Why so Many Irrelevant Questions on The Future of AS400/iSeries systems?

In 1988, IBM introduced the AS400 system with several integrated systems featuring hardware (AS400) and an operating system (OS400). The system was used to perform data integration and several other core business functions.

With the passage of time, both the hardware and software of AS400 have undergone many upgrades, revisions, and name changes. Today the AS400 system is popularly known as IBM iSeries, while the hardware is known as Power Systems and operating system is called as IBMi.

One of the powerful features of this system is its compatibility. All software applications created on the legacy AS400 still run on the latest IBMi running on the POWER server with enhanced capabilities. This is the reason that companies that invested in an AS400 decades ago continue to leverage this system for their current needs. This is the reason companies that opted for the stability of AS400 decades ago continue to leverage the systems capabilities and its newer technological features gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Globally, there are over 100,000 companies that steadfastly rely on their AS400 architecture.

Some of the key advantages offered by iSeries Systems are as discussed

IBM iSeries is scalable:

IBMi is scalable, it supports business requirements that range from a very small to very large organizations. They can start with an affordable 4-core server and can go up to 256-core machines.

2IBM iSeries is modern:

In addition, it supports a healthy mix of native and open source development languages. including RPG, Cobol, SQL, Java, .NET, PHP, C, and C++.

3IBM iSeries is secure:

Everything including the software, databases, files, etc. on the AS400 is object based. Due to this native architecture, it is impossible to hack data stored at the iSeries server. That’s the reason it is the preferred choice in several data sensitive organizations such as banking, finance and insurance companies.

4IBM iSeries is reliable:

The system has successfully passed the test of time. It features enterprise-class reliability, which is the reason behind its immense popularity.

Then, why are there so many questions the future of AS400 systems? When it Has Never Stopped Innovating and Delivered a World Class Software Development Platform at a Considerable Cost Advantage

One of the answers could be that AS400/iSeries systems are not often used for simple, popular office functions, instead they are used to handle robust, business-critical applications like ERP, finance, or health information systems.

Apart from this, business leader fears that some of the technology veterans are reaching their retirement age. And with their retirement, all their knowledge and expertise walk out of the door.

However, they need to understand the underlying technology is well documented, understood and there are several organizations that are experts on the AS400 platform. Integrative Systems prides itself to be one such organization.

Integrative Systems brings more than 20 years of extensive IBM iSeries experience. Our solutions encompass AS400 software development, iSeries consulting and iSeries modernization. Our state-of-the-art transformation services – help our clients improve their operation by augmenting current business functionalities – from time-tested critical AS400 applications to newer architecture –with point click, API integrations, secure applications.

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