IBM iSeries Cloud Technology Trending

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    IBM iSeries Cloud Technology Trending

    The IBM iSeries cloud is one of the most common and easily understandable technologies in the business world. Today, many companies are moving towards cloud solutions, but the big question arises: Why? What is the big deal? Or at what cost are they moving? Why is a cloud solution so important?
    You must be having a similar question about IBM iSeries cloud services. Just go through the blog, and you will get to know about the deal.

    What Has Changed Now?

    Cloud computing service utilizes the internet’s power to give ultimate data accessibility and flexible storage facility to the companies. The large organizations have been taking advantage of IBM iSeries cloud services for years, and now the small and medium companies have got on board.

    According to Gartner – “Global organizations refers to cost, innovation, and agility as some of the top reasons for making a switch to the IBM iSeries cloud platform.”

    They no longer need to deal with the complicated data storage management system by moving to the automated cloud platform. As an alternative to this, enterprises gain the proficiency of the iSeries cloud and the simplified and centralized data management.

    IBM iSeries cloud solution is a complete game-changer as traditional tape storage is becoming less effective (in terms of primary backup strategy), and generally, it is used for long-term data maintenance or in legal proprietary issues. Moreover, disaster recovery and data storage plans are rarely left for traditional mediums.

    No matter what, today’s data recovery and backup plans include IBM AS400 cloud solutions to some extent, whether alone or in combination.

    The Challenges Companies Forget About

    The IBM iSeries cloud migration might seem an ideal solution to you, but there are lots of challenges that most of the companies are not aware of. Have a look here:

    • Users are not aware of the storage location of their data
    • Users don’t know who exactly has the access to their data
    • How to migrate data to the cloud from legacy systems?
    • How to establish a reliable network and send data?

    These challenges boil down to the difference between public, private cloud solution providers. Public cloud solutions may be cheaper but can’t guarantee company data security; that’s why companies opt for private IBM iSeries cloud providers.

    Myths Related to Switching to Cloud

    1. Migrating is not Worth the Risk

    Due to this strong misconception, some companies are not able to integrate cloud services. Well, without any doubt, migration requires strong efforts, and if you are working with older servers, you will need more steps. But get going with a trusted and experienced IBM iSeries cloud service provider, and the migration process will be easy.

    2. The IBM iSeries Cloud Is Too Expensive

    If you feel this is true, you must not be seeing a flood of companies migrating to the iSeries cloud. Uncountable companies are moving towards the cloud and saving lots of money because of this. Cloud hosting services increase business efficiency, agility, and adaptability as per market needs. Also, another important aspect is that the need to maintain on-prem servers gets removed.

    3. Administrators will Be Replaced by the Cloud

    The IBM iSeries cloud provides automation to a certain degree, and it does not mean that your data will not require manual support. The cloud solution is just like a service, and administration and management are entirely different issues. For example, if you benefit from the private cloud service provider, you can get services like customized backup, data archiving facility, disaster recovery, and management for securing the application access, but managing all this would still need some level of manual intervention. So, administrators would still be required in their jobs.

    4. The Cloud Must Be Close to Be Efficient

    This myth seems legit, but the myth becomes irrelevant if you have the right networking solution.

    Well, it is right that you must have a clear connection between your primary location and host location, as you cannot neglect the importance of bandwidth and data transfer speed. However, with the right IBM iSeries cloud service provider, all such issues will be eliminated.

    5. IBM AS400 iSeries Cloud Hosting Gives Less Control to Companies

    With the IBM iSeries cloud solution, you could gain more control over your IBM AS400 system than earlier you had in-house. Moreover, you will get the support of your cloud service provider, and you will be able to customize your cloud processing power and storage capabilities as per your requirements. Apart from this, you will be able to optimize your iSeries cloud solution concerning disaster recovery, customized backup, and much more.

    6. Cloud Computing Will Interfere with Regulatory Compliance

    Cloud computing can in fact help you meet regulatory compliance, but there is another case where the public vs. private cloud distinction makes all the difference.
    The most important concern for the agreement is knowing where your data is stored and who has access to that data. If your organization is audited, it will be necessary to provide exact data location, but you can deny answering the questions in the case of the public cloud.

    The organizations for whom it’s necessary to meet regulatory compliance, the IBM iSeries cloud services offer an enhanced level of security and control levels.

    Why Cloud Trend Will Boom in the Future?

    Despite the challenges and myths described in the blog, the IBM iSeries cloud solution is here to stay. The solution allows organizations to modernize their data with accessible and highly reachable storage. With the AS400 iSeries cloud solution, company employees can connect and collaborate from remote locations, and there will be no risk of data loss if any system is damaged. Moreover, it will be easier for those who are using a private cloud to meet regulatory compliance because of increased data availability and redundant data storage.

    With a private cloud, your company knows exactly where its data is stored and who has access to it. With a private IBM iSeries cloud storage facility, you will be aware of the company data storage and set an authorized access facility. One more reason companies are moving to the cloud is that the data can be made robust to downtime, and data loss will be negligible. Therefore, IBM iSeries cloud is like a one-stop solution. Also, companies are looking to tighten the security and expand the data storage capabilities; it’s clear the IBM AS400 iSeries cloud solution has a bright future.

    For More Information Connect with Integrative Systems

    Integrative Systems have deep expertise in the field of IBM AS400 iSeries services and support. We have experienced professionals providing consulting services for IBMi cloud, and the company also offers end-to-end support services to the customers to accelerate their cloud transformation journey. We use agile methodologies to modernize your legacy applications and migrate your workload to other multi-cloud platforms.

    Advantages of Choosing Integrative Systems:

    • We support a complete engagement life-cycle for multi-cloud, incorporating all solution delivery parts at each stage.
    • We provide end-to-end automation support and the capability to manage a cloud setup within an organization.
    • We can provide standard management experience across cloud operations.

    Feel free to share your requirements with us at [email protected], and someone from our AS400 iSeries team will connect with you in the next 24 hours.

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