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    Looking for Custom Software Development Services in Chicago? Integrative Systems can Help!

    Several decades ago, the software development market was heavily monopolized. In such a scenario, end-users were constrained into using COTS that were not customizable. Customizations were primarily wishful thinking and restricted to high-demand features.

    Currently, things are different and thanks to custom software development company in Chicago such as Integrative Systems. Custom software development has become the norm in today’s business world. Feature-rich custom software applications that are extensible and based on open-source standards have triggered many a business transformation.

    Ranked sixth on the list of Global Technology Innovation Centres, Chicago has emerged as one of the fastest-growing technology-friendly cities in this decade.

    Chicago is a wonderful blend of technology entrepreneurship and engineering talent. With over 220,649 community members, Chicago ranks No. 3 in the Tech Talent Growth Market. The tech-friendly city attributes the growth to veterans like Motorola, Coyote Logistics, Overcome Health and many more. What attracts techies to this city is the endless support they receive from a wide network of developers and programmers. In addition, Chicago is a haven for entrepreneurs, with a place to work, a collaborative culture, significant investment capital, and affordable real estate.

    With all such things in mind, Integrative Systems started its journey from here, two decades ago. And, since then we are continuously working on expanding our technology footprints by offerings custom software development services to progressive start-ups as well as major technology companies all around the world.

    We work with you as an extended team of developers to create robust and secure custom software solutions that meet the needs of your business. So, whether you’re a B2B company looking for innovative solutions to increase your ROI or a Start-up looking to increase your customer base, you can count on us.

    Many businesses cannot rely on generalized solutions such as COTS because of the pressures of adapting to market trends. Another driver of this growing need for custom software is the highly specialized nature of businesses and the verticals they cater to. Companies believe in providing highly insightful, researched, and comprehensive services to their customers, so they want software applications to align with growing needs. Hence they are keen to partner with custom software development in Chicago, as they can help them build a custom software application that fulfills their business needs.

    How Businesses can Reap the benefits of Custom Software with Integrative Systems?

    Tailor-made, specialized, and customer-centric – these are the words of focus in a highly competitive landscape. Opportunities are abundant, the market potential is immense, but the players competing for market share are sophisticated too. These are some of the many reasons why customers are looking for a catalyst like Integrative Systems. This leading technology firm offers custom software development services in Chicago. Have a look at the benefits of working with Integrative Systems for a holistic business approach:

    Purpose-built Software

    Organizations need dedicated business solutions with zero functional wastage, and that can fulfill their business needs. Unlike generalized off-the-shelf software, custom solutions’ highly modular, pluggable architecture is more favorable for a highly dynamic business environment.

    Businesses also want to leverage software-as-a-service by using existing applications or integrating their portfolio with cloud technologies. The need for scalability and to adopt the SaaS model is driving businesses to seek out custom software development firms.

    Highly Integrate-able

    Ideally, software should never be time-bound. It creates continuity issues. A time-wrapped software solution can levy constraints on businesses to upgrade to newer versions. Instead, the software has to be backward and forward compatible. This requirement is of great benefit and importance in modular applications.

    A modular application can integrate with legacy, current, and future technologies. But COTS vendors create software for a general audience, focusing less on specific end-user groups. Purchasing COTS for specialized uses leads to functional wastage. Over a period of time, it creates a cost-over-benefits negative ratio. So organizations can opt for custom software development services in Chicago to get future-ready software applications on board.


    Organizations worldwide are at the mercy of prominent software vendors, their yearly licensing fees, support costs, and upgrade hikes. Most organizations experience functional wastage, which pays for features that are not required or not used in full capacity. Another downside of being locked into off-the-shelf products is if the product is decommissioned, software vendors might stop support and even ask customers to upgrade to a newer secure version. This has led organizations, enterprises, and large industries to opt for custom software development services. With Integrative Systems, enterprises can own the software development process, as the output mirrors their expectations.


    Bespoke application development by Integrative Systems is a collaborative process. Customers are part of the team in the software development process. They are free to choose features, functional flows, technologies, developers, designers, timelines, and delivery dates. They also have a say in the budget, costing, estimations, and final project billing.

    The level of transparency in dealing with customers is high in custom software development firms in Chicago. Most customers want this type of collaborative systems development. They can fine-tune a solution as per their business-specific requirements. They can reap the rewards of such an effort in the near-term and long-term by creating unique solutions in the form of custom software applications to address specific problem sets.

    Using SMAC and Bleeding Edge Technologies

    Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) and technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, etc., are going to be ubiquitous. SMAC and bleeding-edge technologies will permeate all aspects of the public domain in some form or the other. Customers need solutions that have interfaces to such eventualities. Building a future-proof solution requires know-how and expertise.

    Integrative Systems, a reputed company offering custom software development services in Chicago, uses advanced tools and technologies for this purpose. Solutions can be modular, docker or containerization-ready, and based on open APIs. Their efforts are not to reinvent the wheel; rather, to reduces cost and increases impact in the least possible time.

