In 1988, IBM introduced the AS400 system with several integrated systems featuring hardware (AS400) and an operating system (OS400). The system was used to perform data integration and several other core business functions.

With the passage of time, both the hardware and software of AS400 have undergone many upgrades, revisions, and name changes. Today the AS400 system is popularly known as IBM iSeries, while the hardware is known as Power Systems and operating system is called as IBMi.

One of the powerful features of this system is its compatibility. All software applications created on the legacy AS400 still run on the latest IBMi running on the POWER server with enhanced capabilities. This is the reason that companies that invested in an AS400 decades ago continue to leverage this system for their current needs. This is the reason companies that opted for the stability of AS400 decades ago continue to leverage the systems capabilities and its newer technological features gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Globally, there are over 100,000 companies that steadfastly rely on their AS400 architecture.