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    A Decision-Maker’s Guide to .NET Development Services

    Looking for an efficient application development platform, have you settled for .NET?

    Great choice!

    But do you wonder, why does .NET development prove to be a better choice in 2024?

    • NET is the most powerful and reliable application framework for web development.
    • .NET Framework is home to 34.2% of the total websites and web apps, and a top choice of Fortune 500 companies – According to a software development partner.
    • About 2,75,908 companies worldwide are currently leveraging Microsoft. NET. – As per Enlyft.
    • Out of all the customers that are leveraging .NET, a majority (74%) are small (<$50M), 6% are large (>$1000M) and 14% are medium-sized companies. – As per Enlyft.

    ASP.NET has been widely used to develop some of the most complex customer relations websites and applications. That is why it has become a popular choice among leaders looking for the most professional results.Now, as you realize the importance of the .NET Framework, let’s understand the importance of .NET development services

    ThinkingDeveloping apps on .NET framework must be easy”.

    Simply bring an idea and a couple of .NET developers, develop the app, and expect the customers and leads to walk in, right?


    Building a robust and bug-free .NET website application can be a daunting task depending on how complex the project is.

    This is when an ASP.NET development company walks in.

    A top-tier .NET development company delivers complex websites efficiently while prioritizing affordability without compromising quality, reliability, or efficiency.

    It boasts a team of seasoned experts and experienced professionals in Dot NET development services, ready to turn your ideas, concepts, and requests into fully functional applications!

    Explore this insightful guide to learn about the custom .NET development services offered by a dependable .NET development company, their Dot NET application development approach, and never worry about hiring ASP.NET developers again.

    dot net development services

    Let’s get going without further ado.

    First off, What are the Different .NET Development Services?

    .NET is a platform for developers to build applications using C#, F#, or other programming languages. ASP.NET is a framework for creating dynamic websites and applications.

    The framework is suitable for small and medium-sized projects and large enterprise applications.

    Dig deeper: .NET Vs ASP.NET – Make the Right Choice for Your Next Project

    A variety of ASP.NET development services are designed to suit different application development needs, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all requirements.

    For example, .NET Mobile Development offers specialized solutions for mobile-centric platforms whereas Web API Development in .NET emphasizes developing robust APIs for web applications.

    Let’s look at the different custom .NET software development services offered by an ASP.NET development company and understand the benefits they offer.

    Custom .NET Application Software development Services

    Custom .NET application development is the process of leveraging the .NET framework to develop apps that are tailor-made to solve the unique challenges and specific needs of your organization.

    As opposed to off-the-shelf .NET applications, custom .NET applications enable businesses to have complete control over the features, user experience, and functionalities of the applications.

    .NET Application Upgrade Services

    .NET application upgrade is the process of upgrading existing .NET applications to leverage the latest frameworks such as .NET Core or the latest versions of .NET Framework.

    This .NET development services empower you to optimize application performance without sacrificing the stability of the current systems.

    .NET Mobile Development Services

    As the name suggests, .NET mobile application development involves leveraging .NET functionalities to build effective mobile applications for Android, iOS, or Windows devices.

    These .NET application development services unlock effortless integration with the existing back-end systems, ensuring flawless performance, and consistent user experience.

    Desktop .NET Application Development Services for Windows

    Like .NET mobile app development services are for mobile, the desktop services are designed to develop robust .NET applications for the Windows operating system.

    A reliable ASP.NET development company offers these services leveraging the capabilities of .NET and associated tools to develop mobile and web applications compatible with Windows platforms.

    .NET Products and Technology Integration Services

    These services enable seamless integration of your existing system with various .NET products and technologies.

    For example, you may integrate .NET applications with third-party APIs to improve interoperability and overall business efficiency.

    Migration to .NET from iSeries, Legacy Systems, or Any Other Platform

    These .NET development services are self-explanatory. They involve migrating the existing systems and applications to .NET framework.

    These .NET services aim to future-proof the technology stack, reduce the support cost, boost innovation, and improve scalability to meet the evolving business needs.

    Custom .NET Software Development

    .NET QA and Support Services

    Along with the application development services, a reliable ASP.NET development company offers pro-active support to ensure you succeed in your IT endeavors.

    The company takes complete ownership of the post-development maintenance, software updates, and on-going support, ensuring the longevity of your .NET applications.

    Web API Development in .NET

    Web API development in .NET is about leveraging .NET tools and functionalities to build APIs suitable for web applications.

    This .NET development service enables smooth communication between disparate systems and develops efficient web applications.

    Hiring ASP.NET Developers

    One of the most in-demand services offered by custom .NET software development companies is the leverage to Hire .NET developers as an extension of your in-house team.

    This service involves hiring experienced .NET professionals on a full-time basis or part-time basis, depending on your requirements for the .NET expertise.

    This was about the top .NET development services that a reliable .NET development company offers.

    There’s more to it.

    Moving on, let’s look at other extensive services offered by NET development companies.

    List of Other Extensive Services Offered by ASP.NET Development Company

    1. Dynamic Web Applications with ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and SQL Server

    ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core allow you to create dynamic, data-driven web applications for complex interaction and have advanced functionality.

    The .NET applications built on these .NET frameworks have advantages of various technologies providing sophistication at every specific level.

    2. Web Applications Using ASP.NET MVC Framework, and Web API

    The ASP.NET MVC Framework is a design that distinguishes between different layers of application such as business logic, user interface, and database layers.

    This allows a better separation of interest and design from a development perspective. It can be used with traditional web forms.

    The Web API is used to build simple HTTP-based services. It provides a simple exchange of JSON text between the customer and the service provider.

    The Web API can be used to publish some of the features used in the app and can be used by any developer around the world on a variety of platforms.

