Top 8 Reasons Why .Net is the Preferred Development Platform

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    8 Reasons Why .Net is the Preferred Development Platform for Large Enterprises?

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    If anyone is thinking of gaining new visitors to their website, keep them engaged, and turn visitors into customers, then creating high-quality content and a responsive website is critical for success. With many options available in the market, choosing the right platform for your website development is very essential.

    For your website development, you can choose a custom dot net development company as it is the most preferred choice of developers worldwide. The platform offers a rich application development functionality for designing great websites. This is one of the reasons that top organizations around prefer .Net development for their projects. Apart from this, there are various reasons we have discussed in this blog that makes .Net the first choice for developers. Let’s have a look!


    Microsoft is the productive and platform company for a mobile-first and cloud-first world.Satya Nadella (Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft)

    Microsoft has always been a leader in offering dynamic and secure business solutions to the world. Microsoft has strived hard to develop modern technologies, and continuous innovation is always going on at various R&D centers.

    And to top the list of innovations, Asp.Net development is the most demanded product from Microsoft. The platform needs no introduction, and it has been a developer’s delight for years and will continue to do so.

    Asp.Net was launched on 5th Jan 2002 to help developers design dynamic web pages, websites, and applications. Microsoft has released the platform with many exciting features, due to which it has become the most favorable platform for developers. Thus, many business applications opt for the Asp.Net framework for their development project.

    A custom net development company can offer .net solutions by partnering with Microsoft or as a standalone company. Now, let us look at some more genuine reasons, why top tech giants prefer this platform.

    Reasons Why Large Enterprises prefer .NET Development?

    1. Website and Web Applications

    A custom net development company offers three stable frameworks to build websites. These are – Asp.Net MVC, Web Forms, and Asp.Net Web Pages. The developer can choose any one of these, and they will get all the functionalities of Asp.Net. Moreover, all these frameworks also delivers a security model, depending upon membership. However, all the models offer the same facilities and services to manage everything, but the critical thing is Asp.Net’s core functionality.

    2. No Language Dependency

    Another top-class feature of .Net is its language independency. Means, you can use your favourite language to develop an application as there is no language barrier while working with any custom net development company.

    3. Improved Performance

    In our previous blogs, we have already discussed the features of .Net and how features like early binding, native optimization, and JIT compilation helps in improving the performance.

    4. The Simplicity of Framework

    You will not believe it, but the .Net platform has gained immense popularity and success due to its simplicity. That’s why organizations around the world are looking for a custom net development company for their projects. For example – Website configuration, client authentication, form submission, and many more tasks can be made quickly with the .Net framework.

    5. Easy to Maintain and Deploy

    Asp.Net enables you to manage websites with ease as the source code is attached with an HTML and allows flexibility to be executed on a server. Furthermore, due to built-in configuration, it’s easy to deploy applications on the .Net framework.

    6. Integrated HTML Environment

    Previously, the scripting done on the server-side was independent of the front-end and what visitors see on the site. For example, the designers would make a back-end application to oversee information and would make data sets as per the same programming. With asp net development company and their services, improvement is simple as there is no requirement for having separate front-end and back-end frameworks to oversee broad information. It brings web improvement, front-end and back-end exercises together which keep the info significantly coordinated. HTML is now inherent in the Asp.Net system and comes in with extra extensions like XML and CSS separately, making the framework indeed updated. This also helps in being comfortable with various browsers.

    7. An Array of Built-in Features

    Asp.Net is a platform created for being available to someone whenever needed. On the off chance that somebody doesn’t have any experience in developing web applications, it’s simple to set up with some basic features offered by Asp.Net. This makes it a ready-to-start platform and helps to save significant time for developers. It has implicit alternate ways which can automate routine tasks and diminish the regular work radically. Moreover, hosting applications on .Net through a custom net development company can lessen the strain on your server and upgrade execution multiple times. Along with this, Asp.Net decreases time via automating essential functions and preparing an extraordinary web application from a developer perspective.

    8. Assured High-Security

    For every organization, application security is of utmost importance, and nobody can compromise here. Also, organizations heavily depend upon applications for their business, so protecting the data and data storing process is very important. A custom net development company can give you security assurance, which is why it is much appreciated.


    All in all .Net has extensive features that make this platform successful compared to other available platforms in the marketplace. The attributes highlighted above are enough to ensure that innovative and complicated applications like e-commerce shopping cart tools, business, and corporate websites, can be developed on this platform.

    In case you are looking for an asp net development company for your website or app development, feel free to connect with Integrative Systems. We are the leading custom net development company with 20+ years of experience in the field of .Net development for clients of all sizes & varied verticals.

    Don’t hesitate to share your requirements with us at [email protected], and our executives will be there in 1-2 business days to accelerate the requirement gathering process.

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    • TAFF

      Absolutely great blog here. This blog has quite in-depth information nterprises prefer .NET Development

      • TAFF

        Absolutely great blog here.This blog has quite in-depth information regarding Enterprises prefer .NET Development

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