    Low-code Declarative Customer Side app Builders

    Integrative Systems can build custom software apps that are declarative. These are low code apps that are featured for drag-and-drop functionality. The drag-and-drop actions help non-developers, client-side data modelers, model workflows, business processes, data flows, etc. This type of application development plays an essential role in the custom software development evolution.

    With an easy-to-use software interface and highly configurable feature sets, the hyper-flexible nature of the application makes it a powerful proposition for businesses who want creative solutions for creative problems.

    Reusable Software Components

    Modular code has been around for a long time. But not many software vendors are fully leveraging its power. One of the significant value additions that modularization brings is code-refactoring and reusability. Integrative Systems, an experienced custom software development company in Chicago, has experience in customizations, upgrades, and modernization of existing business applications.

    There are numerous platforms, technologies that support this paradigm. Integrative Systems can help businesses implement modularization of their internal application portfolios. So that refactored or reused code can save costs, reduce cumulative development efforts, and standardize developments costs/efforts.

    Adaptive Maintenance

    In custom software development projects, there are multiple types of maintenance. Adaptive maintenance is the change management of software applications responsively and proactively. Adaptive maintenance is highly critical and dynamic in a business environment.

    Adaptive maintenance can be applied for a broad range of reasons. A change in regulation can create a need for aligning a software application’s data policies as per the regulation. A security upgrade may require changes in the code of the application to integrate the changes. Likewise, changes to the operating system, data format upgrade, etc., trigger the need for adaptive maintenance.

    Improvisation maintenance is another form of adaptive maintenance. It is responsible for increasing the performance and security of existing applications. A trusted company offering custom software development services can remove vulnerabilities, reduce processing overhead, modularize code, and improve the overall performance of applications. Improvisation maintenance is also similar to preventive maintenance. The effort is to rearguard the software application for being compromised by advanced security threats like the latter.

    Meticulous Quality Assurance

    Software quality is the most important thing when it comes to customer services. Integrative Systems, a versatile custom software development company in Chicago, has a sound testing and quality assurance framework covering all application development programs. Unit testing, system integration testing, regression testing, re-testing, automated testing, user acceptance testing, production testing, performance testing, usability testing – all aspects of quality assurance are correctly aligned in a software development lifecycle.

    UX-focused Development Approach

    Integrative Systems incorporates a UX-powered approach using an agile development process that quickly tracks your project, facilitates team engagement, builds transparency, and reduces technical debt.

    We begin by understanding your organizational goals for creating information architecture for your users and provide you the road map of your product. Moreover, we offer several sprints to demonstrate efficiency and keep you updated at every step of project development cycle.

    The experts at Integrative Systems, can help you with:

    • Workflow Management Software
    • Gaming Software
    • Instant Messaging Software

    Robust Security

    Experts at Integrative Systems conduct periodic security audits such as risk assessment, vulnerability and security scans and access tests to identify imaginary cyber threats in your custom software solution.

    Security tests are performed at each stage of development process, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities and avoid attempts to rewrite the code. This results in improving overall health of your software and facilitates faster delivery, increased ROI, and less time to market.

    Post-delivery Support and Maintenance

    We are your dedicated strategic partners, who understand the importance of keeping pace with emerging trends. Integrative Systems provide extended support even after delivery of the software, to find technical issues and improve the overall working of your custom software solutions.

    We implemented enhancements in developed custom software solutions to improve features in your system – so that they can result in better performance. In addition, we scan for glitches in your software and take corrective action to prevent them. That way, working with us provides you the benefit in form of cost reduction.

    Explore Our Services:

    • Software & Technology Consulting
    • Software Development
    • Mobile Application Development
    • Cloud Integrations
    • Data Management & Data Governance
    • Custom Software Development

    FAQs About Custom Software Development

    1. How much does custom software development cost?

    The cost of custom software development depends upon its complexity and technology integration. We are open to discussing your needs and providing detailed quotations.

    2. How to have a meeting to discuss software needs with you?

    Most of the time, the meeting is unnecessary, and the work can be discussed via Skype or email. Through online means, we can discuss your project and other requirements.

    3. Why is custom software development expensive? 

    Custom software solutions is developed when off-the-shelf software does not work properly for an organization. Customized software saves licensing fees and training efforts because it is explicitly designed to match clients’ needs. Since the client owns the intellectual property, the cost is often high due to the initial efforts.

    4. How do you ensure privacy?

    All of our employees are full-time and adhere to the company’s privacy and non-disclosure terms. In addition, for sensitive projects, we create a separate cell that is not connected to any public network.

    5. How long does it take to develop custom software? 

    The approximate duration for developing any software depends on its type and complexity.

    In case you have a deadline, we will work hard to meet it. To find out the exact time to develop your software, you can consult our experts, and we will be present in front of you with answers.

    6. How do you keep customers informed about progress?

    We use agile scrum development methods. You’ll be an integral part of sprint planning – from the start to the review before the release date.

    7. Do you have the expertise of mobile apps also? 

    Yes! We develop applications for all major mobile development platforms – iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows Mobile.


    Integrative Systems develops specialized software solutions as per changing market dynamics. An experienced custom software development company helps businesses upgrade their existing systems and empowers them to grow more. Write to [email protected] if you are looking for a partner for your next project.

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