    3. Responsive Web Design

    It is essential to have a single icon base optimized for all screen resolutions in today’s world of many form factors (desktop, tablet, mobile).

    Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach that aims to provide sites with an optimal viewing experience – easy readability and navigation with minimal scaling and scrolling – across a wide range of tools.

    This was about the various .NET development services offered by custom .NET software development company.

    Up next, let’s shed light on the .NET application development approach taken by the trusted .NET development companies in the USA.

    Ideal .NET Application Development Approach

    The .NET development partners take up a straightforward and efficient approach toward application and software development. Right before you begin your .NET development project, it’s essential to understand the approach inside out.

    Let’s dig deeper.

    Share Your Requirements

    Right after you finalize .NET development services partner, their technical team interacts with you to understand development needs.

    This involves business objectives, technology stack requirements, technological specifications, and other minute details.

    Requirement phases act as a deciding factor in your project’s success. It’s ideal to share all the requirements with granular details with your technology partner.

    These details are consolidated and put together to scope out project requirements & estimate cost, resources & time-to-market.

    Technical Consultation with Employment Plan

    Depending on your business objectives, the .NET professionals create a technical roadmap with a staffing plan that includes a set of skills and details about the experience your extended team must have.

    A detailed technical roadmap includes what technology stacks to use and how to navigate the project’s technical complexities.

    Talent Sourcing and Assigning your .NET Project

    Based on the technical roadmap, talent pools are made available to you.

    This is the best part of working with a .NET development services partner.

    You neither have to scout for the right technological talent nor do you need to get into the hassle of interviewing & on-boarding them. The technology partner of your choice does the legwork for you and sources the best cropped .NET talent for you.

    All you need to do is check the technical & cultural fitment of the professionals who will extend your team.

    Requirements Development and Forecasting

    Next, your extended team of handpicked .NET developers works closely with your in-house team to define project objectives and parameters.

    This is yet another crucial step that your .NET services provider helps you out with.

    Their team of .NET experts closely analyzes the project requirements and performs feasibility study considering all the dependencies & intricacies.

    This helps them put up a vision board reflecting the progress of the project. This helps you visualize all the smaller development milestones with a detailed timeline of the deliverables.

    Approval of Budget and Commencement of Work

    Once the requirements and forecast documents are approved, the custom .NET software development company implements a standard advisory agreement. Next, they choose the start date.

    Develop, Test and Refine

    Right next, they have an initial meeting to coordinate any last-minute thing like your system access and introducing key players.

    Depending on the expected time-to-market & timeline agreed, the development commences. With an iterative approach to development, the software functions are built, analyzed & refined till the expectations are met.

    The applications are tested under different usability environments and user loads.

    Before the final go-ahead, the .NET development services provider will deploy the applications on your on-premises environment for user-acceptance testing.

    With everything put together, and working as expected, the final software build is deployed to your on-premises environment.

    Maintenance and Extension

    Afte the application is delivered; adjustments are often required once the implementation is stable. And a dependable Dot NET application development company is always open to adjustments.

    This marks your entrance to the maintenance & support phase. You will continue to evolve, and so will your applications – depending on your changing business requirements.

    Well-versed in the .NET development approach adopted by a trusted ASP.NET development service provider, are you looking for a trusted NET development company to outsource software development services or hire .NET developers?

    Look no further than Integrative Systems.

    ASP.NET Development Company

    Hire .NET De­­­­­­velopers from Integrative Systems

    Integrative Systems is one of the best ASP.NET development companies, based out of Chicago, USA.

    We are known for designing and developing robust and multifunctional websites on the .Net development platform.

    As USA’s leading .NET application development services provider, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects for multiple industries.

    We are certified Microsoft Business Partners, and we stay abreast of the latest Microsoft .NET trends to provide practical & tried and tested software solutions to our customers.

    With over 20+ years of experience, we specialize in offering .NET and IBM AS400 services and serve varied industries. Our expertise lies in making business more efficient by eliminating manual processes and better managing operations.

    We develop software to manage customer data, billing, inventory, supply chain management, business operations, and other complex workflows.

    Furthermore, we develop customized software solutions that meet the unique needs of your company.

    Have questions for us?

    You can get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us at 1.866.468.7974 (INTSYSI).

    Frequently Asked Questions about .NET Development Services and .NET

    1. Will There Be a Dedicated Developer for My Project?

    Yes, you will get dedicated programmers who will stay in touch with you throughout the process.

    2. Can we see our ASP.NET project when it’s in progress?

    Of course! Your application is built on our web server, where you can access and monitor the application. You’ll have a username and password to log in and access. Whether you reach out to us to develop a .NET mobile application or a website, we provide you with accurate reports and information about the project’s status.

    3. How long will it take to develop the .NET application?

    Many factors are responsible for the time it takes to build a fully functional .NET application. These factors include the choice of software development approach, number of iterations you may need, the custom design depending on it, the complexity of the project, and the functionality to name a few. The time-to-market is determined based on these factors.

    4. What is .NET in software development?

    .NET in the world of software development is an open-source platform developed by Microsoft for building a variety of applications. These applications can run on Windows, Linux, and iOS operating systems. .NET as an ecosystem includes a range of libraries, tools, and languages that offer support for developing .NET development solutions.

    5. What will a .NET developer do?

    .NET developers/ .NET programmers or .NET experts are software professionals who leverage .NET tools and technologies to develop scalable and user-friendly web applications. They collaborate with your stakeholders to develop suitable software solutions that solve your unique challenges and meet unique business needs.

    6. Does .NET have a future or is it dead?

    Microsoft’s commitment to make .NET #1 application development framework ensures its enduring prominence. In reality, .NET is far from dead and continues to pose a great choice for businesses looking to develop scalable, high-performance, and complex applications across multiple domains.

    .net application development services

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