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    14 Best Custom Software Development Companies in Chicago 2024

    • Is it hard for you to satisfy customers with your business software not adapting to new industry trends?
    • Is your current software development company charging you diamonds and delivering gold-plated products?
    • Are you looking for the best software development companies in Chicago that can help you with the right set of expertise?

    As a leading software development company in Chicago, we understand your challenges. It’s frustrating when you spend heavily on software development only to be disappointed with the results.

    The best answer is to partner with a company with a proven track record, like those listed here, to ensure successful and reliable outcomes for your projects.

    Before you decide to invest in the partnership of software companies in Chicago, it’s important to understand what they bring to the table –

    With software companies’ custom software solutions, you can:

    • Personalize your software according to your business needs and requirements.
    • Have the flexibility to add new robust features whenever the industry demands.
    • Ensure top-level security to protect your company’s and your customer’s data.
    • Get support and maintenance even post-deployment of the software to ensure its smooth functioning.
    • Be the sole owner of your software and don’t pay hefty licensing fees.
    • Choose the functionalities you want in your software and pay only for them, unlike off-the-shelf software.

    Yes, many top custom software development companies in Chicago promise to deliver on your expectations, but you have to be on your toes while choosing the right partner for yourself.

    Sounds like a task, doesn’t it?

    Don’t worry! We’ve simplified the daunting task of finding the top software companies in the Chicago area.

    Whether you are in the early stages of exploration or have considered many options, this blog dives deep into Chicago’s tech scene and highlights top custom software development firms in Chicago.

    Let’s dive right in.

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    List of 14 Custom Software Development Chicago Companies

    1. Custom Software Development Company Chicago: Integrative Systems

    Integrative Systems, founded in 2001, is one of the best custom software development companies in Chicago.

    Integrative Systems is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and specializes in building custom business solutions with customer’s success first approach.

    With over 2 decades of industry experience and a 250+ strong team of certified professionals, Integrative Systems has earned a place in the list of top custom software development companies in Chicago.

    With the top custom software developers working for its clientele spread over Canada and the United States, Integrative Systems claims to have cracked the code for client success.

    The services include website development, custom software development, enterprise software development, .Net development, IT services and consulting.

    What makes Integrative Systems stand out in the Chicago market is the experience of having executed over 1150 projects for clients all over the world in the last two decades. Plus, they are a Microsoft Partner and IBM business partner. They have also made it to the prestigious list of INC5000 as one of the fastest-growing American firms.

    Whether B2B or B2C, SMEs or large enterprises, this custom software development firm is renowned for its tailored approach and delivering products at double the speed and half the price.

    It is an ideal fit for business leaders like you who seek a reliable partnership. As Integrative Systems’ leaders are known for their expertise and dedication.

    2. Custom Software Development Firm Chicago: Intersog

    Intersog is not just another name in the list of top custom software development companies of Chicago. Intersog has two offices in Canada and two in Ukraine. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and has two other offices in Israel and Mexico as well.

    Founded in 2005, Intersog has a strength of 250+ top custom software developers who specialize in custom software development. This not being alone, they also offer other custom software-related solutions too.

    Other than custom software development, its service wing includes Mobile app development, IoT development, and other IT-related consulting and assistance which seizes its place in the list of top custom software development companies in Chicago.

    3. Chicago Software Development Firm: MXOtech

    MXOtech is yet another name to count on when jotting down the list of the best companies for custom software development in Chicago. Established in 2005, MXOtech specializes in software development and IT services.

    In 2022, Ntiva acquired MXOtech, blending the unique skills and expertise of both entities. MXOtech’s personalized service and client-first philosophy have enabled the Company to maintain a close to 100% client retention rate and be recognized as a leader by Inc Magazine, MSPmentor, and others.

    Other than custom software development services, the Chicago-based firm also offers IT managed services for their software platforms, and IT strategy consulting.

    The MXOtech’s developers specialize in user interface and user experience design, business intelligence and systems integration, and data integration are other services. MXOtech also supports the architecture, engineering, construction, and healthcare industries with its custom software development services.

    4. Company for Software Development in Chicago: 8th Light

    8th Light is recognized as one of the top custom software development companies in Chicago. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Madison, and London, they’re also one of the select few software companies in Chicago that specialize in custom web application development.

