up and down based on your changing needs.

    Let’s say, your company is suddenly seeing a significant increase in data usage. The IT Infrastructure services companies promptly increase your storage and processing capacity to accommodate this surge. This flexibility allows your IT infrastructure to evolve with your business, always meeting your current demands without significant delays or financial investments.

    24/7 Support

    IT infrastructure companies typically provide round-the-clock support ensuring that no matter when an issue arises, a dedicated team of IT infrastructure professionals is available to address it promptly.

    In a world where even a few minutes of downtime leads to substantial revenue losses and reputation damages, having 24/7 support for your team is game-changing.

    Let’s say your critical server has failed in the middle of the night. Your dedicated IT infrastructure consulting team immediately springs into action, minimizes downtime and limiting the impact on your business operations. This level of support enhances productivity and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your IT infrastructure is always in capable hands.

    Enhanced Security and Compliance

    The IT Infrastructure consultant has expertise in various regulatory standards, from GDPR to ISO and SOC. They stay up to date with the latest developments in cybersecurity, ensuring your IT infrastructure adheres to all relevant regulations and is as secure as possible.

    This reduces your infrastructure’s exposure to risk and frees you from the complexities of managing security and compliance yourself.

    Let’s say, your business operations involve handling sensitive customer data and need airtight data protection, the consultants take strict measures. The IT infrastructure services companies implement robust security measures, such as firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems.

    They also provide regular security audits and reports, helping you demonstrate your compliance to regulators and stakeholders.

    Given these compelling reasons, it’s clear how IT Infrastructure services revolutionize your IT infrastructure.

    However, the choice of provider is crucial to fully avail of these these benefits.

    If you are looking for a reliable IT infrastructure consulting partner, your search ends at Integrative Systems.

    1. But why should you choose us?

    2. What sets us apart in the field of IT Infrastructure Management?

    Why Integrative Systems as Your IT Infrastructure Consulting Services Partner?

    In the rapidly evolving world of technology, having a reliable partner to navigate your IT journey makes a notable difference.

    That’s where Integrative Systems come into the picture.

    At Integrative Systems, we don’t merely offer IT infrastructure services, we deliver tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs and goals that fit like a glove.

    Our vast expertise in iSeries and Microsoft technologies and our commitment to excellence sets us apart from your prospects.

    Here are some reasons to choose Integrative Systems for your IT infrastructure support, and consulting management needs.

    • Experienced Team: Our team comprises seasoned IT network professionals with proven experience in managing complex IT infrastructures. Our expertise spans various domains, promising that we can handle your unique IT needs competently and precisely.
    • Proactive Approach: We believe in preventing issues before they occur. Our proactive approach means we’re continually monitoring and optimizing your IT infrastructure, ensuring its efficiency and reliability.
    • Customer-Centric Solutions: We understand that each business is unique. Our solutions are tailored to satisfy your specific needs and objectives, ensuring you get maximum ROI from your IT investments.
    • Commitment to Security: With the increasing cyber threat landscape, we prioritize the security of your IT infrastructure. Our team stays abreast of the latest security trends and regulations, ensuring your data and systems are always protected.
    • 24/7 Support: We’re there for you whenever you need us. With 24/7 support, you rest assured that any IT Infrastructure issue will be effectively addressed.

    In a world increasingly dependent on technology, partnering with Integrative Systems for your IT infrastructure consulting needs, will prove to be a strategic move towards robust, efficient, and secure IT Infrastructure operations.

    Consider looking at the list of IT Infrastructure services we offer –

    • IT Security and Compliances
    • 24/7/365 Helpdesk & Technical Support
    • Managed Network/Server/Data Center
    • Back up & Disaster Recovery
    • Managed Cloud Infrastructure
    • IT Asset Management

    Want to know more about us?

    Reach out to us at [email protected], and let’s unlock your IT Infrastructure and business potential together.

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