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    Do you Have All these Professional Skills as a .Net Software Developer?

    Do you want agile end-to-end applications and website products for your company? Are you looking for skilled and versatile .NET developers to manage all your software development requirements?

    It can be a task to differentiate the top talent in the .NET programming arena from the rest.

    But if you know all the core skill sets a talented .NET software developer is equipped with, your task will become super easy.

    But what are those special skills?

    Is there something you weren’t aware of?

    Don’t worry. We got you covered.

    Being in the .NET development industry for more than two decades years, we know the core skill that makes a .NET software developer the best fit for your company.

    Furthermore, we’ll also share all the industry insights and expertise to help you hire the most eligible .NET developer.

    So, without further ado, let’s have a look at all the professional skills a .NET software developer must be equipped with.

    Skills A Top .NET Developers Must Have

    If you are looking for a .NET developer, you don’t want to hire a developer with an average skill set. To refine your hiring process, here’s what you need to look for:

    Knowledge of ASP.NET Framework

    The first skill that a Dot Net Programmer should possess is in-depth knowledge of the ASP.NET framework. ASP.NET is one of the top used frameworks in the web development landscape. Most top developers use it to speed up their development process and seamlessly inject multiple features into a web application.

    ASP.NET MVC can be used in unit testing and to create complete software solutions with client-side web technologies.

    If a developer has ASP.NET as one of its skills, the candidate passes your initial selection round with finesse.

    SQL Skills

    SQL skills are a must-have for your developers, whether they specialize in MySQL or Microsoft SQL servers. Having data management skills and an understanding of data science will help execute .NET development tasks seamlessly.

    After all, it’s the data that’s ruling the world of technology, isn’t it?

    A .NET developer with SQL skills will always be a better option for your company to hire than a developer who doesn’t have the skill.

    Database Management

    Another critical skill that can play a decisive role in your hiring process is the database knowledge of the developer. Undoubtedly, .NET has several in-built databases, but you need a skilled person to manage the existing system.

    It’s difficult to resist onboarding a developer who possesses a combination of SQL knowledge and skills to manage databases such as Oracle. Even if the developer is adept at contemporary apps using MongoDB or CouchDB as their database, they can be trained.

    Its management enables the .NET developer to achieve desired tasks with optimum efficiency when it comes to data.

    Web Development Technologies

    If a .NET developer is not versed in creating appealing, highly interactive web applications, it’s a red flag for you. Being a skilled professional and having brief knowledge of all the leading client-side web technologies makes a .NET developer an all-rounder in managing projects of any stature.

    According to our experience in the industry, some of the important technologies that are important for a candidate to possess are CSS, jQuery, HTML, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

    Having a .NET developer with a knowledge of all these technologies adds a standout element to your development team.

    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

    Microsoft MVP is one of the highest-ranked, prestigious programs that helps to sharpen the skills of any .NET developer. If a candidate has successfully acquired this skill from the program, it means the individual has comprehensive technical knowledge in the .NET field.

    Such an individual is a perfect candidate to lead your team on complex .NET projects and help get the best out of the entire team.

    A person with such technical excellence can fulfill the role of a strong leader in your team and ensure your company sprinkles the best .NET knowledge on your projects.

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

    A developer having an MCSD certificate from Microsoft is another skill that we would highly recommend you look for in a candidate.

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer has the right knowledge and skills to easily manage all the maintenance and development aspects of a .NET project. The certification needs modification after two years so that the skills of a developer match the latest industry standards.

    You can provide the latest advanced products to your end-users to enhance their user experience if you have MCSD certified developers on your team.

    Practical Hands-on Experience

    Apart from all the technical skillset, having experience in the .NET framework will ensure that candidates have polished their skills over the years.

    It requires an investment of years of time and energy to master and be highly proficient in the framework. Having an expert in your team will help execute projects effectively.

    An experienced candidate is always preferred in a business institution because it saves all the expenditure on developing the required skill sets and time frame to understand the professional corporate culture.

    Creative Approach

    Some soft skills are more important even than hard skills when it comes to working on complex projects. One of those soft skills you can look for in a candidate is their creative approach to tackling different situations and problems. Having a creative mind at the backend of your projects is a bonus point for delivering the best creative product solutions to your target audience.

    If a candidate brings forward an app built by them on their own, it’s the best way to represent their skills and creativity. You can check their mindset and creative levels by examining the work they present.

    You can even go through some dynamic problems with the candidates and assess their answers. You’ll catch the creative element in their answers and approach, and it will help you filter the best candidate for the job.

    Creativity can help you spot future leaders in your development team and bring out the best .NET projects into reality.

    Good Communication Skills

    If a candidate cannot communicate well, they are not a good fit for your development team. Great communication is the core ingredient for success.

    A great communicator expresses their views in the most creative way, which might help you crack the most complex problems. A .NET developer needs to communicate with the clients and the in-house team regularly, and if there’s a lack of confidence and communication skills, the entire workflow will stumble.

    One of the top developers’ highlights is a web developer who can explain the complex codes into specific features and benefits to the clients.

    You would love an association with a developer who, both technically and verbally, can break down complex problems into multiple simple ones and connect them smoothly.

    These are the top skills that you need to look for in a .NET developer in the programming pool to build the best team in your company.

    It’s High-Time You Associate with the Best .NET Developers

    Using the latest technologies for your web apps and software is the best way to represent your professionalism and provide a great user experience. The .NET framework gives you the freedom to develop world-class software with more security and tons of premium functionalities.

    But hiring a .NET software developer and matching all the vital skills in an individual is a task in hand for your company.

    So, what if we tell you that there’s a way you can escape all the hiring headaches and still achieve your desired .NET products most cost-effectively?

    We at Integrative Systems have the right team with the right talent to handle all your .NET projects of any scale. For over 20 years, we are building creative applications in the .NET framework.

    Apart from all the technical abilities, we have the soft skills to manage all your requirements professionally and be completely transparent in communication throughout the project’s scope.

    We can help you get the best-talented team to deliver the most optimized and customized web apps and software for your enterprise so that you don’t fall short of representing the best image of your brand.

    Experience the best .NET development service in the states by hiring dot net programmers from Integrative Systems.

    Let’s get in touch and kick-start your next project discussion now.

    Please get in touch with team integrative at [email protected].

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