    Being an employee-owned firm is what separates 8th Light from the competing companies in the Chicago market. Back in 2014, 8th Light started diluting the shares through its employees and became an employee-owned firm with more than 40% of team members currently owning the stocks.

    The firm, with an extensive team of 170+ expert professionals specializing in web development, bespoke software development solutions, web design, mobile app development, and cloud consulting. And it surely deserves a mention while counting the best companies for custom software development in Chicago.

    Since 2006, 8th Light has collaborated with hundreds of clients and has assisted firms ranging from Startup ground to Fortune 500 corporations in developing custom software solutions that solve their unique challenges.

    What makes 8thLight stand apart among the best Chicago software development companies is they are powered by the collective depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects – design, data, development, and DevOps.

    5. Custom Software Development Company Chicago: Directio

    Founded in 1996, Directio is a midsize custom development company with offices in Rochester, New York, Toronto, Canada, and Warszawa, Poland. To scale their services globally they opened offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Manila, Philippines, in 2019.

    With a 110+ strong team of top custom software developers, Directpl specializes in end-to-end custom software development, application management, and support, IT managed services, and application testing. Their team also boasts expertise in data visualization, staff augmentation, and on-going support.

    With a small yet experienced team of experts, it is one of the best development partners that you can count on for Chicago’s custom software development companies.

    6. Software Development Firm Chicago: Neudesic

    Neudesic is a technology company that was established in 2002. The company has employed over 800 experts and has offices around the United States.

    Their offices are located in Irvine, Atlanta, Chicago, Illinois, Irving, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Exton, Tempe, Portland, and New York with international offices in India – Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kochi.

    Apart from offering custom software development services in Chicago, Neudesic offers services around big data consulting, cloud consulting, and mobile application development.

    The majority of their clientele operates in the healthcare, energy, and gaming industries which demand customized development. Having served the high-in-demand industries, Neudesic makes a special place for itself in the list of the best custom software development companies in Chicago.

    Neudesic has also collaborated with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, GE, Johnson & Johnson, UPS, Xerox, etc. bringing you the best in expertise and reliability.

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    7. Custom Software Development Company Chicago: Devbridge

    Founded in 2008, Devbridge Group is a Cognizant company specializing in Software Design and Software Development and holds a reputation worth being considered as one of the best software development companies in Chicago. It is headquartered in Chicago, with a second office in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Devbridge boasts a team of over 400 professionals that provide mobile app development, web development, UX/UI design, and custom software development, data strategy & intelligence, software engineering maturity, and legacy modernization services.

    Aside from developing unique software, Devbridge also assists companies in defining strategy, analyzing data, leveraging new capabilities, and achieving organizational change.

    They provide services to clients from the financial services, industrial, and information technology industries.

    What makes Devbridge stand out in the software development Chicago market is their promise to deliver mission-critical products faster than the industry average.

    8. Software Development Company Chicago: Digital Silk

    Digital Silk is one of its kind custom software development company in Chicago that specializes in delivering exceptional user experience. Their offices are in Chicago, New York, Miami, and Milano.

    Impressive is their list of clients as they have collaborated with HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Xerox, AT&T, NFL, P&G, and NASA and other major B2B and B2C companies.

    Their list of services includes bespoke software development, branding, digital strategy, website design and development, digital marketing, and much more.

    The reason they have made it to this list of custom software development companies based in the Chicago area is Digital Silk specializes in creating innovative and successful digital products that increase brand engagement. To ensure success and a focused approach toward each project, they assign a team of top industry specialists to it.

    From building corporate websites to complex animations, Digital Silk walks in with a ‘Done It All’ approach.

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    9. Custom Software Developer Company Chicago: DMC Engineering

    Founded in 1996, DMC is a project-based engineering and software development company based out of Chicago, Illinois.

    Headquartered in Chicago, DMC also has offices in Boston, New York, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and St. Louis. Over 300 people work with DMC and strive to deliver efficient products and services for their clients.

    They design bespoke software for the website, desktop, and mobile applications and provide big data consulting services. DMC has worked with clients from various sectors, including aerospace, agricultural, medical, printing, and telecommunications.

    Be it web development, custom software development, or mobile application development, this custom software development company in Chicago has mastered them all.

    10. Software Development in Chicago, USA: Software Aspire Systems

    Established in 1996, Aspire Systems is one of the select few to feature in the list of top custom software development companies in Chicago.

    Aspire Systems specializes in developing custom business solutions and currently employs over 1000+ skilled custom software developers.

    Headquartered in Chicago, Aspire Systems also has offices in Singapore, Belgium, Poland, Mexico, and India, among other locations.

    Coming to their service wing, they carry expertise in website design, eCommerce development, mobile application development, software development, and custom software development.

    Designing compelling user interfaces and user experiences is one of the expertise that they have developed over the years. In addition to this, they also offer company planning and brand development services.

    11. Custom Software Development in Chicago: Atomic Object

    Founded in 2001, Atomic Object is one of the top custom software development companies that specializes in developing custom business solutions that are both robust and user-friendly.

    Notably, they have offices located in Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Chicago.

    They closely collaborate with their clients to understand their challenges and develop products that span websites, smartphones, desktops, and custom solutions. And this is why the list of the best custom software development companies in Chicago is incomplete without a mention of Atomic Object.

    Their expert team of custom software developers and designers can assist you with everything from planning to execution.

    Interestingly, their range of services include web design, user experience, software development, mobile app development, website development, enterprise software development, etc.

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    12. Software Development Outsourcing Companies: HatchWorks AI

    HatchWorks is one of the recognized leaders in software development in Chicago with a widespread presence in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Jose, Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, and Lima,

    What brings HatchWorks to this list is its promise to serve your custom software development needs through local, high-quality services powered by affordability and sustainability.

    The HatchWorks team takes pride in putting the customer’s outcomes at the forefront of every engagement.

    Interestingly, this Chicago-based software development firm boasts a team of 200+ professionals while its clients span fintech, healthcare, communications, and other relevant industries.

    Like other software development outsourcing companies in this list, HatchWorks is also recognized as 5000 fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine and Great Place to Work.

    13. Software Development Company in Chicago: Wezom

    Wezom is a full-range software development company based out of Chicago, Illinois.

    Be it a young startup or a thriving enterprise, Wezom is known for turning digital ideas into powerful and lucrative realities for businesses of all sizes.

    Their expertise spans all relevant industries including education, healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, logistics, oil & gas, energy & utilities.

    It is one of the young-spirited custom software development companies that gives you extensive IT, tech, and business experience and expertise to handle all of your business challenges and turn them into solutions.

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    14. Chicago Custom Software Development: Saritasa

    Saritasa, Builders of Better is a custom software development firm in Chicago.

    Instead of taking a transactional approach to client engagements, the Saritasa team strives to deeply understand your complex business challenges and apply technology to solve them.

    At Saritasa, they emphasize building systems for today that adjust to your tomorrow. With expertise spanning over 21 industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Social Media, and Retail/e-commerce.

    With 18 years in business, 1769 Projects delivered, and 206 team members, Saritasa is truly a powerhouse in software development in Chicago.

    We have brought you the best of Chicago’s software development companies rigorously selected to meet your needs.

    Wondering – “Which company Is right for you?”

    Although each company excels in their respective specialties, Integrative Systems stands out with its profound experience and proven track record.

    Based out of Chicago, Integrative Systems is your best alternative to custom software development companies that overpromise but under-deliver.

    Read on to know why Integrative Systems is the partner you’ve been looking for.

    Integrative Systems: Best Custom Software Development Company in Chicago

    Your search for the right custom software development company in Chicago ends with Integrative Systems for some obvious reasons!

    Here’s Why!

    • We prioritize your success over ours.
    • We help you chalk down the business requirements with a clearly defined objective, that adds to your desired outcome.
    • We assist you in creating value using cost-effective IT delivery mechanisms, enabling you to outperform your competitors.
    • We provide you with the ability to add products, services, and markets by utilizing our resource scalability.
    • We help you reach the market at double the speed and half the cost.
    • By expanding your team with our expert technical professionals who can work for you 24×7, you can fulfill your desires throughout the year.
    • Design custom software for you that is reliable, full of robust features, user-friendly, and superior in every arena.

    At Integrative Systems, we are one of the leading custom software development companies in Chicago, Illinois. We are a resourceful development partner if you are looking for one or even be a development consultant who can save the day for you.

    We have consistently delivered the kind of expertise you value in a reliable custom software development partner.

    Want us to work for you?

    Please send us your specifications at [email protected] and our team will get back to you within 2 business days to discuss and understand your requirements.

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